A couple of years ago, I had this idea that I wanted a place where all of these cool people I’m meeting through my work could come together to play.

At the time, creating a place like that wasn’t really possible as the technology wasn’t advanced enough yet. So, I waited. But while I was waiting, I was thinking. I was creating. I was planning…

And guess what? Technology has finally caught up.

So, today I am finally able to present to you Be Open: the global community & intuitive practice group!

This is my dream, finally coming to fruition. It’s simply a safe place where you can go to practice your intuition (or start opening it), meet cool people who are interested in doing the same, meet more cool people who want to live consciously, manage their energy, and break through blocks, and get the information, guidance, and assistance you’ve been looking for around all this spiritual and intuitive stuff.

Be Open: The first resource of it’s kind for people who want to practice and grow their intuition!

More and more people are opening to their spiritual and intuitive potential every day. It really is an exciting time to be exploring this realm! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to connect with those people all over the world?

It’s just so nice to have someone you can talk to about this stuff. To have someone you can go to when you’re feeling stuck! To have someone who doesn’t think you’re crazy because you’re concerned about your spiritual footprint in life…  Well, that someone is me and the rest of the Be Open community!

Plus, my Certified SLAC Practitioners will be on hand to join in the fun, offer advice, and play, too. So you’re really getting three-times the information, support, and assistance (me, the community, and the Certified practitioners.)

Every two weeks we’ll have a new intuitive practice exercise – with confirmation! (Read all about it here.)

Not only that, but once a month we’ll do a free-form Live webinar driven by you! I’ll take questions, maybe help you out with your opening (I mean, so many of us have baggage around opening!), assist you in honing your intuition, and who knows what else!

The thing is: Be Open is in it’s beginning stages. I know that in six months it’s going to look very different from how it does today, because it will grow and morph according to what is most fun and what is working the best!

Check it out here and perhaps consider joining me as one of the first beta testers! Be Open

Love & Light,

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