Holiday Party: How to Avoid the Snack Attack

holiday partyIt’s holiday time and I’m sure you all have a few holiday parties on your calendar. This should be a good thing right? Well, maybe not if you don’t listen to your Intuitive Guidance System! Take me, for example – I’m a very shy person so in a party setting I often feel like I don’t know what to say or do. When that happens, I do one sneaky little thing to take the pressure off:

I eat bad, BAD food.

Normally, I’m a very conscious eater. As a full-time intuitive, I’ve had to become extremely careful about what I put in my body. Certain foods (sugar, chocolate and alcohol to name a few) tend to disconnect me from my emotions. At holiday time, when I would get uncomfortable, I was often the one whooping it up about the chocolate lava mousse cake the host is about to serve or obsessing about getting the recipe for “the best cookies in the world!”

Some people drink too much at holiday parties so they can feel like they fit in while others spend the entire party standing at the buffet table taste-testing every single item there. Everyone has something that they do to compensate for their insecurities – and at holiday time, when insecurities are at an all time high, it’s usually food or drink!

So, just take a moment to ask yourself these questions:

  • When I feel awkward at a party what do I do?
  • If I don’t know many people at a holiday gathering, what’s my go-to thing?
  • When I’m talking with someone that I don’t want to be talking to at a party, what’s my excuse to get away?
  • If I don’t have anyone to talk with, where do I usually go?

Did you find your answers often involved over-drinking or overeating? Many of us turn to food or drink to ease our emotions. This is very common, but certainly doesn’t have to continue. What if, instead of beating yourself up the next day for how much your drank or for what terrible junk food you ate, you had access to something that would help you make better decisions while at the party? As it turns out, you do! Your Intuitive Guidance System is at your service. Always.

To work with this system, just start thinking of your answers to the above questions as Red Flags sent to you from your intuition – warning you that something within is feeling off and it’s time to pay closer attention. If you can learn to recognize each Red Flag as an intuitive “hit” intended to help you change course and take a new action, you’ll be able to avoid paying the price for too much alcohol or too many brownies the next day!

Here’s an example of how it works. Last week, I attended a holiday party catered by one of my favorite restaurants. I didn’t know many people at the party, so I felt out of place. I remember thinking, “this will give me something to do” as I stood in the corner shoveling seven-layer bars into my mouth. Ding! I suddenly remembered that obsessing over food at a holiday party was one of my Red Flags. I immediately stopped chewing, put down the rest of the bar and went to find any person who looked at all approachable for a conversation. Even though the conversation was stiff at first, we soon warmed up to each other and I knew I had made the right choice to move away from the dessert table. Yup, working with your Intuitive Guidance System is that simple!

What are your Holiday Party Red Flags? Let me know in the comments below! If you’re going to work with your Intuitive Guidance System it’s important that you identify your Red Flags before you go to the party. And get ready to laugh at yourself because this system tends to work in weird ways. You wouldn’t expect a message to come through brownies or a scotch on the rocks – but it can and often does!




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