Be Open registration closes June 30th!

This past weekend felt like a dream. Cole is finally done with his sophomore year of high school and he’s off and running to play with friends (although, he would rather I say, “hang out” with friends). Kevin and I were able to relax for the first time in months. We gardened 😉

I’m just really glad we have only one kid!

Last week I sent out an email about Be Open and how registration is closing until some time in the fall. In the email, I laid out some of the details of the community like:

  • Be Open is small so you get personal attention from my certified practitioners and me.
  • It includes a monthly live webinar where you can ask questions and get answers from me right then and there, tell your stories, and more.
  • It even includes the Facebook group where you can ask the community to about your challenges, share your successes, and more.
  • It also includes special events like Be Open day, which is happening on July 22nd in Andover, MA. (A chance to get the community together in person!)
  • And it includes lots of intuitive practices – from the group practice with feedback from me to individual practices with like-minded new friends.

I also shared, in a kind of a small way, one really important piece of information: when we re-open registration sometime in the fall, the price is going up.

After I sent that email, I did some thinking about it. Why didn’t I really emphasize that the price is going up? I mean, it’s a really important piece of information that I should definitely be sharing! I discovered that I feel kind of funny talking about what the awesomeness of Be Open and what it is really worth – I feel like it’s bragging I guess.

Up until now, Be Open has been in Beta testing mode. We’ve been figuring out what does and doesn’t work as a community – and we’re really dialed in on that now meaning: it’s time to move out of Beta mode into full-on let’s-do-it mode (which includes pricing Be Open appropriately!)

But I didn’t emphasize that the price was going up because I didn’t want to feel market-schmarkety. Sometimes it’s hard for me to market the things I’m offering because it means I have to stop with all the personal sharing (which I love) and go into “business” mode.

Anyway, I see this often with others as well – especially people who are in the spiritual industry. Some of us have incredible offerings, skills, projects, businesses etc. but we’re worried about sharing that with the world – will people really be OK with it?

So, I’m going to stop being timid about it – after all, Be Open is one of my favorite things EVER, why shouldn’t I shout it from the rooftops?!

The personal introspection and growth that I’m seeing in the people in the Be Open community is inspiring me. I have to be OK to share this with you all – I feel excited to watch more and more people experience this and I can’t do it unless you know it exists!

One of the things that I’m really big on is transparency. When I’m teaching my students to become good animal communicators or intuitives, they hear me say it all the time. “Say what you’re feeling, even if it takes away from you being an ‘expert.’”

And so this is what I’m doing with you here – I DO feel funny talking about Be Open so much over the past week (it’s like full-on markety-schmarkety stuff) and yet, the community really is kick-ass and I KNOW I should be proud to shout about it!

So, this is the last time I’m offering Be Open at this price, but enrollment is only open until Friday! (And if you sign up in time you’ll be grandfathered in at this price, even when it goes up whenever we re-open).

So, I’m just going to trust that you’ll jump in right now if you’re interested – or you’ll sign up for Wednesday’s free info-session webinar  where you can not only ask questions of me, but also hear from people IN the community about their experience too!

Love & Light,

P.S.  Important links for you!

Here’s the link to sign up right now for Be Open

Here’s the link to sign up right now for Wednesday’s info session webinar (which will be recorded for you if you can’t make it, but you must sign up to be notified!)


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