Do Animals in Heaven Send Another Pet to Their People on Earth?

Do animals in heaven send another pet to their people on Earth?

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 I’m going to answer another question from Facebook today.

[In the video, Danielle says “Do animals in Heaven send another pet to their pet on Earth?” Correct question is below]

The question is “Do animals in Heaven send another pet to their people on Earth?”  

Now it’s kind of a cool question because it absolutely does happen.  I find that animals are kind of working behind the scenes a lot of the time. They are maneuvering things so you end up with another animal (or a particular animal).  They really want to make sure that whatever work they were doing with you when they were alive that they’re continuing that work.

So let’s say you dog was helping you learn how to feel like a leader and you’re working on that and then your dog passed and that soul contract with him was complete your dog is going to probably work behind the scenes to send you another one. To send you now a dog that doesn’t need maybe as much handling or alpha because now you’ve kind of got it and maybe that dog is going to help you with something slightly different but still on the same track.

So yes they absolutely send other animals.  They even send other people.

That animal that crossed over just wants to help you evolve. Whether that animal is on this side or the other side, that animal is going to do everything he or she can to help you.

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