Quick and Goofy Way to Make a Psychic Decision

[Transcript of video below]

So you think you’re not psychic – but you want to know a really super-fast, quick and easy way to use your psychic abilities even if you think you’re not psychic?

It’s possible!  This is what you do…

You take the decision you’re trying to make and just turn it into a psychic decision:

So maybe you’re trying to decide whether you should go out to dinner or to stay home and make dinner.

So what you do is close your eyes and you imagine that the decision for going out to dinner is in one of your hands. The decision for staying home and making dinner is in the other hand.

You close your eyes and you simply…ask.  Is it for my greatest and highest good to go out to dinner tonight?  Or is it for my greatest and highest good to stay home and make dinner tonight?

And then – Watch – Listen – Feel – Sense…

Are you drawn to one side or another?  Is your attention suddenly going to the right?  Is your feeling moving in the left hand?  Does your left hand get warm?  Does a sound happen on the right?

Take into account all those things. Those are all intuitive signs that you are being drawn to one side or the other.

And there’s your answer. But you’ve gotta trust it. That’s the only hard part. Alright?  It’s that simple.

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