9 Qualities to Look for in the Best Animal Communicator


Are you looking for some inside scoop on how to find the best animal communicator?

When it comes to bridging that gap between humans and their animal companions, finding a top-notch pet communicator can be quite a transformative experience for everyone involved. As an animal communicator and pet psychic myself for more than twenty years, I know how important it is to pick the best animal communicator for your reading.

If you’re considering seeking a pet communicator’s services, let’s talk about the top nine traits you should look for in a professional. Here’s what makes the best animal communicator:

Best pet communicator

9 Awesome Qualities That Define the Best Animal Communicator

Skillful Pet Talk: the #1 Trait of the Best Pet Communicators

Let’s kick it off with our secret power: we’re masters of telepathic communication! This means the best animal communicators are pros at picking up your pet’s intuitive messages, understanding their energy, receiving their thoughts and emotions. Animals are constantly sending us intuitive data, but it’s easy for most people to miss them because we’re all preoccupied with the physical world, right? Well, a professional pet communicator will effortlessly tune in to your pet, getting a REAL peek into their thoughts and feelings. A pro will also actually ASK the pet what is happening, relaying the response in your pet’s own words.

Compassion and Empathy: Both Important Hallmarks of a Top Animal Communicator

Got empathy? We sure do! A great animal communicator connects with animals and their human friends, creating a safe and comfy space for open communication. The ability to understand how animals communicate is our forte and empathy is at the heart of what we do. So, when you’re looking for a strong pet communicator, make sure to choose someone with a deep sense of empathy and compassion for animals.

Experience and Expertise: Two Musts for a Professional Pet Communicator

I’ve been around the block! Experience is the name of the game for animal communicators. Success stories? I’ve got ‘em. 20+ years of helping animals and their humans and teaching others animal communication have sharpened my expertise. So when you’re looking for the best animal communicator, know that experience speaks volumes! I’ve had the privilege of helping countless animals and their owners, and those success stories truly highlight our expertise. My clients are so happy that they WANT to share their experience with my readings to the world. The best in the field should have a rich history of successful animal communicator readings and testimonials, and of course, the ability to adapt to diverse communication needs.

Specializations and Diverse Clientele

Who says you can’t specialize? A top-tier animal communicator often has specialized skills. Perhaps the focus on a certain animal species, behavior, or type of behavioral issue. Find someone whose readings portfolio highlights a wide array of specific (and successful!) animal communication cases or whose readings dial in on your specific issue and then – trust your gut! If you’re feeling drawn to them, go for it!

Ethics and Professionalism in Animal Communication

Keeping it pro! Ethical standards, trust building, and strong relationships – these are non-negotiables in the pet communication world. For instance, in all my animal communication courses, I teach my pet communicators to be transparent about their experiences during a reading. So, let’s say someone is having trouble connecting with your pet, or the animal doesn’t want to “go there” or the pet wants to share sensitive information… The pet communicator should feel comfortable to tell you! THAT’S how you know you’ve chosen the best animal communicator for your session! Someone’s commitment to building trust and maintaining strong client relationships reflects their professionalism and dedication.

Why Do These Qualities Matter in Choosing the Best Pet Communicator?

The things I’ve just mentioned are the ingredients you need to get the best animal communication experience possible. Each trait adds a tiny pinch of magic to our connections, making pet communication a blast. Choosing an animal communicator isn’t just about picking a pro. It’s about choosing someone who’s got these supercool qualities and can engage in a paws-itively awesome animal reading experience.