I stopped dedicating time to myself: Wicked Cool Tool #10

Yes, it’s about noon my time on Wednesday – on Wicked Cool Tool Wednesday that is, and I am only just now sitting down to write this email to you. I’ve been taking my time, sleeping late (this morning I slept until 6!), moseying around, and playing with my newly beefed up Me-practice. What is […]

Dwindling Protection

Needs are changing and so is the way you protect yourself. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as much of our protection wasn’t needed in the first place.

The Insider’s Guide to Living Brilliantly: Wicked Cool Tool Wednesday #9

A daily personal growth micro-practice with mind-blowing results! Beliefs are the driving factors behind your decisions, your behavior, and behind what you attract into your life. Many people are unaware that their negative beliefs even exist! The Insider’s Guide to Living Brilliantly app will assist you in focusing on the positive side of beliefs held at the soul level so that you can begin to experience a life in which you BELIEVE (and therefore experience) that you are worthy, deserving, lovable, safe, supported, protected, and awesome. And when you go through life with beliefs like that, your life will naturally re-align with those beliefs!

You can’t break a Soul Contract

One of the things that I’m asked a lot about is Soul Contracts. I think it might have something to do with the fact that I wrote a whole book called Soul Contracts. 🙂 Anyway, my thoughts and feelings on Soul Contracts happen to be very different from those of most people – and I […]

I got slammed

It’s a Monday morning and here I am! I’ve been dealing with a cold for the past week, so I decided to take care of myself by taking a break from writing these emails this weekend. It was so weird not to be emailing you. However, it was also exactly what my mind and my […]

The Six Light Calls: Wicked Cool Tool Wednesday #8

You know what I love? I love when something works out the way I thought it was going to work out. Or, I love when intuitive information that I’ve been working with, totally worked. I mean, there are so many times when intuitive information is just… so loosey-goosey! So, often I just want things to […]

Love and biology and you and me

OK, it’s Friday morning and my plan to be over my cold hasn’t quite come to fruition yet. I’m a little cranky… But you know what? My crankiness isn’t all because of my cold – it’s also because I started reading a book that I couldn’t put down last night, so I’m also very tired! […]

My dog is psychic and it backfired on me

Ugh. So, the other day I sent out an email called, “Why get off the couch never works” (which, if you missed it the first time around, you can read about here). It was an email all about one of the best ways to communicate with animals – which is by taking advantage of the […]

Why get off the couch never works

One of the reasons I’ve been so busy lately is that Kevin and I have been spending extra time with my dog Tuukka and her training. We’re getting her ready to go on long off leash hikes with us so we’ve been working on “come” and “here” and “look” and all sorts of other fun […]

Crutches: Wicked Cool Tool Wednesday #7

The past several days we’ve been dealing with my son’s knee injury. As part of his fencing pre-season, he was doing sprints and came down weird on his leg. Unfortunately, the Dr. just told us that he’ll be on crutches for six weeks to three months. Ugh. The hardest part is that, for a fifteen […]