Six Months Free Membership in Be Open for
Healthcare Workers, First Responders, Mental Health Workers, and Teachers!

Our healthcare workers and first responders around the world
are stressed, anxious, and being called upon like never before.

We all see you and want to honor your commitment and dedication to doing your important work.  To help lower your anxiety and feel supported by a community of like-minded loving people, we’re giving you FULL Access to all of Be Open. That includes countless energy management and meditation techniques, live webinars (that you can access from your phone!), and hours and hours of content to help you feel more safe, supported, and secure in the world.

To activate your free 6 months access, follow these steps:

Step 1:

Fill out the application form below. Let us know what business you work for and what position you hold.

Step 2:

Hang on for a little bit. We’ll perform our due diligence and then activate your membership within 2-3 days.

Step 3:

Once you’re activated, you’ll receive one more email from us letting you know! Follow the links in that email and you’re in!

Featured Classes in Be Open – Access Right Away!

As soon as your free membership is activated, you’ll be able to access ALL of our past classes, courses, webinars and more. You’ll also get access to all of our weekly and monthly live webinars and Masterclasses!

Meet Your Spirit Guides Masterclass

Connect to Your Pet on The Other Side

Energy Management – 9 Week Series

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