Free Psychic Exercise #2

Hi Everyone,

The intention in this exercise is to connect with the image below and to record your comments. The more people that do this – the more opportunities you’ll have to see if someone else connected to the same pieces that you did! This is meant to be fun – so don’t get all serious. Just go with what whatever you get.


  1. Take a moment to clear yourself, gather your energy and call on your Guides and settle.
  2. Spend one minute or so (longer is too intense) staring at the image below . Some people do a quick glance and then close their eyes – looking at the image in their head. However you do it will be just fine.
  3. Type in the comments box anything and everything that you receive. Images, feelings, words, sounds, ideas… NO MATTER HOW CRAZY or how dorky it makes you feel. Record it all!
  4. Scroll down to read what others have written and to comment and talk to each other.
  5. Click on the “Details” link to learn the real-life information for our exercise (this will be posted one day from the today)


Free Psychic Exercise #2 Calculator

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  1. kaye
    kaye says:

    found in a junk-shop/antique type place, owned/operated by a man, he wears a hat, and maybe popular, wealthy, little chunky(large size). It was in a brief case

  2. KDC
    KDC says:

    Old, reminds me of my own calulator, but did not have the financial markets piece…..the person who had it was in finance, but not doing very well. He (?) did not use the calculator properly and it affected his ability to do his job.

  3. Ana L.
    Ana L. says:

    Old dreams and desires that were never fulfilled. There is a lot of frustration that needs to be cleared. Only after all of that is cleared will the person then be able to move forward. Having a hard time accepting failure and very unhappy about work and housing situation. Lots of issues regarding work to be cleared. Conventional work format won’t bring much profit. Needs total reset, a new frame of mind, then it will be possible to pay off debt and have a second chance. Delete memories and bondages and begin again.

  4. Carla Kramer
    Carla Kramer says:

    Jobs that I have had. Also to count my monthly expanses. But at first I had the memory of making words with the number and than sometimes turn around the calculator to read the word.

  5. katie young
    katie young says:

    I felt an immense sense of joy and accomplishment. This person, a man, in his late 40’s, loved his job. I think that he was a professor in one of the sciences. I saw him in a white shirt, no tie, in a large classroom in a very old brick building. I feel like he is either retired or has crossed over.

  6. Carolyn
    Carolyn says:

    One of the first calulators to the public. A forgotten or misplaced piece maybe even broken-the on/off button looks lower than the rest. Owner neglected it replaced with improved version

  7. Shelly
    Shelly says:

    This item is in a very busy place. A lot of energy, people walking by. I see a brown desk, with a lot of papers and office elements. A medium sized man, kind of bald with a mustache and glasses, dressed with a white shirt is at this desk. Cant be sure if its late 70’s or 80’s.

  8. Julie
    Julie says:

    In a drawer. Was a boy’s calculator – perhaps college level. Hated the class he had to use this in. Male math teacher. frustration. Social kid that used. Has a girlfriend.

  9. Brie
    Brie says:

    High School boy thought others might see him as a nerd. Much potential. Later tried business, has a good head on shoulders. 1 set back and didn’t have the fortitude or felt equip to move past it. Thoughts of failure. I see death related to this or perhaps the end of a venture… possible new direction… very strong impressions of ‘endings’.

  10. Amber
    Amber says:

    Gray or blue minivan, young boy in red sweater who is coloring, there’s an older brother that the boy looks up to, a blue backpack.

  11. Kat
    Kat says:

    I get a young boy with a backpack running off to school among other children. It’s an older calculator now likely thrown in a forgotten box or drawer collecting dust. Not a well loved object just something used and forgotten

  12. Madelyn
    Madelyn says:

    Energy around device is scattered, harried, lots to get done. I felt a child around it, maybe it became a toy after no longer used by its owner. Was it owned by an older adult?

  13. Rox
    Rox says:

    I felt it spent alot of time in an oak desk in a room with big windows that the person when the used it felt very frustrated

  14. sonny
    sonny says:

    bored and depressed male…not happy in life, but puts up with the idea he needs to do something to be successful.not creative or spontaneous. Dull, tendancy to drink…shallow relationships..wants excitment in his life, but feels afraid to live outside the box..

  15. Randhir
    Randhir says:

    Has seen better days, brought pride to the owner
    belongs to a happy owner who has successfully transitioned to different way (spiritual living)

  16. Megan
    Megan says:

    overused, lonely, long time seems to have passed. popular long ago now it’s time is over…..forgotten is another feeling.

  17. sanjana jio
    sanjana jio says:

    i saw the words business analyst , bond, calculator and was stuck on them. my husnabd is a business analsyst, bond is a prospective grooms name i am looking for a relative. and calculator .. i am not sure what it was trying to tell.

  18. Daniele
    Daniele says:

    definitely feel like there is a male energy attached to this. it was well used and important at one time but it seems discarded now. as if it was picked up on the side of the road. I see bushy brown hair like if the person was running or if wind was pushing it back. teenager, maybe 1980’s white t-shirt, I see him only from the chest up like a snapshot or photo finish type of picture.

  19. Lom
    Lom says:

    boy 16 years old, smart, blonde. He sits upstairs in his bedroom overlooking a street view outside. He´s very smart, he will ace the exam. Off to university soon and will successfully study a degree in science. I want to say engineering.

  20. coda Sharon
    coda Sharon says:

    In a classroom I see a desk, the metal foundation pole like with pale wooden laminate top, desks of the late 70’s early 80’s. A male, long legs into the asile with the plae light light blue levis tight on his thigh, dirty longish light brown blonde hair. Natural sun highlights. Sun coming through windows (could be upstairs) not focused but confident. late teens early 20’s.

  21. Danny
    Danny says:

    A desk at his home or apartment ; A low lit room with a old desk
    Light. It may have belongedto a male who owned for several years

  22. A
    A says:

    Water Cooler Conversations….. A successful man… Rimmed Glasses, maybe…? Hmm… The end of a business…. Sadness… Abandoned now… Years…. Later, maybe…?

  23. Liz
    Liz says:

    it was in storage. in a box. garage sale. belonged to a man who does accoutning or finance work. had not been used in many years.

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