Reduce Separation Anxiety: A Quick and Goofy Way to Tell Your Pet When You’ll Be Home

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A lot of animals suffer from separation anxiety. One way to relieve this is to apprise your pet of your schedule. If you want to tell your animal – your dog, your cat, your horse, whoever it is – “Hey, I’m going to be back in a certain amount of time” – A lot of us as humans we question do our animals understand time?  Do they get it?  Do they know what we are saying?

Well they do “get it” but I find it really helps the human to give them a visual. Because then we as the human feel like “Hey we did it. We explained it.”

So what you can do is you can imagine you can talk to your dog, cat, horse, ferret, hamster in your head and say “Hey, I’m going to be back at 7pm tomorrow night.”

And then in your head, just make a picture.

Ok – 7pm looks like this:  I’m leaving…I’m going to bed…I’m getting up in the morning…I’m eating lunch…I’m going through my day…7pm arrives…and here I am.

You know, really make the little picture in your head. Draw it out and your animal will get it.

Now they get it anyway.  They’re so smart, they totally get it.  So don’t worry that they’re not going to get it. You don’t have to do the visual.

But it is a really cool way to ensure hey I feel like I did my part. I told my dog I’m going to be home at this time.

Boom!  Done.

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  1. Susan
    Susan says:

    I agree that sending pictures of what the time looks like in the animals mind is. If I was going to be away for a weekend, I would tell the animas how many moons that would be and how many day lights. It relieved a lot of stress for them. I know they understood completely when I would return.


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