A big ask for my dog

A big ask for my dogLast week I was talking to a friend and I mentioned how great my dog Tuukka is – and that she’s not like any other dog I’ve ever had in my life because she never gets into any trouble.

The next day, I was chatting with my dog trainer, I mentioned the same thing.

And Saturday morning, when Kevin and I were lounging around the backyard, we had the same conversation about how cool it was not to have to protect all food on counters or put shoes away or not sit on the floor and eat because Tuukka is SO good and never goes after any of those things.

Until Saturday night.

My son, Cole, has a whole bunch of friends over in the backyard that night. They ate pizza and other junk food – including pork ribs. The deal we have as a family is that if he’s going to have friends over, he has to clean the backyard THAT night (not the next day or the day after that…). Ack! 17 year olds!

Anyway, he beautifully fulfilled his part of the deal but left the trash in the kitchen open.

As I was trying to fall asleep at midnight that night (for some crazy reason I was awake at that hour) I suddenly had the urge to go check on Tuukka.

And there she was in the middle of the kitchen, surrounded by ripped up trash.

Turns out, she’d eaten mashed potato, pork ribs, pizza, corn on the cob… I couldn’t even get mad as we’d never taught her to stay out of the trash since it had never been an issue before.

We spend the night mostly awake helping her vomit up everything she could. She was definitely happy with us and now, a few days later, she’s been cleared of the potential complications (trying to pass a bone through her intestines or pancreatitis or other such problems) however, she’s just not feeling well.

It’s super interesting that all it took was me talking about Tuukka never getting into the trash to direct the energy toward it – which is how we ended up in this situation. It really shows what powerful creators we are, doesn’t it? I wasn’t “trying” to bring energy to the trash, but by chatting about it (even in a positive way), energy was brought to Tuukka and the trash.

Is there something you may be bringing energy to as well? Do you want the energy going there? Look closely because, like me,  you may not realize you’re doing it!

And here’s my ask: would you be open to sending love to Tuukka to help her heal?

Love and Light, 

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  1. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    Karma is truly real, isn’t it?? When we put out negative thoughts they seem to happen. I’ve learned to try hard to keep only positive thoughts but am human and mess up😄. Thanks for all you do!!!

  2. Gretchen
    Gretchen says:

    So sorry to hear about your sweet Tuukka getting into teenage party food. No wonder he wasn’t feeling well – LOL
    I’m sending sweet Tuukka healing love energy. Love to all <3

  3. Sharon
    Sharon says:

    Sending love and good health to Tukka. In November I lost my beautiful golden, Sam, to lung cancer. I was devastated and understood down to my soul the meaning of broken hearted. The same day somebody brought in to my vet a 9 month old puppy named Hope to be rehomed. Needless to say I opened my heart to this new little life. She is constantly getting into things and keeps me on my toes. She has eaten bits of blankets, towels, paper, etc. She is so sassy and sweet! She has been my message from God that even in my times of great sadness, when life feels like it is falling apart and the world is dark, there is always HOPE just waiting to be discovered.

  4. Angélica
    Angélica says:

    Lots of loving energy to Tukka (what a beautiful girl!) and lots of sunshine to you and your whole family <3

  5. Cameron
    Cameron says:

    Hello! Channeled reiki love and light to lovely love and light Tukka. Strong sense that she’s A okay now! Wonderful feeling! Thank you for you messsge, Danielle!

  6. Angel
    Angel says:

    Lots of good thoughts, love, and prayers for Tuukka, you and your son, and your family. Poor Tuukka found the all you can eat buffet and thought she had found a little bit of heaven (I can relate to both the temptation and pitfalls of over enjoying there). Maybe she is a bit confused by all that happened that night?

    Happy to read she is feeling better. In our house, belly rubs can make anything better. 😉

  7. Karen Spinelli
    Karen Spinelli says:

    Sending sincere love and reiki healing energy to Tuukka (as well as to you & your family since you are all going through this right now…). Thank you for sharing this experience with us, and your insights about it…. they really hit home and were a great reminder. Best wishes to all of you – and I’ll keep sending love to Tukka! <3

  8. Marcia
    Marcia says:

    I can relate totally. When people ask me what kind of dog I have I say she is a hunting breed.(BTW, my girl is a Tuukka look alike). Up until last week she never “hunted anything” and then wham-o. Poor little yearling never saw her coming. Such amazing manifests we all are. Sending Tuukka and the family healing thoughts as this can be quite traumatic for all involved. Green light and Love. Marcia

  9. Janis J Hedges
    Janis J Hedges says:

    Whenever Tukka comes to mind, I see her with chin up and a “smile” on her face, as though absorbing all of the wonderful energy surrounding her *)*

  10. Janis J Hedges
    Janis J Hedges says:

    Oh my. Sigh. Bless little Tukkie…can’t really blame her for the pig out *)* Yes, definitely sending love and healing energies to all of you. And thank you for the reminder about the power of our words!

  11. Bonnie
    Bonnie says:

    I asked Jesus and archangel Raphael to heal Tuks. I told her I wanted to rub her face and ears.
    I feel like if you could put your hands softly on her belly she would love that…. 🙏💞😇🐾

  12. Patricia
    Patricia says:

    Sending loving energy to Tuukka! Beautiful girl. This is a perfect example of where I have some confusion about intuition and co-creation. You say you co-created the situation because you were talking about it. Like a self-fulfilling prophecy? But, were you picking up on something that could potentially happen? Something you intuited or sensed? So that you didn’t really co-create it? You were sensing it was about to happen. It seems like you are explaining that just because you spoke about it you created it, but is that what really happened? Do you see my confusion? Doesn’t seem clear cut to me. So much energy, so many influences. Any thoughts to help clarify for me? Thanks.

  13. Leslie Hoffman
    Leslie Hoffman says:

    Goodness knows she had a good time then but not so much now.
    Sending healing energy to you both and a little bit of a “ut oh think twice for next time” message to her if that is alright with you.
    What a fabulous lil girl you have.

  14. Lois
    Lois says:

    Sending Love & Healing. I thought this this was interesting because it is the second incident like this in the last week or so. (Things left out or not protected, allowing man’s & w
    omen’s best friend to be put in jeopardy or harm.) Is there a thought pattern at the collective level that is coming up to be healed? Will have to let this process a little and do some clearing on it. Blessings to Tuukka, You and Your Family.

  15. Rebecca Kirson
    Rebecca Kirson says:

    Sending much love <3 and healing to Tuukka! May she purge the people food from her system and move into health and wellness. May her mother connect in with the truism that bragging about our fur children automatically leads to them acting out. 😉 Much love to you as well, Danielle.

  16. Linda D
    Linda D says:

    My new puppy Rama and i are sending lots of healing love. I will chant some healing Rama mantras for Tuukkas healing and her family.

  17. Susan
    Susan says:

    I also always tell my husband to be more positive and be careful of his words but have found myself, even as positive as it may sound, commenting to others on how our little rescue dogs get into everything lately. Our little Bugz got very sick last week from eating something outside. He’s much better. I need to watch more closely what I send out to the Universe! Reiki coming your way! Sending lots of love and healing energy to Tuukka! ❤️

  18. Linda Ash
    Linda Ash says:

    Yep….. I always tell my husband to be careful when doing that exact thing. No ones perfect…. thankfully things are better but prayers are being sent!!!

  19. Patty Daley
    Patty Daley says:

    Of course I will send healing energies to Tukka! She went on overload. I am always conscious of talking about things we don’t want to happen. But I’m never that good at *avoiding* the topics I should. Good lesson for all of us! Thanks for sharing. Tukka we love you!. <3

  20. Atom’s Mom
    Atom’s Mom says:

    Of course. Much healing energy to Tuukka. We lost our boy more than a year ago for other reasons, but the worry is the same. Tuukka is beautiful. I will send energy to help heal his gut.


    Danielle,,, I have asked Archangel Raphael to please heal your dog…he is a powerful healer of both humans and pets ( as you probably already know). Love and best wishes to you and Tuukkle.

  22. Melissa Stewart
    Melissa Stewart says:

    Oh, wow Danielle… thank you for sharing your experience, insights & wisdom. It is a timely reminder for me, indeed! Sending Tuukka loving healing energy. Love & light, Melissa xx


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