No More Doing It All Yourself [Video]

Video Blog 1: No More Doing It All YourselfIn this video blog I talk about how to deal with the changes that have come from the December 21, 2012 date. I’m finding that my clients, as well as myself, are seeing things come into focus that haven’t been dealt with prior to now. Things that may have been forgotten or pushed aside are now coming to the forefront to be handled. Learn more by watching the video blog below.

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Danielle MacKinnon has been named an expert TV psychic medium, intuitive, animal communicator, and foremost expert on soul contracts. She has appeared on numerous radio shows, tv and taught along side some of the world’s most renowned psychics, mediums, healers and TV experts.

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  1. Beth
    Beth says:

    Hello Danielle,
    I just discovered you and am very happy and excited about it! You are saying everything that I always feel but don’t allow myself to acknowledge or be sure of. But when you talk, your words just ring true! Thoughts that I have that don’t fit into the white conservative town norm that I live in and that expressing has resulted in friends dropping me and my own wonderings if I am a silly child inside who just doesn’t want to grow up and live in the real harsh,scary, hard world, you are validating! You are definitely a beacon/lighthouse in the ocean of life, for me! Thank you so much! I have four dogs and a cat and they are my constant comfort and joy. I feel so lucky to have them in my life. Thank you so much for reminding me what gifts they are and also that maybe I am not as nutty as I fear . :-). <3

  2. Lucia
    Lucia says:

    Dear Danielle, I want to thank you first because your vwords have been the only ones to somewhat soothe the visceral pain I feel. In August 2 of 2008 I was chosen by a beautiful little dwaft bunny who I named Valhalla. A few months before I had been diagnosed with rehumatoid arthritis and a rare ensuing condition called cryoglobulenemia type 1, and seven days after Valhalla came home with me I was also diagnosed with thyroid cancer. During the first 9 months of recovery Valhalla was my sole company 90% of the time. The many times I felt like giving up, it was the limmediate love connection that grew between us that kept me fighting. I was dealing with a divorce, we had to stay at my mentor’s home since my ex had lost our home behind my back and the family I have near me hardly came to my aid; the ones that would have we’re in the Dominican Republic. My eldest sister, the only one that could have come, had to take care of our mother who had been diagnosed with a brain tumor two weeks before I was diagnosed. Mom passed on September 11, 2011. I could not be there due to my health. I learned had so much unconditional love and help from my little boy; we were so happy and during the course of four yearns we welcomed five other bunnies, three of which were his girlfriends, and a guinea piggy. On July 9, 2012 we lost two of his girls, my babies…I never imagined that Valhalla would be following so soon, so suddenly. I am nothing less than inconsolable. Please help me. Thankful, L. Pou

  3. Cherie
    Cherie says:

    Thank you, Danielle, just what I needed to hear. Love the video blog…so good to hear your voice and see your smiling face!

  4. Kari
    Kari says:

    Danielle! It’s amazing how so many of us have received this message now that it is time to collaborate and support each other. Thanks so much for having a vlog! I love your messages!

  5. Lindsay
    Lindsay says:

    Hi D….

    Love the video blog.

    Much better to see and hear you rather than reading.

    Thanks and Happy New Year – it’s an important year for all of us

    (Forgiveness is the key)

  6. Pam
    Pam says:

    Hi Danielle!
    Love the video blog! I am already finding an internal sense of increasing my awareness of and importance of teamwork. I am involved in some high profile political things, and almost without knowing it, I’ve shifted from the ‘I’ perspective, to the ‘Us’ perspective, with many of us collaborating strongly. Also, since some of my friends don’t necessarily share my views on this, yesterday I felt this internal strong push to let them know how much I honor the friendships, support and respect their rights to their views. What is interesting about that, is that I really felt this internal strong push to do that, as opposed to ‘thinking’ it would be a good idea. Also, over the last couple of years, due to many things converging at the same time, I did a TON of work on dealing with my ‘stuff’ and emerged from that with a pretty deep knowing more of my ‘core’, ‘spiritual’ self. Still working on things, but at a different level, working on more about how to contact my guides, soul chart and more. So.. Thanks!


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