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{ Call of the Wild Dolphins Retreat }

Bimini, Bahamas
July 27 – August 2, 2019

Over the past few years, I’ve been blessed to take groups to Bimini to explore the wild dolphins that live there. For my first time, I knew it would be a wonderful trip, but I had no idea that swimming with the dolphins would be of the most life-altering experiences I’ve had in my adult life (I wrote about it in my book Animal Lessons if you want to know more!). The dolphins even helped me overcome a long held phobia of swimming in open water! After the trip, it took me about two weeks to come back to earth as I kept wishing I was back there. I’m SO excited to be able to offer this trip again – and I can’t wait to see who joins me!

{ Connect and Commune }

Are you ready to dive deep into the world of psychic communication with animals (and especially with wild dolphins and marine life)? Animal Intuitive, Danielle MacKinnon’s animal communication workshop and island retreat offer you a rich, Soul Level experience of animal communication and deep energetic Soul Level Connections. Danielle will share tools and techniques from her years of experience intuitively connecting with animals of all species at the physical AND most importantly, the Soul Level.

Animals use their own unique skills to connect with us, everyday through sounds, smells, pictures, feelings, in meditation, dreams, and more. Danielle serves as a intuitive bridge for animals to communicate with humans in a very clear and intimate way and in this workshop she will begin teaching you these skills so you can personally tune in to communicate with your own pets, other animals and animals in the wild too.

Join Danielle in Bimini, Bahamas for a Soul Level Animal Communication® workshop that will offer you a Magical Experience with nature’s most profound telepathic communicators – the wild dolphins of Bimini! Danielle will also share personal messages and wisdom that she psychically receives from the animals to support you in your own soul level changes and ongoing personal and spiritual growth.

Saturday July 27th

Depart from your home city to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Transfer from the airport to the Courtyard Marriott, Ft Lauderdale Airport and Cruise Hotel  for an overnight stay (you are responsible for booking your own room reservation, and is not included in the retreat cost.)

Danielle will connect with you at the hotel and if time permits, have a short group introduction session.

Sunday July 28th

Morning flight from Ft. Lauderdale to Bimini, Bahamas on a private group charter flight with Island Air (flight cost is included in the trip price). Check into the Sea Crest Hotel and meet with the rest of the group. There will be a trip briefing and dolphin protocol orientation by our Charter boat Captain and you will get fitted for your snorkel gear. Then enjoy a delicious lunch prepared by our “personal chef”. This afternoon we will board our chartered boat for our first wild dolphin excursion.

Monday July 29th – Thursday August 1st

July Mon 29, Tues 30, Wed 31, Thurs Aug 1

Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner included

The next 4 days we’ll spend the mornings with Danielle for discussion, exploring the island, beach time or other activity. After lunch we’ll be on our chartered boat for the afternoon with the dolphins and snorkeling. Our time with the wild dolphins is a gift from them if they choose to play with us and will evolve on their schedule. This is an ecologically sensitive program that allows us to observe, interact with, and swim with these beautiful beings.

Our dolphin excursions take place each afternoon and the trips can be anywhere from 3 to 4 hours in length. It takes about an hour to reach the dolphin grounds and much of that time is spent chatting with new friends, gently and intuitively “calling” the dolphins, and eating yummy snacks. Since these are wild dolphins, encounters cannot be guaranteed but half the fun is the journey to connect with them! We’re on the dolphin’s time schedule, so when or if they come to play with us is the dolphin’s decision. One of the powerful lessons they teach us is about letting go of control, relaxing and just being in the moment (and having some fun during that moment too!). Encounters can be as short as 15 minutes or as long as an hour and you might have multiple encounters in one afternoon. The Bimini dolphins are full of surprises!

Weather permitting, we’ll also do some snorkeling over Mysterious Bimini Road! A quarter-mile off Paradise Point lays an ancient, underwater road of stones that has baffled natives, mystics and scientists for generations. Some call it the Bimini Road or the Atlantis Wall and believe it may lead to the lost continent of Atlantis. It is quite a mystical experience and many say they can feel the energy that emanates from these huge underwater stones.

We’ll also make time to explore the island in golf carts, visit the Magical Dolphin House (it’s hard to describe until you’re actually there), relax on the beach, and of course do some shopping! You may also choose from other optional island activities, mangrove tours, a visit to the Healing Hole, or the Fountain of Youth.

As we bring to a close a wonderful week of fun, sun and sharing time with new friends, (both dolphin and human), you’ll leave Bimini feeling refreshed and restored on all levels. You’ll also take home your new skills to help communicate with other species who, as you’ll have learned every one of the past days, have so much wisdom to share with us.

Friday August 2nd

Breakfast included.

After breakfast we leave for the Bimini airport for our flight back to Ft Lauderdale and our connecting flights home. We leave with our hearts open and full of dolphin love. You’ll have new friends, new experiences to share, and the memories of the incredible experience with the dolphins of Bimini!

You’ll be able to stay connected with the group, if you choose, through the group’s Facebook group. It’s a great way to remain in touch, share pictures (oh the pictures! So incredible!), and more.

Important note:

The island of Bimini is changing every year – and while this will now be the third time I’ve offered this trip and I would love to guarantee that I will offer it every year, I can’t make any guarantees that I will hold this trip again. If you’re thinking you want to go, now would be the time!

To Reserve Your Space Contact:

Gayle Lawrence
Journeys of Discovery Travel


July 27 – August 2, 2019