Innate positivity?

There’s this really weird thing that happens to us, as people living our normal, everyday lives. We tend to most easily, focus on the bad. Most of us are actually innately negative – although we usually consider ourselves to possess some type of innate positivity!

From what I’ve seen in my clients, it  comes from old, old programming where we (humans) were just trying to survive – and in order to survive, we needed to pay particular attention to anything that threatened our existence.

So, we all ended up being born with this survival mode programming that makes it MUCH easier to remember anything we’ve ever done wrong, any mistake we’ve ever made, and any place where we didn’t feel like we measured up.

You know what I’m talking about right? You can receive ten wonderful compliments on your cooking, but you only remember your uncle who said, “Oh this is a little salty…”

This programming also shows up when people are trying to learn something new – and it’s even BIGGER when they are really attached to learning that new thing.

This is why, when I do ANYTHING with a client or student or audience, I like to use humor. When we pause to laugh at ourselves, the attachment to the negative tends to fade.   I’m sure there are some out there who don’t think humor belongs in animal communication – but it’s the way I’ve found that people learn best!

I love encouraging students to stop taking it all so seriously and just have fun. THAT’S when the intuitive pathways really open up and the information comes pouring in!

Of course, there are lots of people that hear me say this, but it takes a little bit to really, finally let go into the joy of connecting with animals. But when they finally get it – they really get it!

Are you a person living by that old programming of holding on to the negative pieces rather than enjoying the ride? Take some time today and laugh at yourself! I do this every single day  – no, I’ll be really honest. I do it MOST days, but sometimes I just can’t get there.

Let’s laugh at ourselves today! No matter what you’re doing, what you’re learning, what your trying to create – today is a day to ease up and allow yourself to overcome that survival mode programming!

How have you been in survival mode? Where have you shifted things to become innately positive?  Share below!

Love and Light,


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  1. Ali
    Ali says:

    I have been confused, like a warrior trying to protect all fronts. Doubting myself, seeing no results that encourage me so down on myself. Like why can’t I get it right.

    Then I turn to my favorite music videos, song or my favorite comedy videos to break the tension. When that doesn’t work just out of the blue someone says something really funny that tickles my funny bone and has me laughing that breaks the tension.


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