bad animals, shark

Are Predatory Animals Bad Animals?

bad animals, shark

Predators are Bad..?

What do you think when you read this headline from an article on Mashable?

“Five hungry sharks eat whale carcass in terrifying footage. It’s a shark feeding frenzy. This is the stuff of nightmares.”

Don’t you immediately start feeling threatened by sharks, worried that their nasty nature is to hunt you down and eat you? Do you start to imagine these evil sharks, bad tempered, lurking everywhere in the water, waiting to get you?

Who are Predators, Really? 

I’ve been noticing this dramatizing trend a lot lately on the web but also in my own home. This weekend, my husband took down a hornet’s nest. Now, I certainly understand that we can’t have hornet nests around the pool, especially when we have a whole bunch of teenagers running around, but when I asked Kevin why he did it the way he did it (spraying this poison on the poor hornets who were gasping for life on the pavement) he said, “those bees are really NASTY! It was the only way because they are so mean!”

All Animals Have Mastered Unconditional Love

I mention often in my classes, books, and events that animals have mastered unconditional love. And it’s true! This is why animals can move through their tough times more easily than humans. We tend to hang on to things whereas an animal’s natural state is actually to learn from the experience and move on. In human terms this would be called forgiveness – in animal terms, it’s simply surviving in a challenging world. 

But when I talk about animals having mastered unconditional love, someone will inevitably raise their hand for clarification. 

“Not ALL animals, though right Danielle? Not lions and sharks and pirañas…” 

What I’ve learned from the animals in my many years as an animal communicator is that every single animal, bird, insect, fish… has mastered unconditional love. 

The lack of understanding comes from how some people define unconditional love. It’s easy to see how a puppy has mastered unconditional love because they fit in with our human version of it: cute, loving, cuddly… 

But unconditional love is about more than that! And so are predatory (ie bad) animals!

Unconditional love is about not just about being loving, it’s about balance too. And there is an innate balance in the natural world. One where sharks and lions kill their prey. It doesn’t make them bad animals. It makes them a part of a beautiful, big picture balance. 

Are Hornets Nasty?

So, my choice to use the word “nasty” to describe the hornets that he kills wasn’t really fair. The hornets are just being hornets, defending their part of the balance. And that can’t possibly make them bad animals, right? 

 Weren’t those hornets just doing what evolution has taught them to do? They were protecting their home, their babies, and their well-being. Yes, they protect themselves by burrowing into wood to create a safe home and they attack and try to sting anyone who violates that – but it is not because they are mean or nasty. It is because they are in a life or death situation and they’re fighting tooth and nail (or stinger) to survive. I don’t believe that bad animals exist at all. Every animal has a physical purpose here on earth and makes some type of contribution to the overall physical, energetic, and spiritual balance. 

Fighting for Survival is Real – It’s the Balance

Have you ever had to fight for survival like a hornet? Did you use every single tactic available to you? Do you think your fight to survive makes you bad or evil?

Animals are not mean or nasty and they certainly aren’t evil. 

How many times have you heard, “Oh! Stay away from geese. Geese are nasty!”

Are geese really nasty? Or are they just doing what nature taught them to do – protect themselves? Maybe we could re-write our perspective on geese to, “Wow, look at what great, protective parents geese are. Parents of the year!”

So, while I may not want to hang out with geese because I’ll always remember how one chased me away from the water when I was 5 and I may not want to upset a hornet’s nest because I don’t want to be stuck, I respect and love these for who they are. 

It’s time for a new headline and a new understanding of balance in the world

What if, instead of the headline above, that Mashable article actually read:

“Five happy sharks happen upon the biggest meal of their lives! Have a grand time eating and rejoicing over their awesome food find!”

Finding the Balance

How animals behave toward me does not affect my feelings about them – I know they are just doing what they’re supposed to do. Every animal, insect, and bird in the world doesn’t have to “be nice” to me in order for me to feel that love for them. My love of animals is unconditional – no matter what the natural order of that animal is.

And do you know what is cool about this? I’m seeing more and more people in the world who feel the same way I do. Hooray for the evolution human’s views on animals, love, and how to work with and respect the earth!

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  1. Patty D
    Patty D says:

    I have mud dauber wasps in my area galore. They look and sound incredibly nasty BUT they are the most gentle wasp by nature. It is said they were thought to not have the ability to sting, because there were zero reports about it. You’d really have to piss THEM off to get them to harm you. All critters are here with just as much a right to be here as us. In fact, as a child I thought they had MORE rights because “they were here first!” lol It can be problematic when you have 5 foot rattle snakes in your yard and you have horses and dogs like I do. Same with black widows. I just tell them to not come by us and we’ll be fine. 🙂

    Good article and I love your alternative headline to the shark article.

  2. Sherry
    Sherry says:

    Couldn’t agree more Danielle. I don’t kill anything around us..relocate maybe but not kill. Not even roaches or ants in the house or wasps around our windows. I hate it when my neighbors proudly shoot at the squirrels or spray the wasps.

    Now my hunter cat is a different story 🙂
    He hunts, catches, kills and eats from time to time.
    Not my other 3 cats though thank goodness.

  3. Robyn
    Robyn says:

    Loved.. loved your interview with Bob!!
    I wondered if you have any articles or views on factory farming. I find it hard to think of any spiritual advancement humans are being taught or that the animal has chosen that life. I’ll paste a note I wrote on a Abraham Hicks site (a fantastic lady who channels source). Such a upsetting subject for many people and I worry the spiritual big picture views can get in the way of welfare for animals or can be used as an excuse. Am I way off or is there another way of looking at this as it upsets so many people and the suffering seems so unecessay and cruel.
    Factory farming
    Please be completely informed so as to be confident in your stance on eating or not eating meat and your opinion on animal activists. Google ‘meet your meat PETA’. As hard as it was for me to watch, as a meat eater I felt I needed to know the reality of factory farming. Also go to the PETA website and then click on videos, watch ‘never be silent’. There is unimaginable torture and suffering for factory farmed animals. They live their lives in confined spaces that would be suffocating to us for even one hour let alone day after day..month after month, their treatment during their lives is often barbaric, they are subjected to completely unnecessary torture and unbearable pain at the hands of animal abusers who do not have proper training or supervision of any type. Farm hands have admitted to doing unthinkable things to animals (that I won’t repeat here so as to not upset animal lovers more) just to amuse themselves, these individuals are mentally unwell people who have managed to get employment in an industry they should never be allowed in, often abuse on a farm is just commonplace and accepted as part of the culture. It is not just whether we eat meat, it is how these animals are farmed and treated that is the issue. Animals cannot speak up and say, “our lives are unbearable.. Please someone help us escape from this living hell”. Animal lovers and activists give them a voice and are compassionate and caring people. Look at some of the petitions in circulation and you will see footage these people have secretly filmed that is so heinous and upsetting that it haunts you, to think what nightmares these individuals had to endure to witness unthinkable things because they felt such a need to give these poor animals a voice. While the rest of us try to do a little by signing petitions, or choose not to eat meat, or do nothing at all, or discuss Esther Hicks uninformed opinions on this subject, these people ie animal activists make small and sometimes huge differences to the quality of life these animals have, for this we should all be applauding them. Please go to PETA and watch as many of the videos as you can to have a better understanding of why vegans feel so passionate about their lifestyle choice.
    People who exploit animals may not be ready for animal rights, but the animals are ready. They’ve been ready. And we better not let them down. PETA website
    Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter
    Dr Martin Luther King Jr.
    …sorry i wasnt just wanting to show you the note I wrote, it is just such a important current subject ethically and environmentally and emotionally for our times. Ill try googling to see if you have any advice so apologies if you already have info out there.


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