Soul Level Animal Communication® Weekend Workshop

OK, so I’ve been focused on other stuff lately (my book, going to the Afterlife Conference etc., but I’ve finally returned home and I can focus on the coolest thing that is coming up: working hands on with you guys!

One of my favorite things is being able to actually watch someone work intuitively with an animal and realize, “Hey! This is really working! I’m doing this thing!”

And in July (just weeks away!), I’m going to have that chance through my weekend animal communication workshop in Rhinebeck, NY!

Plus, on Saturday night of the workshop I’ll be doing a campus-wide talk on my new book Animal Lessons AND doing audience readings (again, a super fun thing).

Have I ever told you the story of Hank* and his goldfish Goldie*? Here’s a short version of the story.

It was a few years ago and I was on stage talking to a group of 100 or so people. It came to the part of the talk where I was doing random audience animal communication readings so I called on a man in the audience.

He didn’t look like the typical person who comes to see my talks and with seeming skepticism he said yes I could talk to his fish Goldie.

On stage, I connected with Goldie the fish. People often discount “talking” with animals outside than the typical dogs, cats, horses etc. They forget that ALL animals have the capability to connect through intuition.

But Goldie had a lot to say!

Goldie started to tell me about how much his man loved him. At first, Hank looked at me kind of doubtfully because Goldie’s message was so general, but as I continued, Hank’s demeanor changed.

“Goldie shows me an image of you coming home from work and making yourself a drink.”

“Yes, I do that.”

“It looks like a fancy alcohol drink in a glass…”

“Yes, it is…”

“Now he shows me how you like to take your drink over to Goldie’s aquarium so you can hang out with him. You even pull up a chair so you can watch Goldie in the water as if he’s the TV.”

“Yes! I do do that!”

And on and on.

By the end of this audience reading, Hank was SURE I was connecting with his fish and he had a set of instructions for how the two of them could play together in the future (with Hank teaching Goldie some tricks).

And as it turns out, Hank was not the most open person to animal intuition until after he heard from Goldie.

Why am I telling you about this experience? Because this is just one of the incredible ways that animals can open your heart and help you evolve and it’s just example of what could happen during my weekend workshop!

Won’t you join me this summer July 14-16th at Omega in Rhinebeck, NY for an incredible weekend learning animal communication and opening your heart?

Learn more about my Omega workshop here! This class WILL fill and it’s your chance to get answers to your OWN questions, live!

Love and Light,

PPS: Feeling wonky and need a boost? I’m giving my Energy Management Supercharge video class away FREE to everyone who sends us a screenshot of their review of my Animal Lessons book on Amazon! Go here to submit your review – and then email us your screenshot!


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  1. Raeleen
    Raeleen says:

    Hello Danielle:
    Thank you so much for this most recent blog. I read all your emails and always enjoy hearing about your experiences and always with an upbeat and cheerful tone. What i loved most about your blog today is the story of the mans fish Goldie. What grabbed my attention was that fact it is about a Fish. I always wished i could take part in any of your group activities but i dont have a pet. No, not even a fish.
    However, i had to share this blog with my 27 year old daughter who has always had fish and would get a kick out of knowing she is not pet-less after all and I dont have to be either.
    Thank you!!!!!!!


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