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Big audiobook!

I’ve got exciting news! It’s something I’ve always been asked for, but it was never a reality until now… My Animal Lessons book is now available as an audiobook! Woo hoo! This means, you can listen in your car, listen on your phone, listen well… anywhere really – so you can discover how to deepen […]

I Have a Story to Tell

I have a story to tell. Yesterday afternoon I went for a horseback ride with Sally (one of wonderful women facilitating with me at the Horse and Soul workshop here in Costa Rica), Leila (the woman behind the Freedom Tracks documentary), and Ronald (our trusty guide). A lot happened. My human riding companions, Sally, Leila, […]

I’m honored…

    Soul Level Animal CommunicationTMTM Weekend July 20-22, 2018 Omega Institute – Rhinebeck, NY Sign up here       Something that has both annoyed and inspired me is the fact that there isn’t anyone else out really doing what I’m doing for work. Yes, there are other animal communicators, intuitives, authors, and speakers […]

That Chihuahua

I’ve been in Costa Rica for a week now and I can feel myself falling into a very different rhythm. I can feel myself slowing down. I can feel my heart aligning with the animals and the green and the energy around me. Every morning I wake up to powerful energy of the Arenal volcano […]

My new haircut

Haircut. Yesterday at the beginning of one of my live webinar classes, someone said, “Nice new hair” to me. My response was something like, “Thank you! I’m loving my new hair too!” but there’s actually so much more behind the whole hair thing – this is a big deal in my life. Twenty five years […]

Dancing Queen?

On Sunday, my son was “out” all day. Now that he can drive, he frequently leaves and we don’t see him for hours. I’m pretty thankful for the Find iPhone app right now as he’s terrible at telling us where he’s going (as I’m sure all 16 and 17-year old boys are!). So, yesterday he […]

A message from your deceased pet?

I bet, like almost everyone, you want to receive a message from your pet on the Other Side.

As a professional animal communicator for almost twenty years, I’ve been in the unique position to experience animals at all stages of dying – from before the animal is even close to passing over right through to when it’s happening and often after the fact as well.