A Psychic’s Quick and Easy Way to Manage Daily Stress

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What’s a quick and goofy way to manage daily stress?

By daily stress I mean – Being late, not coming through on something, having to break your word, things not clicking together the way you want them to click together.

Let’s look at the example of let’s say you’re worried about being late and you are freaking out. You are getting all up in your head about it. You are worried. You’re driving like a madwoman. You’re trying to get there. This is this horrible thing.

So all you do is you ask yourself this one question which will help you manage your energy on this and manage that anxiety.

What are the real-life everyday consequences?

The real-life everyday consequences are probably not that someone’s going to die if you are late to pick up your son.  They are probably not that someone is going to take this emotionally, personally, and just be so upset and hate you forever if you’re late.

The real-life consequences are probably that someone is gonna be sitting on the curb waiting. Or they are going to be in the restaurant looking at their watch saying “What’s up?” But they are not going to hate you.

The consequences that we put in place because of our past experiences tend to carry through into our present.

So to manage those everyday little bumps in the road, ask yourself, “What are the real-life consequences?”

When you do that and you look at what they are, it calms the energy right down. You stop freaking out.  You can show up for your event. You can manage your energy.

You’re zen.  It’s all good.

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