Can the P90X Shift the Energy of a Relationship?

Two weeks ago, my husband and I had a couple friends over for drinks and as we ate our burritos and guacamole we began talking about that infomercial for the P90X. Have you seen it? It’s this ninety day workout program that is actually quite insane. As we compared stories of how our bodies were changing with age – I became frustrated and infuriated. I didn’t want to be a victim of time any longer so, I whipped out the iPad and ordered the DVD’s. I had no idea what I was getting in to!

My husband Kevin and I are one week into the program now and we’ve been walking around for the past six days week grunting and groaning. Talk about a sore body – sore bum, sore biceps, sore… everything. I keep laughing when I think of someone peering into our poolhouse/new gym as I try to do a pull-up (uh… no strength yet. Can’t even do one) or as Kevin goes into downward facing dog (can you say tight hamstrings?). We’ve been on their website, we’ve gone to the grocery store together… we’ve been talking about it at every dinner for the past week, in fact.

My point in telling you about all of this is not to get you all on the P90X (although – that would be cool. I’d love for you all to experience this craziness and get in super-good shape) but to emphasize the value of finding new things to do with your partner, with your family and with the animals in your life. Infusing a bit of the new into anything can help you remember the fun – and when our lives feel fun, the flow gets even better.


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  1. Jeanette Rayner
    Jeanette Rayner says:

    You are so right, and thank you for mentioning the importance of trying new things. While we are alive in these bodies we need to remember to live! My hubby is also doing the P90X by the way and it’s been great. : )

  2. Sherrie
    Sherrie says:

    I have not heard of this P90X, but am looking for a healthy exercise to help me get back in shape. Thank you for the reminder that we need other people in our life to share our interest. Our pets need us to share with them too.
    A nice long walk with your dog adds so much joy and happiness for both of you.

  3. Sue
    Sue says:

    Yikes, Danielle… I think we’ll stick to wine tasting as a fun couples thing. I do walking and the elliptical but that sounds pretty intense! I’m too lazy to exercise more than 45 minutes to an hour a day or to get really sore. Which is why I am not a size zero…

  4. jeanne
    jeanne says:

    Hi Danielle,
    I have been looking for something to help with new energy in our marriage. Maybe we will try this together and get in shape at the same time. Thanks for sharing.

  5. admin
    admin says:

    Ok guys, just a little update: my husband and I are two weeks in – and I just went workout clothes shopping and I am an entire size smaller. I didn’t even realize it! (I didn’t lose weight but I didn’t need to. My weight stayed the same but I got smaller and more muscle.) So – just wanted you all to know. Plus my husband is starting to get “man-boobs” on his chest (in a good way). Can’t wait to hear how you all do with it… Keep me in the loop.

  6. Teena
    Teena says:

    Hey, Danielle, my husband and I do ballroom dance classes together. We’re not the greatest dancers and lately since summer stopped and our classes as well we’re just not getting the exercise. I’ve been trying to lose weight with the PH Miracle diet but my husband is not enthused about it. He keeps stocking the fridge and pantry with foods that are bad for me. I’ve had a few slips but been holding out.

    I can’t imagine you being a size smaller. You are already so small!! Maybe I will get that P90X afterall. Is it really hard to start if you’re out of shape? I doubt my husband will join me in it though. He’s pretty stubborn.

  7. Teena
    Teena says:

    Ok, Danielle , I couldn’t stop thinking about it and got P90X. It’s been a week now and even missing one routine due to a series of unfortunate events, I’m still sore but already looking and feeling more fit. Amazing! The routines are too long though and I’m having trouble fitting them in so I’ve ordered Power 90 which has half hour work outs. I can’t do the ab ripper and I’m terrible at the yoga. In spite of doing modified moves and taking many breaks on all the disks, I’m still tightening up though. I’ve been wondering how you and your husband are doing. My husband isn’t doing it but once he hears me rave about the results (after all my groaning from the workouts), he might be interested.


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