Free Psychic Exercise #3

For this week’s Free Psychic Exercise, you will be working with an animal. This is different from our past exercises – but also very fun. Think of the animals as someone on your side, helping you practice. Animals want to help humans evolve after all.

Before you begin check out the tips below to help you improve your accuracy.

Accuracy Improvement Tips:

  1. Write down WHATEVER you get – even if it doesn’t make sense
  2. Don’t try to make something make sense – just record the information as is. It’s possible that when you see what others wrote, the thing that doesn’t make sense will suddenly become clear.
  3. Don’t translate anything. Just write it down as it comes in. Don’t write out a big long story – that’s not how animals communicate. Be comfortable just writing down little bits – you’re more likely to be very clear that way
  4. Record the information according to your senses (very important). For example, if you saw a picture of a chimney with smoke in your head, don’t write down “family like to sit by fire” – instead write down “I SAW a picture of…” It is in our translations that we most often make our intuitive information become inaccurate.

Have a GREAT time! Here are the directions:

– Spend a moment connecting with the image below. You may want to gaze deeply at the image or you may want to just glance quickly. Whatever works for you will be best.

-Record whatever impressions you see, hear, feel smell, know in the Comment box below.

-Come back to check and see what others have received as well – and to comment on what information they have.



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160 replies
  1. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    I saw a woman in hear early 60s perhaps, short grey hair, purple t-shirt, smiling and friendly. Picturing her also wearing shorts and maybe on a FL beach, or some sunny beach. Maybe this dog’s owner.

    “q-tips” just popped into my head. do not know why!

    Feel the dog is very content and absolutely in love with his family (getting impression it’s a boy dog but not sure)

  2. Eve
    Eve says:

    I’m not good at this at all, but I just feel like he (she?) is so relaxed and content and loved. The surroundings look beachy.

  3. Jen
    Jen says:

    I immediately got the name Buddy (either that’s a nickname or what he answers to most of the time) and that he’s elderly or already passed. He seems to be able to easily go between worlds/realms. A sweet energy and quite playful even past puppyhood. Favirite toy is a red ball. I also got the sense that he doesn’t like the water much even tough his people expected him to. (water as in river or lake – large body of water). He also showed me a small bird in a cage by a large window. The bird has blue and yellow feathers. Got the name Sam or Sammy. Not sure if this in the bird or someone in the family.

  4. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    old and calm, owned by senior citazen. inquisitive, nosey naturally curious. Friendly and playful. loves waterplay, frisbees and balls. gentle nature and kind to everyone.

  5. Jennifer Robinson
    Jennifer Robinson says:

    Owned by an older couple,quite loved. Travels with them wherever they go. Sam I am popped into my head as well as Popeye. Sitting in his Dad’s chair. I think bothh owners are still alive but male may have passed. Either way,very close to a male. Summer home,nautical theme,enjoys life by the water. Playful and sincere with his family.

  6. Melody Muller
    Melody Muller says:

    This dog is probably owned by a couple, in the Northeast. It is a likely a poodle bichon frise mix, and was rescued. It is very well cared for, and travels with his family. It has a few issues, but is very friendly, loves kids and people, but is especially close to his mom.

  7. Michelle
    Michelle says:

    He was rescued, very happy and loved. Lives with older lady. (grandma) I see a young girl around him maybe a grandchild. About 7 years old in the picture. Think he might have passed.

  8. Jamie Lynn
    Jamie Lynn says:

    He has a light and airy spirit and is an extremely sensitive dog. He understand emotion and intuitively knows what his human is feeling. He is loyal and follows his human around the house, this is comforting to him and he is a people dog. He isn’t aggressive, he is a lover of all-elderly, kids, male or female. I feel like he is looking at his female human who is in the kitchen and that the way their energy interacts is soothing and comforting to both the dog and his female human. The female is 50ish. I saw a flash of children, too. There is an abundance of love and respect here.

  9. Kirsten
    Kirsten says:

    =Already transitioned to other side.
    =Had a very happy/content life with his family-
    =feel as though he was adopted/rescued by his most recent family who loved him to death…he loved them too and is extremely grateful to have had them in his life.
    =had a pretty laid back life but would run and play silly with a few children, particularly a boy about 9-11 years old…he liked when he spent time with him.
    =something about salt, saltiness…
    =car rides, passenger side front seat.
    =small rug by door, sleeping on….green plants by a window that I look out of.
    =they see me as an equal, a viable companion…not something lower than them. I am lucky.
    =lucky keeps going over in my head.
    =i also see some fish-a boat perhaps? (dont wanna be mislead by the boat/beach elements in backround tho)
    =my human likes to make something with his hands-he is handy

  10. Amy Jo
    Amy Jo says:

    rescue dog, male influence (either owner, or the dog, possibly a boy involved)Feel like loving on it’s face but hesitant.

  11. Ellen B
    Ellen B says:

    The first thing I got was Liberty Bell
    I feel sadness
    He had been rescued, after that he lived a happy life and is missed very much
    This dog brought a lot of joy to people who owned him and was treated like a member of the family with respect and love
    He loved running on the beach
    2 special females in his life
    It was difficult for him at the end to leave and knows how sad they are about his passing

  12. Karyn
    Karyn says:

    Older dog. Male. At a vacation home. Very content. I sense he is quite empathetic. His facial exprsssion reminds me of an old man looking at youth adorningly.

  13. Nancy G
    Nancy G says:

    I am just picking up the question, “What are you doing, mom?” I seen, at one point, something white on the chair behind the dog.

  14. Wendy
    Wendy says:

    Sweet happy. I feel a heaviness in the stomach area. Boy. Walking on a beach. Feels heavy. Sweet, happy. A little sadness. Quirky. Smells, moist outside. Inside dry and room spray or scented candles, maybe pot pourri. Cozy woody.
    I think he’s passed on or he misses someone. But I immediately felt a heaviness in my lower torso.
    He’s a good boy and happy that someone saw that.

  15. kathy
    kathy says:

    First time doing this….
    I feel chewy feels so much love and contentment. he is very appreciative, and grateful for his life and people he lives with, perhaps an adult male or female.

    Some clattering sounds in the background.

    He can appear aloof at times, but is very affectionate when given love and attention. He loves to run on the beach.

    that was fun!!

  16. kathy
    kathy says:

    oh my! I typed in my impressions in the wrong spot, sorry……..

    First time doing this….

    I feel chewy feels so much love and contentment. he is very appreciative, and grateful for his life and people he lives with, perhaps an adult male or female.

    Some clattering sounds in the background.

    He can appear aloof at times, but is very affectionate when given love and attention. He loves to run on the beach.

    Also possibly near kitchen area.

    that was fun!!

  17. Karen
    Karen says:

    I sense this dog does not like to be left behind and likes to be where the action is! He is sitting where he can see all who come and go for fear of being left out or behind. Favorite activity ( besides eating) is swimming. Fretting.. Where is she going now?…it is my supper time …

  18. Mary Elizabeth
    Mary Elizabeth says:

    saw a blackbird, a white rectangle, old comfy black (or dark blue?) chair w/ red dots on it, my Yorkie that has passed, Daphney.

  19. Linda Muir
    Linda Muir says:

    I get impression this is a male,very intelegent, content with feeling of “higher in pack”ranking. He is saying 5 yrs old, healthy, has much to say,who will listen? Not getting out of this chair yet.

  20. Jolinda
    Jolinda says:

    belongs to a female, old soul, age around 12, likes to take naps, not fond of hard playing any more, likes canned food, lives in the house with a cat

  21. Teena
    Teena says:

    Heard a woman’s voice taking to Chewie asking if he wanted a treat. Things came to me like:
    Heard a man’s voice saying “He’s a good boy.”

  22. Augusta
    Augusta says:

    Chewy seems to know of an important story about people in the family, maybe even a secret; or relationship issue; certainly s-th that was important,marked the family life with effects still present.
    Observing,gentle,kind,realy knowing,;warm,generous, a d u l t …

    Thank you for this 🙂

  23. Sandy
    Sandy says:

    A friendly… “Join me. Come in and sit down, but just not here. This seat is already occupied…by me!” Definitely a pup with a sense of humor.

  24. julia
    julia says:

    I want to be at sea.
    smell of salt air
    feel the ocean air and breeze
    hear the sound of water hitting against a small boat

  25. Sandra
    Sandra says:

    Wise old soul. Likes the colour yellow – might wear a life jacket sometimes. Greets me by shaking hands 🙂 Loves bologna. I see him wearing hats and sunglasses. Mischievious and will hide under blankets. The name Kirby. Likes sailing but not entirely fond of swimming. Very close to an older man. I hear the phrase ‘Dads shoes’ (?)

  26. Jeanne S
    Jeanne S says:

    Scruffy (nickname)?, got in trouble for going in the house at one time, fireman connection, the color blue, maybe from a shelter, 2 or 3 years, the name Ann, got a bit of a nervous feeling, agitated, something about a best friend (not as in man’s best friend though)

  27. Katie C
    Katie C says:

    I got that he is a male (and I heard a name starting with “Ch” before I read “Chewy”)…he is lonely, missing a female friend (could be another dog, a different type of animal, or a human). His owners love the sea, but he doesn’t like boats that much, at least not anymore. He’s getting older, and I felt that there was a young girl he has a special relationship with. He barks at strangers and lives near other dogs. He may have problems eating or with digestion, heart/lung problems, and pain in his right shoulder. He has a good sense of smell.

  28. Tracey
    Tracey says:

    Sweet dog, someone must be having a conversation with him because he looks likes he’s listening. That’s his spot, loves his chair. Could have been a rescue dog, a little older, I get there may be something wrong with one of his hind legs. He looks a little tired and that’s his comfortable place he likes to sit because is owner sit or sat there. Maybe an owner passed away and they used to sit there together????

  29. Gabriele
    Gabriele says:

    I got several words and images. First thing I thought was “problems with eyes” and then that he/she lives with elderly woman. I saw the dog chasing butterflies which probably means he/she is very playful. He/she might have already died, I’m not sure about that.

  30. Marguerite Funk
    Marguerite Funk says:

    I feel that the dog is very well loved. He/she is very relaxed and comfortable. I feel he is there for the caregiver, to provide healing, love and light. He will be there until his caregiver is no longer around.

  31. Kara
    Kara says:

    Dog is male, older, probably cannot get out of the chair, even if he wants to because of physical problem. (When I say “I”, I mean I’m seeing, hearing, feeling what the dog was.)

    I see the sea outside the front window of this house. I’m looking at a woman that I like, I don’t know if I should go to her or not, I’m conflicted. I don’t know how to help her.

    I can smell the salty marshes just outside the front door. I can smell the wind is picking up the sand and a storm is coming.

    I can see the reeds on the beach blowing in the wind. I can smell wood smoke and hear a fire crackling.

    I see the woman that I like with wet hair. She is standing in front of the fire warming her hands. She has a white sweater on.

  32. Mark
    Mark says:

    I got that he was thinking “Why doesn’t he understand he is perfect the way he is?” He is feeling pure love and acceptance for his owner. Has the urge to play but understands his owner isn’t in the mood to or just isn’t the playful type.

  33. Jackie
    Jackie says:

    I see this dog in a nautical setting sitting on his masters chair missing n loving him . I see the dog loves going to the lake n wagging his tail n enjoying going fishing with his master . I see his master growing d n having grey hair . The dog is well loved n behaved n the grand kids love playing with him .

  34. Pam
    Pam says:

    This is not a young dog, I feel as if it has a lot of history. This dog has an illness and is trying to feel comforted by it’s surroundings (a favorite chair). I get the name Missy. I smell “dog”. There is an uncomfortable feeling in the stomach and the joints feel stiff and a little painful. I see the dog limping when it walks. This dog is well loved, but there is an air about the dog that it is not going to be around much longer.

  35. Samantha
    Samantha says:

    blind, older dog, favorite chair, has difficulty getting into it now, dog now deceased, arthritis, loved ocean, loved owners, loved home

  36. Teri
    Teri says:

    This dog is already on other side. Seems like a fair bit ago. Want to say this dog belonged to relative of yours..or someone you know. Seems like content family. Very traditional. Not sure if owner is deceased or not. Seems like maybe or older.

  37. Marilynn
    Marilynn says:

    Chewy is a the summer home and has just come back from spending the afternoon on the boat. The air is cool and clear and I think it is autumn. The buoy on the staircase is an old one that is used for decoration. Chewy has a bit of arthritis and is happy to be home. He was groomed recently and is feeling good.

  38. Karah
    Karah says:

    I feel relaxed and calm, warm. Thinking about outdoors, swimming…but glad to be inside, warm and relaxing.

    Get the sense of a female presence…owner, friend, dog? Not sure.

    Saw the face of another dog – white and light brown colors.

    I randomly thought of cat food and a Kong toy.

  39. Pamela
    Pamela says:

    Happy and content. Doesn’t like grooming but likes being clean as long as his skin doesn’t get dry and itch. Spoiled. Older person or couple are owner(s). Likes to play indoors. Feels middle to late age. Favorite toy is stuffed. Loves well heeled children.

  40. Jessalex
    Jessalex says:

    Enjoys swimming and playing in the water but has not been feeling well, like he’s gotten older and back aches. He misses how energetic he was and when he was played with more…sadness for loss but content with life.

  41. louise
    louise says:

    I got the words old and blindness, but am not sure this is the dog or someone connected with the dog as i also sensed an elderly lady and the word ‘grandma’. I see a tail wagging and water.

  42. Carole
    Carole says:

    I fell he is about 8 or 9. He is still playful like a pup. He likes chasing things (rabbits) in the yard. I see and feel he is in a family of 5. He is adored by all who live there. That is his chair, he has staked a claim. Looks as though he is getting ready to say something and get frisky. Feels very loved and safe with the family. Very happy. loves walks in the woods and romantic music, okay kidding about the romantic music.

  43. marilyse dumas
    marilyse dumas says:

    I feel lonely … and old – I spend lots of time waiting for my human counterpart – this is my chair – I am getting old

  44. Maria
    Maria says:

    feel the dog is not alive anymore. felt awareness of my lungs. felt dog was very devoted to the owner. a calm feeling. some sadness as well. feel the room is getting dark or closed in feeling. middle aged. spent time on the water, all that boat gear!

  45. Jaime
    Jaime says:

    I got a very tender feeling from looking at this dog, like I want to hug him! For me, there is a positive feeling associated with Chewy — in the picture he seems older (well, in dog years), and well-cared for. I feel a sense of alertness and protectiveness in the dog regarding his owners.

    I have a light sensation of sadness and passing away, and I saw very briefly what I think may have been a woman with blonde hair.

  46. Masami
    Masami says:

    I feel that the dog is receiving some kind of medical treatment. The dog is getting better, but mentally, the dog still feels weak. This is a male dog that was rescued from a shelter. He is now placed in a good caring family.

  47. cindy
    cindy says:

    loves to runs in the grass
    is very loved but gets sad and lonely sometimes,and bored
    loves his human family
    loves to give kisses
    and eat dog biscuits
    smelled broccoli and grass
    felt warm, but bored and lonely
    favorite chair

  48. Sue F.
    Sue F. says:

    He’s male, an old sole in a younger body. He has a paw that isn’t quite right but he doesn’t have pain from it anymore. He’s been loved but he thinks about those that he loved and no longer sees, he remembers.

  49. Michael
    Michael says:

    i think of my friend Michele who’s dog Charley died recently. Charlie didn’t look quite like this because he was a Westy, but still it reminds me of Charlie, and so, Michele. Who’s life is so full and so busy working and doing things for her family. It reminds me there are a lot of good people out there who care about others and are doing the best they can.

  50. Katherine
    Katherine says:

    Here are my impressions –
    shelter pup, water front, woman – divorced with young boy (may 2 kids)
    barker, womsn with dog food in silver bowl, and kid kinda in the way but enjoying – happy kid – smiles alot no front teeth.

  51. Leesa
    Leesa says:

    comfy cabin
    waiting for something
    looking intently at something or someone
    does have a glassy eyed look, stuffed? sorry
    but some people do that!

  52. Shannon
    Shannon says:

    Grandma’s dog
    he’s old, happy
    He has the energy of a puppy
    He’s in new surroundings but feels very loved.
    Misses Grandma.

  53. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    This dog is loved, but bored. He wants to go out, but his family is lazy. His person is an adult woman, she has kids, but the dog recognizes her as his person, not connected with the kids.

  54. camelia
    camelia says:

    I see a very beautiful soul , nostalgic old and very loving soul , very intelligent
    it’s verry hard for me, because he is like my dog that past away

  55. Lana
    Lana says:

    He seems sad at the moment, but his life isn’t necessarily sad. He might have been rehomed or suffered some abuse or was lost at one time.

  56. admin
    admin says:

    Because this is an ongoing exercise, and he is a living, breathing, experiencing being – there are no right or wrong answers. Sometimes he may be happy, sometimes sad. Just like humans, his mood changes all the time. Trust what you received, look through the other impressions to see if anyone else received something similar and have fun with this one!

  57. Debbie
    Debbie says:

    Protector, loyal. Not particularly active for a dog. Probably older, not particularly a happy dog, probably a worker dog.

  58. neil
    neil says:

    im having another go at this not by intension , but i feeel disruption for the dog , maybe a change of home or changes in the home

  59. Linda
    Linda says:

    My heart felt full, older dog, loyal, loving, relaxed, waiting to be noticed…nautical theme in home. Either sailor in family or live near the ocean.

  60. Mcandyr
    Mcandyr says:

    I saw a tired dog, prob quite old, looks like he ate something maybe not good for him and I thnk he knows it. He (I think it’s a he) is on the chair, not allowed at home but here at the cottage or vacation home…away from home in any case, it’s allowed. The tired I see may be just a sense of relaxation ad he is just sitting with the people in the room. being with them, not under them.

  61. Monique
    Monique says:

    contentment, bliss, longing for understanding, I love you, i love being here, I actually rescued you, did you know?

  62. Bruce
    Bruce says:

    Male dog. More than half dead but can’t leave yet because he worries over couple. They are retired, white. The woman wears typically a simple light blue and white streight cotton dress with sturdy heavier set plump legs. She always looks neat. Couples’ health not great. Lady has poofy round grey hair-do that always looks beauty shop fresh. Man is thinner with long skinny legs and a good treat giver.

  63. Mariela
    Mariela says:

    I see the color pink. Feel content, then happy, feel like laughing actually. “It’s not that serious” I feel like there may be a health problem, but the dog is content no matter what the circumstance. I’m seeing the laughing Buddah. Total joy in non-attachment.

  64. lana
    lana says:

    much loved both ways,on vacation, not suppose to be in this chair, laughter,dog looking at owner. The letter M name?,fishing, winter, boat, fire, bedroom

  65. Monica
    Monica says:

    old, tired, belongs to a boat owner, male, bored, not too happy, could be ill, (near end of life), most life is out of him, lonely, sad, misses loved one; (his favorite person), Just hanging in, just wants to sleep. (Very sad and lonely is #1)

  66. ~V~
    ~V~ says:

    Happy, a little on the nervous side, always watching, wishing for a little more time with people or a playmate a little loneliness, illness or attention getting habit…

  67. Elisabeth
    Elisabeth says:

    I feel sadness in the dog; waiting with anticipation; Get the sense of a wise soul. His jaw is swollen and hurting; I feel he is in his rightful place He is thinking, listening and feeling – a true guardian.

  68. Glo
    Glo says:

    Health issues come to mind, chest feels heavy and enlarged, bricks outdoors, red, with black wrought iron, chewy is showing me something long like a snake toy or a long piece of material like a belt to a robe. when I ask if chewy is till in this world I get an image of golden light around the head. I think there is a mass in the chest, the chest keeps coming up. Heavyness there in the chest. I can’t tell if Chewy has passed, but since this seems to be such an issue, health chest, lightness, golden glow, I will conclude yes. Now the chest is bursting with love. Chewy says it’s in my chest.

  69. julimoon
    julimoon says:

    Male, he knew my benji, on vaka or in summer home woods and water, was danielles dog or close family dog, passed on not with us, very loving and healing, happy

  70. Jama
    Jama says:

    He’s an older dog, he is achey in his hips from arthritis. He loves the summer months where the heat helps him but the winters he loves to lay around areas that will keep him warm.

  71. kaye
    kaye says:

    Dog likes to get dirty. Owners love dog (man and woman by lake/water), but not so happy with the “dirty” part the dog loves.. Dog knows it will get its way, and cant control himself outside! I think he is Curious as to what is being said around him during this picture – knows he’s being talked about., or ready to go eat.

  72. KDC
    KDC says:

    Sad dog, just lost its owner, they used to go out on the boat together, and the dog used to stand in the bow to smell the air. Dog’s not young anymore either, and maybe this was at the funeral.

  73. katie young
    katie young says:

    I live with an older couple who really indulge me, worry over me. I get hotspots because the woman is sometimes filled with anger or causes anger or friction in the family. I live in the North East, I love the water, and my family has a sail boat. The man in my family is very bookish and the woman cooks very rich food. They get too much sun, and that’s another reason that I get hotspots.

  74. Carolyn
    Carolyn says:

    His name tells me in the puppy faz- things came up missing.Chewy is a rescue you can by the contentment in his eyes. He enjoys the of relaxing in style.He is loved.He in return is patient,kind and loving.

  75. Shelly
    Shelly says:

    Very sweet doggie. There is a sadness related to him. He seems to be happy, wagging his tail, and wanting to be loved. Hes very close to someone in this home. Hes kind of restless. Smell of meat or canned food. The sadness could be that this little one has passed.

  76. Julie
    Julie says:

    Waiting to go play. See a lake. Waiting for man – 40’s. He wants his leash. hurry up. man is working at a bench with tools. In a building like a boat house or vacation home near water.

  77. dea
    dea says:

    lived in a big house
    lived w/ cats
    loved to play
    he was a mama’s boy
    had a special blanket
    had something wrong in his chest area or some sort of breathing problems

  78. Brie
    Brie says:

    Fourth of July. Older ???… Family picnic, watermelon, kites & volleyball. Sand with tuffs of tall tough grass. Birds..Seagulls?? Beach??
    I love this dog! He is home to me!

  79. Monica
    Monica says:

    I try to be a good boy
    My Mom is important to me
    Hungry all the time – something not right in my stomach
    Love my stuffed bunny
    Have a sister who is a cocker spaniel

  80. A.F.
    A.F. says:

    Anticipation. Is there a possibility of a meal or a walk soon? The door is observing someone. There is a bit of a question mark on this cute little face….

  81. Madelyn
    Madelyn says:

    Chewy appears to be watching someone perform – tell a story with lots of hand gesticulations. Lots of energy, a family gathering? At first, I got “Pay attention to me!”

  82. Randhir
    Randhir says:

    sad, not because of bad treatment by owners but because of the situation the owners are in. The owners are sad and this is rubbing in on the dog.
    Belongs to a lady who is in her 50s and a man who is in 60s

  83. Judianne
    Judianne says:

    A sweet character. I saw him running, loved balls or toys. I got the sense he’s no longer in his physical form (in the picture) but he definitely still hangs around.

  84. Megan
    Megan says:

    seems sad, not very active. though a very loyal pet, snow over time.(by that I mean snow that’s been played with a bit after days)

  85. Lom
    Lom says:

    good boy
    mom and dad, old
    favorite chair
    tired lazy
    like my bone
    lived till I was old
    ocean ocean
    i like water
    happy boy
    better place now

  86. Julia
    Julia says:

    Older male dog, sweet, owned by mid-age woman, vacation home east coast, no children, married, husband away alot, fairly content, but lonesome at times, writer.

  87. coda Sharon
    coda Sharon says:

    lol another image that is connected to my present. This dog is to make me realize that my Dad’s dog, Tanner has been annoying me for more than 10 years. I saw it in the eyes. In the last 6 months I see him getting old, so I have softened and feel like being nice to him now… OBVIOUSLY my Dads dog has had some kind of a soul contract with me that I have grossly overlooked. What is it, time is running out?

  88. Lisa starrett
    Lisa starrett says:

    I see him looking and waiting to get a reaction from someone.
    He’s maybe sitting in someone favorite chair, hes content.

  89. Daun
    Daun says:

    He is worried/concerned about something/someone. Treated well by owner and highly attuned to owner/other’s in the home.


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