My Baby Has Crossed to the Other Side

other side[For an update on Kelso, since he passed, please scroll down.] I’ve been thinking a lot today about how I should share this news with everyone. The reality is that I want to keep this experience private in some ways, but I feel like I’ve created a family of wonderful, supportive people and therefore I know it wouldn’t be fair to shut you all out. So, I share this news with you, with a heavy heart – but with an understanding that everything is exactly as it is supposed to be.

Last night at 10pm, my baby Kelso passed. I know, based on the work that I do as an animal communicator and with soul contracts, that I should have myself completely together and be “just fine” with his passing, but we’re all struggling with this shift. I want to tell you all the story of his passing though, as it is quite remarkable what happened and how clearly he orchestrated the entire process.

On Monday afternoon, Kelso began experiencing seizures. This was completely new for him and after many tests and talks we concluded that he would have surgery on Wednesday to remove two bleeding tumors attached to his spleen.

Wednesday morning, Kelso awoke, but did not want to get out of bed. He was wobbly, clearly dizzy and he was also sedated because of the anti-seizure medication. At one point, Kelso hobbled into the bathroom and laid on the mat to be near my husband Kevin while he showered. Later in the morning I intuitively check in with Kelso and I remember noticing that his energy was not fully in his body. Now, as those of you who have taken my animal communication classes know I have said, it’s very difficult to be psychic with your own animals – especially in times of turmoil. So, I didn’t think very much about that information. I felt, perhaps I had it wrong or maybe I was exaggerating in my head because I was so worried about him. But as I would find out throughout the day and into the night, that wasn’t the case. Worried that he might just be saying goodbye, Kevin and I both took time in the morning to kiss him and hug him and thank him for being in our lives. I think we both thought we were being overly cautious.

Kelso went into surgery in the afternoon. Our vet told us the surgery to remove the two tumors went as well as it possibly could have and everything was looking good. Upon hearing this, Kevin and I were overjoyed and couldn’t wait to go and say hi to him as we transferred him from the vet hospital to the overnight care hospital. As we drove from one place to the next with Kelso, still sedated from the surgery in the back of the car, I told myself not to worry. I started planning out in my head how I would do my private sessions with people from the living room in my house rather than from my office so I could be near Kelso as he healed. I made quite a few plans in my head and I see now that I was overly chatty about things as my husband quietly drove us to the overnight hospital.

When we arrived at the building, two vet techs ran out to greet us and lovingly put Kelso on a stretcher and carried him into the facility. My expectation was that the drop off would take five minutes at the most, which was good because it was 8:30 at night and I hadn’t eaten dinner yet! As five minutes turned to twenty minutes, I found myself spacing out. I connected in with Kelso to see how he was feeling – and once again I noticed his energy was not as present in his body as it usually is. In fact, I remember thinking to myself, “that’s so weird! Kelso’s energy is 50% out of his body. That’s just what Bella’s energy looked like the day she passed.” But as soon as I had that thought, I went back to talking with Kevin, looking up restaurants on my phone and laughing at the resident cat, Norman, who was playing with a toy at my feet. Again, because I was somewhat worried, I wasn’t worried about what I was receiving intuitively from Kelso – I assumed I was just reading it wrong.

Just a couple minutes later, the vet was finally free to talk with us. We both liked her immediately because she looked us in the eye when talking to us and she clearly WANTED to hear about Kelso as we filled her in on his little quirks (he doesn’t like Tramadol, he gets extra loopy when sedated, he’s not hearing well so you have to talk in a high voice…). She wrote all of this down and then moved on to her next item. Kelso’s red blood cell count had dropped since the surgery and this wasn’t normal. This count should, instead, be going up now that the tumors were removed and the bleeding had supposedly stopped. Hearing this gave me pause. Hmm…. Kelso wasn’t present this morning. Could he be showing us he wants to pass over?

DSCN0402Before we left the overnight vet, we filled out paperwork. I had to checkmark either DO NOT RESUSCITATE or PERFORM CPR . Immediately, I chose the CPR option, but even as we said our goodbye “see you in the morning Kelso-s”, that checkmark laid heavy in my head. I couldn’t let go of it in my brain – and something energetically was pushing me to look at it too. I finally told Kevin that I wasn’t sure we should have checked that box. He said he had been feeling the same thing and we decided to grab our food at the restaurant and talk about it again as soon as we got home.

At 9:30, we had just sat down in front of the TV, our food all spread out in front of us and the phone rang. Kevin answered it and, of course, made me feel angry because now I couldn’t hear what the person on the other end of the phone was saying. It was the vet letting us know that Kelso’s red blood cell count had dropped much, much lower and he was going to need a transfusion. She also said that for some reason right now canine blood is in short supply so it would take an hour to get that blood to the office and that Kelso’s body was shutting down so they were going to have to take drastic action. Thankfully, Kevin said he wanted to talk with me about this and we told him we would call back in just a minute.

As Kevin explained the situation to me, I dialed our regular vet, who – thank god – answered her phone at 9:30 at night. While dialing, I starting realizing that I knew that morning that Kelso wanted to pass over. That Kelso had decided he’d done his job here with our family and it was time to move on. So many of the pieces were there – from not being present to his energy beginning to leave his body – to his energy matching that of our other dog when she passed. I realized I just hadn’t wanted to believe what I knew. Our regular vet confirmed that Kelso’s body shutting down in this way was a very difficult thing to fight and we decided immediately that we needed to be there with him. As we ran out the door to jump in the car, Kevin called the overnight vet to say we were on our way and we didn’t want them to take drastic measures. Over the phone, we heard the tech yell to the back room, “Step resuscitation per the owner!”

The half hour drive to the vet’s office only took about 20 minutes at the rate we were driving. I again found myself chatty, thinking of every possible thing to say, but none of it really meaning much. Kevin, on the other hand, chose to be quiet, crying as he drove. When I finally caught my breath, i again intuitively checked in on Kelso. In my head I saw the room he was in when we left him, but he had been moved out of the cage and he was laying flat on the floor. I saw people moving about around him – and then I noticed one significant thing. His energy was barely attached to his body. In fact, his energy was up by the ceiling looking down on the whole scene of activity. I told Kevin, “I think he has passed – or he’s just about to pass. His energy is looking down on him” and then I felt upset.

One of the biggest things I’ve learned as an Animal Communicator – and especially through my work with soul contracts is that animals CHOOSE their passing. They decide the timing, how it happens, where it happens and more. They are, at the soul level, in total control of the entire situation – and very often, their passing is done is such a way as to allow the attached humans to learn some type of lesson. I began wailing (yes, wailing) to Kevin as we continued the trek up to the hospital, “But WHY? Why would Kelso choose to pass without us there? I can’t figure out what we could possibly learn from this?” It didn’t make sense! Kelso taught me about believing in myself – about seeing myself as the good, positive, helpful person I am – and embracing that. In fact, it was through Kelso that I learned the most about Soul Contracts, my business, animal communication, my relationship… I couldn’t see why he would choose to pass without us there.

Additionally, I was worried that calling off the resuscitation meant that the vet would be forced to stand around and watch while Kelso suffered and died. If there is one thing I have a very hard time with, it’s watching any animal (especially my own!) suffer or endure hardship in any way. Mixed in with my “Why would he pass without us!?” was hope that he had passed and wasn’t in any pain as we broke every speed limit possible to get there.

DSCN0238As soon as Kevin stopped the car in the driveway of the overnight vet, we burst out and ran to the door. Part of me didn’t want to run. Part of me thought – well, based on what I’m seeing, I think he’s gone already but when Kevin sprinted by me, I picked up speed. As we open the glass doors to the building the tech ran up to us, “there’s still a heartbeat. Come this way!” I was flooded with relief that he was still alive – I wanted to be there as he passed, but at the same time horror because that probably meant he was suffering and the vet was helpless to assist because of our “order.”

What I walked in to was completely different though. And it is THIS MOMENT that makes me cry. Kelso was on the floor in the area exactly as I had seen him in my head on the drive up – but he was surrounded by five women, all touching him, loving him and helping him. Kelso wasn’t alone! He wasn’t suffering. He wasn’t in pain! In fact, the next thing I noticed was that his energy was right where I saw it – at the ceiling right above his body.

As the helpers moved out of the way for us, my voice took over. “Hi – we’ve already said our goodbyes. We don’t want him to suffer. We want to help him cross right now.” Kevin and I bent down over him and touched him and rubbed him. His heart beat was so faint… he was just barely alive, but he was alive. He had waited for us so that we could help him. And this is what I wanted. I know that most people don’t get this type of opportunity – and I’m so grateful he gave it to us. Within two minutes, the vet assisted him in crossing and he took his last breath. The thin strand that had been connecting his energy above to his body with us gently just dissolved. And it was over.

I learned from Kelso every single day of my life with him. He was my teacher, my friend and my companion. And the funny thing is he was teaching me up until the exact moment he passed. He (once again) showed me that I CAN trust my intuition, even in the more dire of circumstances. And for that last lesson – as well as all of the others and for the biggest of all – coming to believe in my greatness, I will be forever thankful. And I KNOW I’ll be learning from Kelso on the Other Side as well!


PS: Please forgive any spelling errors or grammatical mistakes. This was a challenge to write!


Just thought I would share some news with you guys about my dog Kelso (who passed Wednesday July 16th, 2014). He’s been very active around the house – he’s shown up in the hallway, on his chair in my office and he visited me last night. My husband even “felt” him in the car yesterday while driving to work (and he’s a scientist!). So many people have given us such love and support around his passing, I thought you all would be excited to hear of this. Thank you to everyone for your love and support!

PS I’ll be writing more about how Kelso has shown up for my family and I in a future blog (and I’ll link it here once I do). I know everyone is very interested in that!


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  1. Ella
    Ella says:

    Isn’t choice the best give of self-less and unconditional love. May you all be blessed by such an eternal gift. XOXOX

  2. Kerri Richardson
    Kerri Richardson says:

    Hey Dan,

    Thank you so much for having the courage to share your experience. What a gift Kelso was and will continue to be to you and your whole family. And what a gift you all were and are to him. I’m sending you so much love during this difficult time. As you have taught me, Kelso will be back soon! Watch for signs!

    Love you,

  3. Catherine Nava
    Catherine Nava says:

    God he loved you, I’m crying thinking about how much love he had for you and your husband, that must have been so hard to let go, my prayers are with you and your family. God Bless your work and one of your master teachers Kelso. Fly high baby Kelso.

  4. Debra
    Debra says:

    I grieve for your loss, and I am in tears writing this. These fur baby teachers we have are such gifts. It is so wonderful when they come and so deeply painful when they leave. I have know doubt Kelso was loved deeply and joyfully.

  5. Eleanor Bray
    Eleanor Bray says:

    Thankyou so much for having the courage and compassion to tell your beautiful heartbreaking story. I lost my beautiful cat Bo and your story has helped me greatly and thankyou Kelso you amazing soul.

  6. donna myers
    donna myers says:

    I am so sorry about Kelso Thank you for sharing your heartbreaking but beautiful story. This had me in tears I remember when my dog Patty passed back in January She passed 2 hours after I got home from work we didn”t know anything was wrong I believe she waited for me to get home.Prayers and Hugs to you and your husband

  7. Annette
    Annette says:

    Thank you for being so open and honest and human in writing this post.
    It really helps us to know that you too have the pain and human-ness!
    And how sweet of Kelso to wait for you. But you knew he would, didn’t you?

    By the way – you have an amazing man!

  8. Lilla Samson
    Lilla Samson says:

    What an astoundingly beautiful friend/teacher/soul he is. I couldn’t stop crying. He and Bella will be with you always. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Thank you for sharing so deeply.

  9. Mary Trujillo
    Mary Trujillo says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this story, as I write I am in tears since I had a similar experience in my life. Even we know it is time for them to go, it’s so difficult for us to let them go. I will have you and your husband in my prayers. Know that I feel your pain and I send you so much love to embrace you. Thanks God for our animals soulmates.

  10. Judy
    Judy says:

    I am so sorry for your loss of Kelso. My heart aches for you -losing two babies in such a short time. It reminded me of when I lost my dog and my mother and her dog within 10 months several many years ago. It was so difficult but I think each loss helped me grow- and I think her dog was waiting to go with my mom. Maybe Kelso wanted to go with Bella? Sending you wishes for peace and comfort and thank you for sharing your story.

  11. Monique
    Monique says:

    Your Facebook page came up as one u might like so I clicked and read all through your website. I’m very drawn to what you do because I believe I have similar gifts, though I have not developed them. My dog Myah, is my souls puppy and your work with animals fascinates me. My heart broke as I read your story, I pray for you, your family and your sweet Kelso. I hope to find myself in a financial position to purchase some sessions with you as I’d very much like to develop my gifts, especially to communicate with Myah.

  12. Claudette
    Claudette says:

    It’s a lovely to hear this story. Thank you for sharing it. I’m sure you have lost 2 pets this year in a short time frame. That’s heartbreaking in itself. Lots of love. Xx

  13. Jewel Heart
    Jewel Heart says:

    Wow Hun! My kitten passed the next day after Kelso. Snowball needed a blood transfusion too. I felt intuitively sick in my stomach the day he passed I knew something was wrong. Although he never gave me any warnings or never told me he was sick. I think he knew and was protecting me. Well what I do know is that Kelso is now playing with Snowball on The Rainbow bridge awaiting our reunion in spirit xoxo

  14. Stephanie walker
    Stephanie walker says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your dear pet. Your story is very helpful and touching. I wish your Gods speed during this time. Please don’t forget when your ready to find another adorable pet. Your friend would like that I believe. Thanks for all you Do!

  15. Caryl
    Caryl says:

    I am so sorry about Kelso Danielle. I can feel his love and his weariness when I look at him and he is saying I will always be with you and I am as grateful for you as you are for me. All our animal children are such beautiful souls and so much wiser than we are. They teach us so much. One of our babies passed over by injection while in my lap and cuddling up to me. It would take way too long to explain all the lessons and all the love between the two of us during the 18 years we were fortunate enough to have together. I have seen “Smiley” several times since she crossed over and she is happy and vibrant and tells me how wonderful she feels. I presently have six other kitty children and I love every one of them dearly and we communicate constantly. Anyway I just wanted you to know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. Love to you and yours.

  16. Mary Jo Mazzolini
    Mary Jo Mazzolini says:

    I am so sorry for your loss Danielle. But it sounds like it really was your gain! What a wonderful special dog you had, and still get to see! I am writing now because my sweet Beagle Elvis had been sick for the past three weeks and he passed over today. He taught me about gentleness and kindness and to laugh more! I attended your June workshop at Omega and that really helped me with his death, which of course, is a new life. Thank you for all of your sharing about your dog.

  17. Carol Cassara
    Carol Cassara says:

    I am not surprised Kelso has turned up. Our Little He showed up the first night he passed and a week later. We miss him so much but are comforted by knowing he is whole and well in the next life. And so is Kelso. I’ll keep you all in my happy thoughts. xoxoo

  18. Roxanne
    Roxanne says:

    I sympathize with the loss of your Kelso, I just lost my sweet dog Murray and I am lost without him. I am hoping to feel him here again with me, we had different circumstances but I’m sure our losses are the same. Thank you for sharing.

  19. Tracey Doak
    Tracey Doak says:

    Hi Danielle,
    I was one of the “helpers” there with Kelso- I had stopped in to see Chris (the doctor)-she is a good friend of mine. They told me there was a dog out back that was not doing good-I asked if I could see him-if I could try to comfort him- they said yes- I laid on the ground with him, tears in my eyes and kept rubbing and petting his head–whispering to him it was going to be okay-that his “parents” would be here soon-to just hold on to say goodbye, He was a beautiful dog and I could tell he was loved greatly-I am so sorry for your family’s loss.

    “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened. ” -(Anatole France)

  20. Leann
    Leann says:

    I was so appreciative to read about your own responses to the situation because it helps understanding what is going on and that sometimes, despite the fact that we want to help, we are too close to the subject or maybe just not allowed to intuit what is happening. It helped allay some of the guilt I had been feeling over my Harley who passed two years ago. Thank you so much for all you (and Kelso) have done and keep on doing. I got your book as soon as it was on the market and have been reading (and rereading parts) and it has also given me great insight. Waiting, though, for your “doggie” version to come out.

  21. Amalia
    Amalia says:

    Thank you for sharing, I’m in tears, this story reminded me that we have all our life-companions in our hearts, we’re never alone.

  22. Chaunaci
    Chaunaci says:

    Thanks so much for sharing. My big boy, Moe, a black 90 lb lab crossed over on July 1st. I recognize his passing was beautiful and perfectly designed, but it still hurt like hell. I’m eager to read your blog about feeling Kelso present with you now. Thanks again!

  23. Annette Whitney
    Annette Whitney says:

    I was reading your story and how beautiful it is. I too lost three animals very close together, but I couldn’t bear to see them inject them and watch them go to sleep, which I truly regret after reading your story. My little Sara had to be put down because the large dog attacked her. But I was with her until they brought her in the back room and until they gave her back which was horrible she was 14yrs old. I hope she knew I couldn’t watch them do that to her.

  24. Judy
    Judy says:

    I just found you on the web this am and read your story of your baby. I’m crying my eyes out as I type. We lost our Annie on July 12. Only in the last year or so of her life did I figure out what she was forever trying to teach me! I thought she was just acting like a “diva”. Our lives have such a deep dark hole, now that she is gone. Her energy filled every space she was in. I wish I had your gift and knowledge, so I could help our other dog who is really having a hard time without her. Just wanted to make a quick comment. Toward the end,I just continued to tell myself that I did not want Annie to suffer by
    selfishly wanting her by my side. Taking care of Annie had been a large part of my life for sometime and when its all over, the void is so traumatic, even realizing it was the best decision to make. You have my deepest sympathy.

  25. Kira Heniford-Seagal
    Kira Heniford-Seagal says:

    I read your story about your sweet dog Kelso and I cried and shared your broken heart and tears. My family recently lost our big beautiful boy,Niles,who was an15 year old Siamese/tabby mix this past Friday,9/5/2014 at around 12:04 or 12:05pm. He was surrounded by love and gentleness to the very last moment. The pain of his loss made my heart break. I miss him so much. Our Vet gave us the gift of some of his fur,(from over his heart),paw prints,a nose print and a few of his whiskers. My son and I have made a framed memorial that we will soon add a picture. Thank you for being so open and brave sharing your own loss with all of us who have shared those same tears.

  26. Lilli
    Lilli says:

    OMG!! You are blessed to feel and see Kelso around you. I lost my beloved yorkie Pixie on Sept 10, 2014. I been asking her to come into my dreams so I can see her there since I don’t have the ablilty to communicate otherwise. I talk to her everyday letting her know how much I love and miss her.
    I know it takes special technique to be able to do what you can and a lot of gift. I am planning to speak to you to see if you can find out what is blocking me to communicate and of course how she is doing. God bless you danielle. Sorry to hear of Kelso’s passing but I know that you are ok with it because you know that he is alright and around you. I want to have the same peace with my little pixie. Her friend pepe is missing her aswell. Sending you lots of love and hugs… xoxo Lilli

  27. Maybritt Leonard
    Maybritt Leonard says:

    Dear Danniele
    Just wanted you to know how grateful I am for what you do as a animal communicater. I stumbled upon your interrview on afterlifetv just as I was devestated after loosing my beloved dog, my best friend and soul mate, I think she was. She was onlly 7 1/2 year old, she never had any physical problems, always happy and strong.
    Now it´s been a month since she died, I had to let the vet put her to sleep, she was so sick, her kidneys didn´t work. And the vet could not tell me why….. Now I´m left with a lot of questions, could I have done anything, had I found out something was wrong before she actually was very sick……. etc. The summer here was so hot this year and she always loose a lot of weight as we used to swim together daily in the ocean. And I blamed it on the heath that she was a little bit slower this summer, now I know why….
    I live in Denmark so to see you in person for a consultation is out of the question. What I wanted to ask you is: Can you get in contact with desiesed pets, and how is it possible to consult you – maybe over an e-amil? And how much will it cost.
    Love Maybritt

    • Danielle MacKinnon
      Danielle MacKinnon says:

      Hi Marybritt – yes, I work with deceased pets all the time. The best way to schedule an appointment (which, since you’re in Denmark I assume we would do through Skype) would be to email my assistant at She can help you schedule a private consult from there. The pricing and different service options are all on the website – just click on the appropriate links above. Thank you and I’m sorry for your loss – I know how hard it is. ~Danielle

  28. Lisa Y.
    Lisa Y. says:

    Hi Danielle, I happened to come across your post today and offer my heart and prayers to you, Kevin and Kelso. I was on your site because I had to say goodbye to my canine companion of 12 years, Taliesin, in late September. As I’m sure Kelso was to you, my dog was much more than that—co-adventurer, teacher of how strong love can really be, and simply an animal soulmate of the highest order. While I have faith he’s taken care of on the Other Side, I still grieve over the enormous hole his passing has left in my life.

    If it can be arranged sometime in 2015, I’d love to see if you can connect with him to help affirm that he’s doing ok in his new environment. I wish I could do the same for you and Kelso!

    Kind regards, Lisa

  29. Brenda Poulsen
    Brenda Poulsen says:

    Oh Danielle….I tend to put off reading emails and today I found this one. My heart hurts for you and your family. Last year at this time my Dyer Dog left to live with my husband who died in 2006. I miss her so very much as does Buddha. But Buddha is lucky because she sees both Ole and Dyer not to mention others that she doesn’t know and growls at to get out.

    But now our Taz cat is not well. She had one eye removed last May and now the other is not looking good. She is going in for a tooth removal on Tuesday and I hope this will help her over all health. But I am so nervous.

    I have had many animals in my life and loved and miss them all. But these guys were my family with my husband. Our children were of the furry type and 4 legs. Loosing them one by one is so very hard. They are the last of my life with Ole.

    So reading your story about your beloved old dog just ripped me up. I am so sorry for your loss. We all know there will come a day but it always comes too soon. For both people and animals. <3

  30. Rob Castle
    Rob Castle says:

    Thank you for sharing that beautiful story..I can’t tell you how much it means to me. Several years back, I was with my beautiful Buddha (who was my teacher for 17 years) as he made his transition. I too felt his soul leave his body as his heart took it last beat, and then just peace: it was such a special and beautiful moment. He, like Kelso, has visited several times (even in the car as with Kelso)….I know because of the silent focus I find myself suddenly in and of course goosebumps. When he visits during sleep (there is such a noticeable difference between a visitation and a dream) I awake feeling so “light” and happy. Again, thank you for sharing…It is hard to explain but your words confirmed what I knew about them being our teachers, planning there exit times and doing it in a way that is such a blessing. Rob

  31. sena cheney
    sena cheney says:

    Thank you for sharing the loss of your furbaby. I lost my 5 year old Mini on 5/8/15. I held her in my arms til she took her last breath. I have started following your postings since then and you have given me comfort and have helped eased my pain. I am keeping you and Kelso in my prayers. God bless you.

  32. Katy Perkins Corning
    Katy Perkins Corning says:

    Danielle, It has been 6 weeks since my 14 year old baby, Elvis passed. I always knew it would be hard, but it has been harder than I had feared. He was my best friend, my teacher, and my soul mate. God, how I loved that boy. My connection with him was very deep and constant. Unless sleeping, his eyes met mine no matter where we were and love connected us. It’s hard to lose that kind of deep contact. I will miss him intensely throughout the rest of this life. I can’t imagine another in his place. If I got another dog, I am afraid I might pass before my dog since I am 65 years old. I have a terrible fear of leaving a beloved behind and there being no one to continue to love and care for them. This fear is so strong that I suspect it may stem from a previous life experience. Elvis’ passing was similar to Kelso’s, and certainly the lessons learned are familiar to me. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  33. Joanne Garis
    Joanne Garis says:

    Dannielle, I am so sorry for the physical loss of Kelso, but so enjoyed reading your story. I wish I had more understanding of the spiritual world and could see energy, but I have a profound belief and am beginning to trust my intuition, thanks to a little dachshund named Barney. Barney was the puppy dog love of my life and passed on March 19, 2015, unexpectedly. He gifted us before he died with intuitively reaching out to us, (myself, husband and daughter) to spend extra time with him. Time is at a premium in our house as Barney shared his home with 4 other doxie brothers and a sister cat, (passed away 4 days after Barney). I normally do things absentmindedly, but am cognizant of taking the time several times in the week before he died to give him extra hugs, kisses and even tell him he was my favorite, even the last night of his life. I am thankful I remember doing this. Barney was happily running around our big yard, even into the neighbor’s yard with me yelling at him and him ignoring me that very afternoon. Normal behavior for a stubborn doxie~. We went up to bed around 11:30. I thought it strange that Barney was already in bed, looking at me as I brought the last pup up into the bedroom. He usually lagged behind and laid in the hall up against my daughter’s bedroom door until I made him come into the room. I sat on my computer for a while and almost as soon as I turned it off and laid down, I was aware of Barney getting up and going down the doggy steps. I thought he was going out of the room for a drink or whatever. Maybe 20 to 30 minutes later, I was awakened by 2 of my other dogs who were sitting up, hovering over me. I turned on the light, offered them a drink of water, which neither wanted, and noticed Barney on the floor which I thought was unusual, but he sometimes slept on the floor when his allergies bugged him. The next morning, he was still there, and of course, gone. I now know he was gone very shortly after I laid down. He waited till he thought I’d be down for the night so his death would not disturb anybody. It was quick and painless and I believe he knew this was coming for a while. I found out he had a tumor on his heart and this caused the heart to enlarge and thicken. I asked Barney why???? I got an impression from him that he did not want to suffer from the allergies anymore and he did not want to watch us suffer as we watched him suffer. He is a lot wiser than his humans. We miss him so very much. He was our son!

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