Ground Your Energy with this Goofy Method!

[Transcript of video below]

Do you want to learn a quick and easy goofy (totally goofy!) exercise to ground your energy right away?

If you feel insecure, spacey, anxious, worried – you feel like you can’t get a grasp on your day, just do this:

Close your eyes. Imagine that as you’ve become scattered throughout the day, your energy has become scattered. So it’s kind of like all these little bits floating all around you. They’re not where they are supposed to be. You can kind of see them in your imagination.

Now imagine that your heart is actually a big, huge magnet. (I know it’s goofy.)  Turn on the magnet.  Watch in your mind’s eye – the magnet pull all these little pieces of your energy that have been scattered about. Pull them all back in to you. They are going to fit right into their place.

Your energy knows where they are supposed to go –  just let them come. Don’t forget to pull in from behind you as well.

When you fell like you’ve pulled in all the pieces of your energy – You can sit (turn off the heart magnet), sit for a moment, allow it. When you are ready, open your eyes and – Voila!

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  1. Wim
    Wim says:

    Goofy for sure, from a 3d perspective that is. We had a Shaman do virtually the same in a 3 hour session with tribal drums and incense. I like the simplicity of this thought and the happiness with which it is presented. Bringing expansion back to essence and entropy back to synergy. The happiness you radiate makes all the difference. A smile like that can melt an iceberg (or dissolve any trauma). Thanks for who you are, its truly uplifting to see.

  2. JF
    JF says:

    Is this the same thing as calling back your energy from people/places where you’ve left it during the day, or is that something different? Thank you 🙂


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