Free Psychic Exercise #4

For this week’s free psychic exercise, you’ll be focusing on the space on this page. I have set the intention behind this page to be linked to a particular image – so when you focus in your psychic ability will automatically be able to pick up the signals from the image! A few pointers:

  1. I PROMISE you will be more accurate if you write things like “I saw” and “I heard.” Those of you who have been discouraged on the other exercises should definitely employ this method. It takes out the inaccuracies that come along with translation.
  2. Write in the comment field EVERYTHING that you received. It doesn’t matter how goofy or crazy.
  3. If you feel like you are getting information that probably isn’t related, then take a break. Clear yourself, meditate, do yoga, eat… and come back later. There is no time limit, no right answer – your only goal is to connect in and have a great time.

Focus on the space below and then write whatever comes to mind in the comment form below. You can click on the link just above the comment form to be taken to the image that you’ve connected to – but do this AFTER you have entered in your comments.








I’ve entered my impressions below – now take me to the image of what I just connected to.

I want to keep playing. Take me to the archive of the other Free Psychic Exercises.


Danielle MacKinnon, intuitive, coach, animal communicator, speaker, and author, has been nationally recognized in the book Top 100 Psychics and Astrologers in America (2014), by Paulette Cooper and Paul Noble. An MBA formerly on the corporate fast track, Danielle now focuses on assisting those seeking a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life. Her work with people and animals has been highlighted on TV and radio, and in national magazines, and she has facilitated popular seminars in animal communication, soul contracts, and the intuitive senses throughout the country. Danielle’s book, Soul Contracts: Find Harmony and Unlock Your Brilliance, continues to assist thousands of people in breaking through their blocks to discover happiness within.

99 replies
  1. Becky Martinez
    Becky Martinez says:

    i saw dog laying down on wood floor.
    i saw the color blue, i saw a white chair
    i heard birds,
    i saw a fish tank

  2. Liz Peebles
    Liz Peebles says:

    I see an old dachshund with a sweater on. I see a red collar with metal rivets. Weird. I have no idea how that popped in my head.

  3. Valerie
    Valerie says:

    I saw a building,an apartments building,white,nice and clear white; it focused on the windows with terrace.there is not a plain wall,its a barrier,white,wich are on the front of the building.we are talking about big windows like doors,but the shutters(flap?) are half closed,and their color is grey.And the more I try to see something else,the more thoses windows approach me.thank you.

  4. amy
    amy says:

    The first impression I got involves some sort of food – maybe set on a table, more specifically dessert-type food: cookies/cake, with white/pink frosting. White fur, fluffy, soft, pastel colors

  5. Jen
    Jen says:

    I saw a brownish wheel shape and straight beams crossed over and above it. I heard the sound of rushing water and smelled damp earth and lush greenery. I also senses the colors green and yellow.

  6. Kam
    Kam says:

    Felt all dizzy like I was looking underwater and seeing the water flow but it was coming out of a vortex so it had like a kaleidescope feel.

    Then saw a yellow lotus bud opening into full flower.

  7. Laura
    Laura says:

    Not feeling all that connected at the moment since my dog decided to have a bark-fest at someone passing by when I opened the page! However I’ll give it my best shot:

    I saw what looked like circles. Saw woods. Also a flash of something that looked like wood with something orange. Also saw something that looked like a monorail but that particular image sort of had a symbolic feel to it.

  8. Julie
    Julie says:

    I kept thinking HORSE but when I cleared myself and started focusing on the space I felt like I was seeing a big flower — brightly colored, staring in the center of it where the middle of the flower was like a sun radiating light outward.

  9. Donna
    Donna says:

    I saw thick verticle lines (blue ish) across the area. At the top of the white area there looked to be angles, similar to a roof. Like the beginning of a home being built. There was also a dark spot black roundish image on the upper right area that made me think of an eye. It could also be a window..

  10. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    I heard sail boat and saw an image of a medium sized sail boat which appeared mostly white in color. A young happy couple enjoys this boat tremendously. A small white dog travels along with them and happily sits at the edge at the front of the boat. The boat is new. I did sense the color blue, Im going to assume that it’s the water their sailing on.

  11. amy
    amy says:

    Utopia, piano music.
    Pink wild daisies growing in a meadow, the meadow is on an island with a jetty and gulls.
    Driving to work in the city. red car.

  12. Kirsten
    Kirsten says:

    “On the way to somewhere…”
    Grassy, leaves…
    part of something bigger or longer….
    you see this frequently.
    I feel nice. content.

  13. Katie C
    Katie C says:

    cloudy skies near water, maybe a bay or a river
    tall high-riser buildings in the back, like appartment buildings
    breezy day
    some birds about
    looked like fall, early spring, or humid, gray summer day
    smells not very good at times, like sludge or sulfur or pollution…however, there is also the smell of pine trees
    green trees
    rumbling ground
    itchy skin
    overall positive feelings for the people who took this picture…probably a small group of people including Danielle, or people related to her (or her and a dog)
    I heard “camp” or “camping trip” but that doesn’t seem like what they were doing

  14. Tracey
    Tracey says:

    first I see trees then something bigger… a forest
    then I see a small dark pond with a huge rock, the kind you could sit on, with flowers and moss around it and there is a frog, who is bright green

  15. Marguerite Funk
    Marguerite Funk says:

    I saw clouds or what I describe as my quiet place where no one may come unless I invited them. I saw angels and guides walking with me in a meadow of bright colored flowers.

  16. Julie
    Julie says:

    Sailboat, blue water, warm sunshine. Sitting in a dark wood chair with the old rungs, at a round dark wood table, looking at old square pictures with the white margins on them. The corners on the photos make a click, or snap, sound agains my fingers as they are layed out on the table to view.

  17. Pam
    Pam says:

    I see a person with other people at a gathering of some sort. They are all looking at or watching something that interests them. Could it be a parade? Could it be an event? I feel a serious mood.

  18. CK
    CK says:

    I see a highway, a blue car and a telephone pole with a field of short green wheat behind it. Flat, very flat, but I see a lot of beautiful colors. Gorgeous, sunshiney day.

  19. Teri
    Teri says:

    I immediately see a boat and wavy water. I feel like it’s a close up of a boat like someone is standing next to it taking the picture. Then on the other hand I see a lot of water. Maybe a Sail Boat. I see a mast going up…actually several. It appears to be a white boat.

  20. claudeusgothicus
    claudeusgothicus says:

    tree’s.. a tree swing.. sunshine breaking through the branches.. the play of light and shadow.. happy.. peaceful.. calm..

  21. Karah
    Karah says:

    I saw a rounded shape, boat bottom, upside down mushroom…
    sensed a blue color…and a sweeping line/shape…a bit like the Nike swoosh…

  22. Ngozi
    Ngozi says:

    I saw a solitary tree on a landscape. Grass below. Blue sky above. The tree has long branches that sapn for several meters. It’s massive.

  23. Jessalex
    Jessalex says:

    I hear birds chattering and sense stillness and warmth. Felt like first saw flowers, sunflowers, then birds, then other animals, wombat and monkey/gorilla-type mammals. Things related to a jungle-like surrounding, rustling sounds. Calmness. Went back to picture and began to feel sense of panic, still see image of a word, but can’t make it out as it changes into other images. People were afraid, screaming,but not heard.

  24. Carole
    Carole says:

    I see a sailboat and hear the ocean waves, the sky is cloudy but they are white an fluffy clouds the sky is a pale blue, but I feel the weather turn and feel and taste salt water on my face and feel excited as the storm comes in. I also feel this is during the summer as the weather is warm.

  25. Suzette
    Suzette says:

    A grey cat sitting in the kitchen waiting for dinner. I see a window above the sink and a purple ring surrounded by silver. Happiness.

  26. Callithia
    Callithia says:

    I feel the sun going down. There is water a lagoon perhaps and trees. There might be a boat way off in the distance and a soft breeze. No one is there. The sky has just turned a soft pink as the sun hits the water in the distance. this place feels peaceful. Like a deep breath that has just been released. Cleansing… The trees are dense.

  27. Jaime
    Jaime says:

    The most persistent things I saw were trees and dirt (or green and brown). It feels damp and woodsey, like being outdoors. I thought I saw a house but it quickly vanished, so I’m not sure what that was. It feels like there might be water somewhere nearby.

  28. Sue F.
    Sue F. says:

    I see what appears like a painting. Trees, almost a park type setting with tall buildings not far away in the near distance you see through a clearing of the trees. It’s sunny, but as I tried to focus I got a severe pain in my left temple and saw a cabin-style home I wanted to look through the window and see who was in pain and comfort them

  29. Karen
    Karen says:

    I saw a warm yellow sun hat thrown in the air with the right arm which was bare in a sun frock, with a blue sky a twirling dress, and a young girl with some long stemmed flowers

  30. Garfila
    Garfila says:

    I focused twice on this one & each time I instantly felt a heaviness/pressure to the entire back of my head. The 1st time was a little more intense with some light tingling in my hands & arms & I thought of the pressure of being under water.

  31. cBRIs
    cBRIs says:

    I saw a view finder or windshield (glass) with a female moving back and forth looking at something, staring. I saw blue, yellow, and lots of green and lights flaring in the background. The blue, yellow, green felt cool and calm and the lights felt like anxiety. The woman was a reflection and not in the view…but she was there. I feel a childish energy and it tastes like dirt.

  32. Shannon
    Shannon says:

    I saw a house from about 1910, kind of like white stucco with brown accents or beams, a cat, a large tree in the front yard, beautiful green lawn.

  33. lifeofalovergirl
    lifeofalovergirl says:

    Hahaha…I was WAY off on that one! I saw swirls of color, like pinwheels, spiderwebs and balls. I felt there was music playing and saw chairs in a circle, then clowns a carasoul and a giraffe. I thought it was some kind of circus with monkeys in suits. LOL

  34. Sally
    Sally says:

    I think there are trees and an animal of some kind on all fours – a dog maybe. I also see a gateway or entrance of some kind.

  35. Debbie
    Debbie says:

    I heard, you can do it. I saw myself working with others and being happy to do it. I felt like I have finally found my calling. A blank page gives us room to create what we see. I felt happiness and gratitude while helping others.

  36. Mcandyr
    Mcandyr says:

    forest, trees, road, late in the day , fire or glowing looking from the sun going down, it’s warm, I felt warmth, ok, dirt, dust. quiet

  37. Bruce
    Bruce says:

    House turned preschool. Lots of children’s voices yelling and having fun. Pointy roof single story lighter in color with brown roof. Good energy, good fun place for kids. Built late 50s to 1969.

  38. Mariela
    Mariela says:

    My first impression was a landscape. Rocky Mountain springtime, blue sky and the mountains are very blue with a meadow in front.

  39. Tonnie
    Tonnie says:

    Blank, emptiness, or space. I feel people, family, love and pain. Hope for what is yet to come. I feel worry, loss, scared.

    • ~V~
      ~V~ says:

      Oh my… I just went and saw the pic and read the paragraph… today is 4/28/13… the Boston bombings were very recent.

  40. laura7162
    laura7162 says:

    i can barely hold my head up, something heavy pushing on me. cupcake. something in throat.woman in dress arm outstretched.

  41. kaye
    kaye says:

    I saw flowers. not sure, maybe a vase. or it’s outdoors with flowers.
    went back second time, and sensed or saw a mirror. Love intentions

  42. KDC
    KDC says:

    someone is trying to talk to me. i can’t get anything clearly, but they are trying as if from a long way away, can’t hear them.

  43. Ana L.
    Ana L. says:

    An energy came to my right shoulder. It was a bird. The bird tweets. I can hear the sound of water. There is a creek nearby and trees. I see a squirrel, a pink flower. I see the sunlight. It is warm and nice.

  44. Carolyn
    Carolyn says:

    I saw lush green big leaves. At first I only saw one fairy then I saw more and a cat a yellow tabby curled up on the bottom right

  45. Dawn
    Dawn says:

    I see a man sitting indian style with a golden hat and long legs.
    I see a prism (triangle)with light from it
    I see a large cat – panther laying on the ground next to the man

  46. Suz
    Suz says:

    I saw green grass–with trees and the sunlight streaming through. I felt joy and a life that is full and rich. I saw a couple sitting on a blanket together happy and content with each other.

  47. Brie
    Brie says:

    I saw a flower. First I saw a medium pink colored Dahlia. Then I saw yellow or yellow/orange (tips or center??). This was not a full image but poised to the left side of the page.

  48. Kat
    Kat says:

    I feel the sun on a green grassy field and hear the sound of the wind in the trees on a bright blue sky day everything is bright and full of life

  49. Madelyn
    Madelyn says:

    At first, I saw a person (man) looking up to sky. Then I saw a kind of floral tapestry. A beach scene? Then, I heard, “car.” Mmmm….

  50. Robin
    Robin says:

    I feel warm, almost hot, like I’m sun-bathing, very sunny and bright, clear skies, maybe vacation spot, sandy beach w/striped umbrella, ocean air blowing from shore, cool drink w/straw, relaxed.

  51. coda Sharon
    coda Sharon says:

    a spot of David floats before I even focus on the blank space. I see brightness, familiar white, little purple fibers that start to float and sway. I feel that comfort. A place in me . . I can exhale. mist like just all around the laptop. I don’t see any image.

  52. Ruth
    Ruth says:

    First saw dark shadows, then a flash of blue and green. I saw straight, vertical, thin objects with “tabs” that hooked them together in places.


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