Clear the Energy in Your Home Quick and Easy

[Transcript of video below]

Here’s a quick and easy and really totally goofy (because it’s coming from me) way to clear the energy in your home:

If you have had icky people in the house, if upsetting things have been going on in the house, if you’ve been sad in the house, if somebody has been fighting in the house. Any of that – it’s really actually very easy to clear the energy.  And you’re gonna laugh at what you have to do.

So wait until a sunny day. Open the windows if you can. (If it is still cold out – ok – don’t open the windows.)  But at least open all the curtains. Let as much sunlight in as you can.

And then turn on some music. Music that makes you really, really happy. Like for me it would be like 867-5309  (You know that song “Jennie, Jennie, who can I turn to?”)  Like (for me) fun goofy music.

Then walk around the house, run around the house, dance around the house, and start singing.

Get the music going, get the wind blowing through the house, have the shades open, have the sun shine, and just – you know – you might even want to clean. I like to add in cleaning. (But you don’t have to clean but it does feel really good!)

Clear the house that way. You will not believe how well it really works!

If you’d like to see more videos like this, click on the link to Danielle’s blog. She creates new, fun videos almost every week!

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