The signal that changed my life

Well yesterday’s Animals & the Other Side webinar was a super cool thing. Even when I woke up this morning, I was still feeling the “afterglow” I always get after teaching a big class! I love how many people in the world truly, wholeheartedly love the animals in their life. These are people (like you […]

Plugged in? Wicked Cool Tool #12

This week’s tool is kind of an un-tool. I often like to do tooley-tools (i.e., step by step instructions on how to do something with your energy) but to do those tools well, it helps to have a good foundation.

And how do you get a good foundation? By unplugging.

Be Open: First intuitive resource of it’s kind!

I’ve launched my baby! This is the world’s first resource of it’s kind for people who want to practice and grow their intuition. Months and months in the making, join me on this beta journey to experience intuition together!

Hyper dog. It’s a problem.

So, here’s a funny thing. I was talking with a client yesterday who said he loves my daily newsletters, but asked why don’t I write very much about my experiences with animals. And when I heard that, I went – Oh yeah! I haven’t written about animal stuff in a while! When I write these […]

The Power Center: Wicked Cool Tool #11

What is power, really? I had this incredible moment yesterday morning during my meditation that I wanted to share with you. It’s about power and what that really is. I’ve spent years teaching how power is different from force. Force is when you make something happen. Often, with force, the end justifies the means and […]

Embarrassing socks

I’ve decided to move on from my daily Crossfit workout and now I’ve taken up Barre. And I totally love it! It’s working better for my body as Crossfit seemed to be geared toward people who were not long and tall like I am (most people think I’m short before they meet me, but I’m […]

I don’t believe in “abundance”

It’s Thursday morning as I write this and the whole of New England is bracing for the big storm. I’m not so sure about that though. Maybe I’m just being optimistic but this storm has gone from a prediction of 9 inches to 5 inches to “~1 inch” which makes me think, I might be […]

I stopped dedicating time to myself: Wicked Cool Tool #10

Yes, it’s about noon my time on Wednesday – on Wicked Cool Tool Wednesday that is, and I am only just now sitting down to write this email to you. I’ve been taking my time, sleeping late (this morning I slept until 6!), moseying around, and playing with my newly beefed up Me-practice. What is […]

Dwindling Protection

Needs are changing and so is the way you protect yourself. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as much of our protection wasn’t needed in the first place.

The Insider’s Guide to Living Brilliantly: Wicked Cool Tool Wednesday #9

A daily personal growth micro-practice with mind-blowing results! Beliefs are the driving factors behind your decisions, your behavior, and behind what you attract into your life. Many people are unaware that their negative beliefs even exist! The Insider’s Guide to Living Brilliantly app will assist you in focusing on the positive side of beliefs held at the soul level so that you can begin to experience a life in which you BELIEVE (and therefore experience) that you are worthy, deserving, lovable, safe, supported, protected, and awesome. And when you go through life with beliefs like that, your life will naturally re-align with those beliefs!