Do dolphins get frisky?

The other day I was having breakfast with a close friend and he started asking me questions about my trips to Bimini to swim with the dolphins…

Now, this friend, he’s his own guy and he always makes me laugh. He’s never afraid to ask me WHATEVER questions pop into his head so I had a lot of fun answering him – especially since he didn’t ask the normal questions

Now, I’m used to being asked if there’s time to hang out on the beach (there is – every day until lunch actually) and I’m used to being asked if it was very hot there (most days are warm and yummy, but every once in a while I’ve run in to a weirdly and, in my opinion, overly humid day).

But this friend, and the way his mind works, had me in stitches. Here’s a little snippet of our conversation (and please know, I love and respect the dolphins very much and so does he!)

  • He led of with, “Is there space for a beach chair on the beach?” which I found funny because THAT was his most important question? (He was worried that the beach was totally crowded – I reassured him that the beach was, in fact, almost like a private beach. ALL the beaches in Bimini were like that actually!)
  • Next question: Would everyone on the trip be an “accomplished” animal communicator? I explained that people of all levels of AC experience – from none to lots will come on the trip. (BTW I brought my husband on the last Bimini trip that’s where he learned that he COULD actually do it! (Mind you, he’s never tried again 🙂
  • Next question: Are there restaurants where he would actually want to eat? (He likes his food HIS way. I told him there were a few yummy restaurants, but that I much preferred the cooking of the incredible private chef that comes on the trip.)
  • Is there a way to go out and have a good time? (When he asked this, in my head I said, “Well, swimming with wild dolphins every day is a pretty good time to me!” but I did also tell him how, on the last trip, I went with a few of the participants to the local restaurant/bar, met locals, listened to local music (well… they were doing covers of song I knew) and had a grand ol’ time.)
  • Did the dolphins get frisky? (Yes, he did ask this! He’d seen a documentary about dolphins recently and wanted to double check. I told him that they certainly loved to play with us in the water. They grabbed a string of seaweed and were swimming around with it on their nose, under my feet, and through the group. I don’t think that’s frisky though!

I have one last Bimini trip coming up this August. Are you one of the special someones who will join me for animal connecting, swimming, turquoise waters, and healing experiences? Learn about it all right here.

OH AND, I just went to book my plane tickets and they are INSANELY cheap (like 30% of what I’ve paid in the past!) which made my day!

Love & Light,

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