As I sit here drinking my new favorite drink – coffee (yes, until 2 months ago I was never a coffee drinker but now I can’t seem to get enough!), I’ve been thinking about this new little STREAMLINING trip I’ve been on since the year began.

Everything in my head right now is slim it down, trim it down, figure out how to make it more efficient, and focus only on those things and places and ideas that are REALLY igniting my passion. A friend said this to me the other day, and I’ve adopted it comletely. This is my new mantra for 2018:

My life is a STAYCATION!

This means that I’m saying, “no” to a whole lot more things than I’m used to saying, “no” to. It also means that whatever I’m saying, “yes” to is super special, super cool, and super passion-igniting for me (and then, hopefully for you)!

One of the things I’ve said, “yes” to is Tammy Mastroberte’s free event called “Living an Elevated Existence” which begins next week.

Why did I say yes to this? Here’s the main reason – and it may not be what you think.

So much of my business I run intuitively. In fact, that’s how I decided that I was going to do the upcoming Beyond Words cruise (read that story here) so I know that when I get a certain feeling it means something BIG.

With Tammy, I got that feeling. I happen to know Tammy behind the scenes and so I know that each and every minute of each and every day she is LIVING what she is bringing to the world. It’s not just for show, it is her truth. And you can’t beat truth!

So, when she said she wanted to help people let go of fears and re-wire their brains… well… I was in!

This is my announcement to you to let you know about this online event too. If you’re feeling the intuitive call, jump in and play with us! You can learn all about it right here!

Love and Light,

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