Afterlife Awareness Conference June 1-4

OK! I’ve awoken feeling kind of excited today! My Office Manager, Colleen, just booked my plane ticket to Portland, OR! (Keep reading – as there’s a something special in here for you!)
Why is Portland, OR exciting?

It’s because this June, I’ll not only be giving the Keynote talk, How Animals Teach Us From the Other Side, but also because I finally have the chance (after more than a year!) to teach a half-day workshop on animal communication at the Afterlife Awareness Conference!

Because my schedule has been so busy with international trips, and long-term classes, and since I’ve launched the Danielle MacKinnon School of Animal Communication, I’ve only been able to teach the longer, more in-depth versions of animal communication classes – which are AWESOME and something I LOVE to teach, but, because they require more commitment. For one of those classses, you really have to know that you want to do animal communication.

But in the three-hour workshop I’ll be doing at the Afterlife Awareness Conference, I get to work with anyone who just wants to give it a try and see if they can do it. (And the thing is, everyone can do it – so I end up looking like the most amazing teacher in the world, which is also really fun!)

Plus, one of the hottest topics I’ve run across in my work with animals is, what’s happening on the other side with all of our beloved pets and animals. To be able to talk about this with such a large group of people during the keynote is going to be an incredible experience. Not just for me (because I love it) but also for the people in the audience – because when many people come together with the same intention, the energy, the expansion, and the ah-ha moments really get flying!

Please come play with me in Portland this June 1-4! I’ll also do a VERY few in-person private readings as well while I’m there – but very, very few as I give so much during these and I don’t want to be too tired for all the other cool stuff!

Oh wait! Clearly, it’s a whole conference, so I’m not the only one there. 🙂 There are many other workshops to attend by some incredible leaders in the afterlife community. From Christopner Kerr, MD (he’ll be talking about deathbed visions in hospice patients – I can’t wait to hear about that!) to Suzanne Northrop’s workshop in which she’ll be teaching people how to connect to the Other Side, it’s going to be one of those weekends where, when you leave, you’re going to feel like you’re floating on air! (Plus, of course there are many more too!)

Ooops! I thought I was finished writing, but I almost forgot to say – the conference gave me a $25 off coupon as well if you follow there directions! When you’re ready to register, go to: enter the promo code MACKINNON (be sure to spell it correctly!) and choose General Admission to get your $25 off!

Love and Light,

PS: WANT A SIGNED COPY OF MY NEW BOOK ANIMAL LESSONS (not even out yet!)? The conference will have plenty of copies of Animal Lessons on hand and I’ll be ready to sign! I actually LOVE doing book signings because I like to tune into the person I’m writing for and give them an intuitive message. Come play with me!

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