Can you love domination?

It’s day 4 of my Costa Rica trip to work deeply with the horses to help people move through their challenges into more ease, acceptance, and love of themselves. LOL! That sounds so fancy! Because so far, what I could really say is that it’s Day 4 of the horses kicking my butt (and the […]

The one reason we don’t fit in

The reason we don’t fit in! After a very long day on the road, I’ve finally reached Costa Rica! I got a good night’s sleep and now it’s 4am Costa Rican time and I’m totally awake. In my travels, I ended up missing a couple days of connection with the Be Open Community – and […]

Animal Lessons book arrived!

My Animal Lessons book arrived in the mail! (Yes, I look like a goof in this pic!) Woo hoo! It’s a REAL LIVE COPY of my new book Animal Lessons! It’s only available for pre-order right now BUT if you get it now, you can enter to win 1 of 5 readings with me… Pre-order […]

Why your pet stares into space

Yesterday afternoon I taught my Energy Management Supercharge webinar and it was SO fun! I’m into really minimal, simple, but powerful tools and I had a great time watching everyone try these crazy easy tools out. (If you missed it and want to watch – you still can here for a few more days!) And […]

Does your inside match your outside?

Because I put myself out into the public space as an expert in Animal Communication, people have a tendency to put me on a pedestal – and it’s a pedestal I neither deserve or want. To counter being put on that pedestal, I make sure people know that I’m a big goofball, with a huge […]

Afterlife Awareness Conference June 1-4

OK! I’ve awoken feeling kind of excited today! My Office Manager, Colleen, just booked my plane ticket to Portland, OR! (Keep reading – as there’s a something special in here for you!) Why is Portland, OR exciting? It’s because this June, I’ll not only be giving the Keynote talk, How Animals Teach Us From the […]

Preorder Animal Lessons and get goodies!

Preorder Animal Lessons now – and get great bonuses! Although my new book Animal Lessons is not officially due out until May 8th, 2017, as a special member of my community you can preorder Animal Lessons right now! And if you DO pre-order, I’ve got a few little goodies as my thank you as well […]

What is energy management anyway?

Energy management. OK. It’s Saturday morning and oh the world is still totally wonky! When I woke up this morning I just felt like crying. Nothing in my life had changed, no big momentous thing had fallen through, and no one had attacked me in any way. I simply felt alone. And I know that […]

Do animals leave the body before dying?

We’re all in “get ready” mode right now as the big blizzard (18 inches?) is on it’s way… The news is predicting quite a bit of snow, wind, and power outages so I really have no idea what tomorrow holds! But what I do have an idea about is animals and how they go about […]

Do animals feel badly about themselves?

Feeling good is really important right now. It can be hard to stay in the flow, when so much of the world is out of the flow and when you can see negativity in so many different places through social media, the news, your phone. Whenever I plug in to those things, it shifts my vibration down, makes me feel upset, throws off my ability to help others and to take care of myself… So, over the past few months I’ve spent time thinking about my job here in this life…