Prayers & Love for My Bella

My baby Bella is sick. Will you send love to her?

My twelve and a half year old baby, Bella is sick and we’re asking for your prayers. She’s been back and forth with the vet over the past couple days and she’s miserable. A few days ago, she got into the trash and ate over a pound of pasta and meatballs (yes, she is a Lab through and through). The next day she got into the trash again and ate more pasta and meatballs as well as corn cobs. My husband and I have spent hours helping her throw up and sitting with her during the night as she has been in pain. She’s just plain uncomfortable. Bella is suffering from pancreatitis and it is looks like she has an intestinal blockage as well. We find out in a few hours if she’ll be getting surgery today.

On the bright side, I absolutely ADORE my vet and everyone at her office and have every confidence that Bella is being cared for completely and wholly. Still, it would be great to receive any additional assistance. So, I’m asking you all if you please send Bella your loving thoughts and energy. Many of you have met Bella in spirit before as I often use her in my various classes – so connecting with her in this way won’t even be a big stretch!

I promise to update everyone as I find out more – and I’d very much love if you could include her in your thoughts to help her feel comfortable as she goes through this process.

-In Love & Light,


Update on Bella 9/1/2012

Hi Everyone,

Bella is back!

I wanted to let you know that Bella is home, safe and surgery-less. The corn cob moved during the night and at her last x-ray showed that it was ready to leave. She’s actually in wonderful spirits and is, as per usual, hunting around the kitchen and anywhere else she can which (although annoying) is a great thing. She’s on medication for the pancreatitis and she’s still eating a weird canned diet for the next few days until everything calms down – but her recovery has been remarkable. I can’t thank you all enough for you love and kindness and thoughts and prayers and energy and everything else. In all, more than 500 people responded to assist Bella (and those are only the ones who responded via email, twitter, Facebook and comments on my website) and that’s not even counting those who helped but didn’t write to me! Thank you so much to everyone! I wanted to show you how well she is doing so my son and I took her outside in front of the house and he just took this picture of us. You can still see where the IVs were – but you can also see how content she is. Thank you again everyone!

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  1. Adrienne
    Adrienne says:

    upon reading this, my eyes teared up. i have lived my life with furbabies…right now there are 4….each and everyone with their own wonderful loving personalities. i am so sorry, & will try to send out healing lights of love. of course, the blockage would be the corn cob,but on the lighter side, how bad was your sauce that there was so much tossed in the garbage? (sorry, thats my italian humor). please be sure to let us know how she is doing. thanks.

  2. Sandra
    Sandra says:

    Sending Love, Light and Reiki to Bella and her family. May she be surrounded by healing light and the healing presence of AA Raphael ♥ Thank you Universe for restoring Bella to perfect health.


  3. Shirley Carolan
    Shirley Carolan says:

    My heart, prayers, energy and white light go out to Bella and you in this medical stress and ordeal! I don’t know what I’d do without my cockapoodle, Teddybear! He sends his love too!

    Shirley Carolan

  4. Michele Domingo
    Michele Domingo says:

    Yayyyyy!!! I was just reading a link today from Laila (my dog’s) trainer from California. He was talking about the hazards of corn on the cob and dogs. I will go back and send it to you. So happy to hear the good news, great picture!!!

  5. jani
    jani says:

    so glad to hear that bella is home and did not have to go through the surgery. read your newsletter on the way home from teaching a class and started opening up for energy for her as i drove. will open up for more after dinner tonight. wishing a speedy and complete recovery!

  6. Linda
    Linda says:

    Glad to hear Bella is doing so much better. Will keep her in my prayers.
    Lots of good energy coming her way. I just love the picture of the two of you. She is a special girl. Thank you for sharing.

  7. elena
    elena says:

    (after the update, and the joy for it, it came also this: given the amount of kindred and loving people who responded to this call, why don’t you open a space on your website where who has a sick animal and –like you today– feels that some extra Love would be of help can post asking for it, Danielle? :))

  8. suzanne trunck
    suzanne trunck says:

    YAY!! And what a beautiful picture of the two of you! Thank Heaven she is back home and so recovered already…… I am so happy and grateful! And still sending love and healing for the rest of her recovery to be swift and full…… hugs to you both…..

  9. Keth Luke & DrLight2
    Keth Luke & DrLight2 says:

    Aloha, Have been including Bella in our Healing Sessions. Ee do Animal & People Remote Healing. Blessings Keth & DrLight2

  10. Linda
    Linda says:

    That is wonderful news! I know Bella must be very touched by the love and healing energy that was being (and still is) sent out to her and her loving family, as we were all honored to be able to assist you all. It’s such a great testimony of what the power of love can do! Her healing has blessed us all. Thank you for reaching out to us for help. For all that you do for us, it is the least we could do.

    Blessings and much luv and hugs to you all!

  11. elena
    elena says:

    I was wondering how is Bella doing after a couple of weeks from that episode, and.. she came happy to lick my face 😀 Hope her recover is complete now. Wishing you all a great colorful Autumn!

  12. Heather
    Heather says:

    Been reading John Holland’s newsletter, where he mentioned your name, so came to have a look. I have two beautiful spaniels myself, and know the worry you must have had over Bella, and it’s great her story has a happy ending. I’m sending you oceans of healing, even though she is on the mend.
    Love, light and blessings to you all

  13. Karen
    Karen says:


    First and foremost, I am glad Bella is back to her old self.

    I am betwixt and between about making my comment. On one hand, I feel I have a responsibility to share what I know if it may help another but on the other hand, I am opposed to planting a seed in another’s garden. I am obviously going with the former.

    I talked to you a number of years ago about my Bichon, Henry. He is a bit of a weird duck. You told me what I already knew but hoped I was wrong…we are mirrors for each other and I had some work to do. 🙂

    Back to the point of this message. For a while, Henry’s vet thought he weighed too much…he did…and wanted to treat him with Slentrol. I was not too keen on the idea but did it anyway. Although he lost weight, the side effects he experienced were not worth it so I stopped. I decided I’d rather he die pudgy and happy than slim and miserble. This is the background.

    I took my daughter’s Bichon to another vet for acupuncture. Where one goes the other goes, so Henry was with me. During Sophie’s second acupuncture treatment, I asked the vet about Henry’s eliminatory routine…to be more specific…how can such a little guy’s poops be the size of elephant droppings? I asked thinking I was going to be given a prescription diet. Wrong. First, she said it is because he eats it so fast…inhales it, to be accurate…and it does not have time to truly digest. She recommended I put a lot of water in his food to slow him down and either put big marbles in it or get a dog dish with built in bumps. I did and it did. Stay tuned…still not to the point. 🙂

    During Sophie’s next appointment, I told her elephant poops are no longer but he has mastered semi-inhaling his food from a bumpy dish. When he is not trolling or begging for food or trying to steal Sophie’s treat when they get one, he pees a lot. He does not raid the garbage, only because he can’t get to it. He is all business when I replace the bag though. She said it sounded like he could have Cushing’s Disease and a simple blood test would tell if further testing is warranted. His liver enzymes were elevated enough to warrant further testing. His further test results were on the low end of the positive scale.

    After reading about the traditonal treatment for Cushing’s, and knowing how few of the Cushing’s traits he exhibits, I elected for a three part holistic approach. He has routine acupuncture treatments, eats a grain free diet and gets an herbal formula twice a day. Henry will never be cured but he is being managed quite nicely.

    I mention this to you only because the vet said that most of the Cushing’s dogs she treats were first brought in because of the eating/garbage issue. She said a lot of vets do not think to look for it in relatively young dogs because it is considered to be more of a geriatric disease. However, for whatever reason, it is beginning to be seen in dogs as young as two.

    I asked if a dog could be born with it because Henry has always liked his food and a lot of it. ***This part is purely conjecture on her part*** Her acupuncture professor has an unproven theory that dogs are getting it earlier and earlier because of the predominance of grains in dry food. Dry food is the choice du jour these days because of the cost and ease in feeding before or after work. Henry’s grain free diet is in the hope of slowing the progress, should his theory have any merit.

    I do not like causing concern where none is warranted. However, by not telling you of my experience with a seemingly benign doggie lunchmouth, I deprive you of information I hope is unnecessary but available should circumstances change.

    Sorry about the length. I seem to write novelettes. My daughter and I are attending the October 13 event in Sacramento and are very much looking forward to it.

    I wish Bella garbage-free longevity.


  14. Mary Glimpse
    Mary Glimpse says:

    So glad Bella is doing better! I’ve been so busy with work, I didn’t know about all this till after the fact but I will still send her Reiki energy. I lost my dog, a mixed Lab, Geebs, a year ago in April. That was so hard. I did Reiki on him and was hoping that would heal him. He had bone cancer in his left hip and it spread to a quarter size lump in his lung. I so want to learn all I can about healing animals as I’m a Massage Therapist and do energy work as well as massage on people but I want to help animals as well. I’ve since learned about Young Living Essential Oils and although I haven’t gotten a new dog yet, when I do, if they get injured or anything, I will use the YL essential oils on them to help them heal. These oils are so awesome. I’ve used peppermint oil in my niece’s lab dog’s water in the summer cause it can cool them from the inside out so they don’t get overheated in the heat of summer. It only takes a drop in their water bowl. These oils are 100% pure and therapeutic grade.

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