[VIDEO] What If You Are Learning Your Relationship Lesson – And The Other Person Isn’t?

There are many ways to “be” in relationships – unfortunately, one of the most challenging ways occurs when one person is ready to do their inner work and the other person is clearly not. Watch this video to learn intuitive Danielle MacKinnon’s thoughts on what to do in cases like this!

[Transcript of video below]

So what do you do if you are learning your lesson in a relationship and the other person isn’t?  What happens to the soul contract?  I get asked that all the time. 

(“I’m doing my work.  What about him?  He’s not doing his work!” Or “What about her?  She’s not doing her work!”)

If you do your work in the relationship and you learn what you are supposed to learn in that relationship, you’re providing a really beautiful opportunity for that person you’re working with to learn as well.  Not because you are saying “Hey Person!  Get this!  Learn this!  Do that!”  But because you are now modeling and living this new way of being and that opens the door so they can learn from it.  If you learn your lesson and they choose not to learn their lesson in the relationship, most of the time you’re going to move on or they are going to move on. But the relationship will stop working. That is just the way it works.

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