Free Psychic Exercise #2

Hi Everyone,

The intention in this exercise is to connect with the image below and to record your comments. The more people that do this – the more opportunities you’ll have to see if someone else connected to the same pieces that you did! This is meant to be fun – so don’t get all serious. Just go with what whatever you get.


  1. Take a moment to clear yourself, gather your energy and call on your Guides and settle.
  2. Spend one minute or so (longer is too intense) staring at the image below . Some people do a quick glance and then close their eyes – looking at the image in their head. However you do it will be just fine.
  3. Type in the comments box anything and everything that you receive. Images, feelings, words, sounds, ideas… NO MATTER HOW CRAZY or how dorky it makes you feel. Record it all!
  4. Scroll down to read what others have written and to comment and talk to each other.
  5. Click on the “Details” link to learn the real-life information for our exercise (this will be posted one day from the today)


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193 replies
  1. Jackie Walker
    Jackie Walker says:

    Oh gosh that was strange, I felt someone was watching me and tried to push it away, then I saw very strong purple and dark aqua green ((( ))) type shapes. I got a strong feeling at the top of my solar plexus, not quite fear, but a sort of ‘on guard’ sensation. I also noticed that the base of my throat began to close. Since typing this, I’ve noticed my heart start to open.

  2. Michelle
    Michelle says:

    I feel like it was sitting in an office draw when it was being used.
    A male energy man late 50’s -60’s maybe a car sales man.
    Smoker. Feels like it’s been years ago when it was used.
    My heart races like an anxious person. sitting in a box for along time.

  3. Jennifer Robinson
    Jennifer Robinson says:

    Owned by a male, has some kind of negative energy connected to it. Though maybe the owner had passed and someone found this while going through his belongings. World Trade Center popped into my head and the name Roger.

  4. Jen
    Jen says:

    I feel a male energy attached to this. Extreme anxiety, depression and thoughts of suicide. Type A personality; an overachiever. Family pressure to succeed. High school age (16 or 17).

  5. Adam
    Adam says:

    The feeling of a cold dark unhappy place in winter in the North East like Detroit perhaps quickly followed up by a much brighter feeling of warmer place like Hawaii or some kind of tropics with a much happier and lighter feelings.
    Then a glimpse of an off road motorcycle race.
    Then separate from the images the words “This is happening” with a brief pain or tightness sensation in my right arm and neck which made me think of a heart attack and then at the same time a tingling sensation on the top of my head and also in a crown shape wrapping around my head.
    Then the words came to mind “America, Land” with an image of the bedrock land of Manhattan with a connection to 9/11.

  6. LaToya
    LaToya says:

    found in a box or was stored somewhere…. was used when a business or service was “new”….. sentinmental value

  7. Elsa
    Elsa says:

    rummage sale find. It flashes numbers from time to time all on its own without any input. It communicates with the dead.

  8. Chris Cummings
    Chris Cummings says:

    get a feeling of repulsion, constriction in the throat and stomach, I feel uneasy and it smells, sweat,cigarettes and it is musty.

  9. Laura
    Laura says:

    When I got to this page and before I scrolled down to the image I felt a slight pain in my right wrist. Also saw the sun.

    After looking at the image for a minute, I felt a sense of anxiety and heard the word “deadlines”. Also kind of got a weary. burnt out feeling. Reminds me of being out in the sun too long with the sun beating down on my head and shoulders.

  10. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    hair, curly brown
    agree about cigarette smoke but saw that in the FB description
    I feel like I’m not being psychic as much as I am observing details of the calculator, which is 1980s esque
    It was in a basement?
    Rock star posters (80s hair bands) and frustration about homework.
    A misunderstood soul.

  11. Maurine
    Maurine says:

    saw an image of a person 20s-30s, slim walking when the cell phone flipped out of their hand onto the city pavement

  12. LIsa
    LIsa says:

    Ok, I did the exercise yesterday but couldn’t type in my comments at the time. Admittingly, I’m typing what I saw yesterday but doing so after reading the real details. Had to go back and comment though because I think it’s funny…. I saw a jail cell.

  13. Arlene
    Arlene says:

    Strong feeling of anxiety in top of solar plexus, throat chakra also tight. Man in suit jacket desk, desk chair files , trying to make the numbers work. Loan calculations briefcase in back of car uses car to work ? sales or loans Heavy feeling in chest.

  14. Jeanne S
    Jeanne S says:

    A man, balding, wears glasses, maybe an accountant. But maybe not. Have a feeling this was used in a home office for domestic or small business billing and accounting. Or it belonged to an insurance agent. There were money struggles. This was found in an old fashioned desk drawer in a single, home office. A bird cage and bird was kept in the same office. Possible military vet. Army I would say. This man is married with kids but I have no details. College tuition was calculated on this. I’m getting Wisconsin or New Hampshire.

  15. tracy
    tracy says:

    I sense it is a calculator used at a gas stop with a garage. It feels country side to me. I see it thrown on the side of the cash registrar. I see an older man and younger man using it. Not too much business around, but enough for a livelihood.

  16. Donna
    Donna says:

    Calculator, smart, old, business, stuck in a drawer for a very long time. Wants to get out and work again. Had to laugh. Whoever had to use this didn’t want to do it. Hard work – tired – long hours.

  17. Diane
    Diane says:

    Had the impression the military. masculine. military base I believe. It seemed as if it was very technical – perhaps even NASA or something like that but definately military and structured and formal connected with this. Rigid and structured are two words also that come to mind

  18. Doris
    Doris says:

    I got the feeling of a ditch, muddy water around an old gas station. There is an old car parked there, largeish, 80s model. A small, shaggy dog mostly white with a small patch of tan, and a green blanket with brown fringe. Seems really random to me, I don’t think I’m very psychic.

  19. Sherry
    Sherry says:

    This belongs to a guy with a lot of grey hair. He’s now in his fifties. He was “a nerd” in high school and college and now he’s an older techie with a thing for gadgets. There’s some kind of loss connected with this object. I see it at a garage sale or in a pawn shop with a lot of clutter.I feel like the person used it for his biology or chemistry homework…and it the object is connected to some kind of loss. Maybe of a mother or another female. Maybe she bought it as a graduation present for him and she passed away later on? There is also something about the summer connected to this object–I see a big reddish orange sun.

  20. Valerie
    Valerie says:

    I saw a giraffe , a zebra , and then ,nothing black out..and then on the left side but it has difficulties to come out , well water like a river with a lot of movement,runing water , and a carp (Chinese big fish red,and silver) and then black again and at the end I am not sure,something tell me it’s a prawn ,but I see a cat fish..with the moustache.

  21. Jan
    Jan says:

    Old and dusty. Brings me back with memories of frustration I use to get using one of these devices at college while taking exams. 🙁

  22. elena
    elena says:

    very first thing that came: i heard “i was 11” (female voice. but…in my language) (!?)
    then, i saw someone sitting at a desk/table (using this gadget for homework), from time to time looking out of the window on her left, dreaming to be there. a man came, talked to her and then picked up the calculator.
    another scene: someone, again a female figure at a desk, working, putting letters into envelops for sending them, then.

  23. Linda Tenney
    Linda Tenney says:

    Saw a man maybe in his 30’s-40’s, dark hair, thick black rimmd glasses, slicked back like in 60’s-70’s, typical engineer cliche! White shirt, sharp nose. Got words:
    Random, Rand (that’ one of the buttons on it!) Rand Corp?
    Dearborn or Deerborn
    NASA rocket (heard sound of airborne vehicle…was probably real outside!)

  24. Mark
    Mark says:

    I felt it was a male teacher or professor that used it when he went to college and kept it stored in his dest to remind him of the old days.

  25. Heartsavy
    Heartsavy says:

    I fsaw the image of a young woman head in hand, frustration, tirededness, willpower, discipline, at a table reading and using calculator to do statistics

  26. Ellen B
    Ellen B says:

    Lots of stress when using this.
    Required keeps coming to me, for school. No choice…needed to learn this.
    Feeling trapped. Male energy, 1980’s.

  27. odei
    odei says:

    In an office a man is sitting in his office table, using this an a woman is standing looking at him. Both office stail.

  28. carol
    carol says:

    Saw a mans’ tan slipper – older man a bit bent over..smoking a pipe. appears to be nightthime or very early morning way before sunrise– walking on a dark carpet and there was his beagle pup beside him 6-9 months old sniffing the floor as they walked. the man seemed to be in deep thought as he hammered away at the keys of the calculator.

  29. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    Feels like a woman purchased it but a man used it. Feels like it was used for school, however, I also feel a man using it (30s) regarding work. It’s like architecture or something. Lots of big sheets of paper and he calculates and then he goes back to the papers to analyze the data. Papers are everywhere (spread across the desk). Feel high concentration.

  30. Leigh-Ann
    Leigh-Ann says:

    The 1970’s,80’s…more than 1 user. Man with glasses and mustache & brown hair the main user, a woman entering the workforce, newly educated with a pink dress. From Ohio, a wooden table with some books, kind of messy. Food cooking in the kitchen

  31. Sue
    Sue says:


    I’m seeing dark rimmed glasses (not the more modern frameless type!), which to me symbolizes “smarts.” I’m also getting that “okay, let’s slip into LEFT brain now” feeling… like a struggle to stay focused when the mind would rather be doing more artsy, fun, and colorful stuff…. distraction, come back, distraction, come back… sigh.

    I’m getting a sense of tapping a pen or pencil on the desk, ratatattat, ratatattat, mindlessly.

  32. Kara
    Kara says:

    Hi, here’s what I got. I’m going to type it up before I go look at the real life details:

    -exhaustion for the person who was doing the work with this calculator
    -person using it thought that “things have to be hard to accomplish to be valuable” ie. no pain, no gain
    -outdated knowledge
    -man working, not in touch with his spirituality


  33. Kirsten
    Kirsten says:

    I immediately felt as though this belongs to someone who is using it…they perform a service and it is used for them to tally up totals….like at an automotive repair place, some place that fixes stuff.

  34. Susan
    Susan says:

    My impression was of a room (not very bright) does have one window in it to the right of the desk that it is sitting on. Green colored long drapes and maybe a white see thru drape behind it. There seems to be a bookshelf or something in front of the desk. The desk is rectangular in shape and there is a neat pile of papers or something on the left front corner. There is something long and recrangular (maybe a name plate) in the center front part of the desk and a lamp in the right corner. There is carpeting on the floor in this room. There is a door to the left. The person that uses this is a male. They are very centered and balanced. They are strong but very sweet. Thats all…..

  35. Sandra
    Sandra says:

    Owned by a girl, glasses. University exams, anxiety, laughing when they shouldn’t be laughing. Dorms – calculator being thrown and dropped a lot. Creative person, doesn’t like the subject, maths, sciences. Staring out the window at trees. Bright floral material, not sure if it’s a dress or bag or curtain :p

  36. Tracey
    Tracey says:

    THe first thing that came to mind is the “QUIT” Button. Who ever was using this calculator shouldn’t have been doing what they were using it for. Every time I look at this calculator what ever it was used for (assuming school) they didn’t like what classes they were taking or there was a lot of frustration with the class. YUCK

  37. Cathy
    Cathy says:

    Real Estate calculator. Person used to have it pretty easy. Top producer. Things have taken a terrible turn both in his job and marriage. This calculator has been lost or discarded, much the way he is feeling.

  38. CK
    CK says:

    I feel this was used quite extensively by an engineering student back in the late 70s or early 80s. Lots of creative energy jumped out at me when I first glimpsed the picture. I feel it’s been packed away in an attic and found during a move.

  39. Teri
    Teri says:

    NOt real happy life. Just matter fact. Man. Not using right now. Maybe out of work? Hasn’t been used in a long time. Was young man when using it.
    Up and coming. big dreams. dreams did not come true. family.

  40. Marilynn
    Marilynn says:

    Old an unused scientific calculator. It is dusty but not worn so probably was left in the bottom of a backpack and was pulled out at the end of the semester. The student was not a math whiz and didn’t really care so the calculator was not used much.

  41. Diane
    Diane says:

    This is an old calculator that got a lot of use. It was dropped multiple times and the power button is stuck. This calculator may have been used in college. It no longer works.

  42. Penn
    Penn says:

    Math/Science student…something happened to him in early 90s. This calculator wasn’t used for a while, but is a momento of college days. Kept by parents in his room.

  43. Ngozi
    Ngozi says:

    I saw an old man with uncombed white hair and a mustache tapping at the keyboard. He wears a wrinkled suit like its the only one he owns. He’s bent over and focused.

  44. Pamela
    Pamela says:

    The owner has had the calculator a long time since high school or college, but has kept it and is still using it sometimes. Getting a man that has worked hard all his life and now may be retired. Satisfied, but not rich nor especially successful — comfortable keeps coming to mind.

  45. Jessalex
    Jessalex says:

    Connection between a father and son. Feel it was lost for awhile. Used by many kids. Picture a school building and a girl, 70’s/80’s. Hearing laughter, something funny with the calculator, malfunctioning? Color green. Good memory attached to it with someone who has passed away.

  46. louise
    louise says:

    I saw a cardboard box as though the calculator had been packed away, also a classroom as though it were used in school. Then a little dog with curly white hair took over. He/she was playing on short,lush, green grass and had a red/orange toy in his mouth.

  47. Carole
    Carole says:

    Confusion was the first thing i got. I felt very unhappy with it. Felt it was thrown in a drawer or a box to hide it away and never see it again, and feel it was a man in his early 30’s trying to take on something he had no desire to do, but wanted the “financial glory” that might come with it as well as approval.

  48. Callithia
    Callithia says:

    I see a high school kid. Not very social and kind of geeky. He gets lost in the numbers. Not a happy feeling. Dusty… Not used much now… I feel a struggle.

  49. Emily
    Emily says:

    I feel like this was an old toy found after long lost. broken, a puppy discovered it made beeping noises and one of the keys kept getting stuck. I see a schnauzer dog looking excited, what a discovery he made!

  50. Anita
    Anita says:

    This Calculator belonged to a boy who used it for his math. it lived in the bottom of his blue backpack. The boy used it daily and would be lost without it. It belonged to his father before him. The father wore dark rim glasses, wore a tie and hat to work everyday. The era maybe late 50s early 60s

  51. Maria
    Maria says:

    Saw lines of energy or graphs moving through space. felt the tiredness of being in math class. kept in a blue backpack. boy went on to study law. kept in a drawer next to erasers. boy walked to school. boy did homework in the afternoon with the sun coming through the window.

  52. Masami
    Masami says:

    A very old calculator–I feel that the owner of this calculator used it when he was still at college, learning about statistics, and I feel that this man is now a successful business guy, but he still keeps his old calculator for his nostalgic reasons…It is cute.

  53. cindy
    cindy says:

    used a lot but not recently, is old, was used by a male with glasses, average build, dark brown hair in his early 20’s. I got law school first, then finances… maybe financial law?????

  54. pam
    pam says:

    user male, tweed jacket, standing in the street in the foreground. had been walking, stopped to use it, in th ebackgournd, street lamps, maybe cobblestron streets, like a london area. normallycarried in righ pocket, holding it in right hand.

  55. jani
    jani says:

    this calculator has been around…. primary user, owner is a man, elderly now, was special when it was new, don’t get the sense that he has lots of income, was perhaps in sales, worked hard, now on retirement and living simply, widowed, maybe grown kids who don’t come around much, honest worker, living simply, sense of smallness, had hoped his retirement would be more joyful, misses his wife, one day at a time, resigned to living his life out, not joyful, a bit disappointed but resigned – calculator represents a job he worked hard at and was proud of doing – but it did not turn out as he had hoped when he bought the calculator many years ago and he was aiming for something special – life was an adventure – now he is weary.

  56. Sue F.
    Sue F. says:

    Whoever used it had stress over it or while having to use it and stomach issues partly related to stress..the snowball effect .. it’s a woman who is intellegent but struggles with her inner strength seeking voices other than listening to her own some/most times but is old enough to have started to figure that out

  57. Michael
    Michael says:

    i keep looking at the FV and PV buttons and i actually know what those are for, to calculate a mortgage payment, PIT, principle, interest and taxes, and i think of my friend Russell who now lives in Brazil, we used to go looking at houses together and over time bought several houses that we fixed up and rented. it reminds me i used to be somewhat knowledgeable and competent in an area i’ve mostly forgotten about.

  58. Lexy
    Lexy says:

    I seem to be using my own associations – dad, college, carried in a backpack to use for class.

    Possible business use. Female energy.

  59. Katherine
    Katherine says:

    male-older, business, bad health – respiratory, older man, gray hair, gray/white sideburns, glasses, bad teeth, older – 70’s maybe 80’s. gray pants, blue shirt, white undershirt, overworked, temper.

  60. amy
    amy says:

    heavy usage. sticky food fingers. bookkeeper/accountant. travels a lot. they feel like this device is their ‘best friend’. It has been lots of suitcases, pockets, desks.

  61. JP
    JP says:

    Belonged to a teenage male who felt frustrated or pent-up and maybe threw it across the room once or twice. I see a bedroom with one window and a desk trees outside, suburban.

  62. Eve
    Eve says:

    1992. Well used. Some frustration. Excitement in the hall. Matt. Biology class. Cold, hard and uncomfortable grey chair.

  63. zora
    zora says:

    felt like DEATH OF A SALESMAN depressing to me. someone struggling to make it but too many obstacles/hangups in the way to produce clear unincummbered success. felt like the person, a younger male, was depressed. it is no longer used (the computer).

  64. Denise
    Denise says:

    I felt is was a register, or a calulator of life, someone pushed the button where you where suppose to be in life, and the lessons you where suppose to be learning

  65. Leesa
    Leesa says:

    left side of my head started feeling “full”, warm, calculator feels old and dusty, too many buttons, the laughing face on bottom left,

  66. lifeofalovergirl
    lifeofalovergirl says:

    Hahaha, I was pretty off on that one too. I saw tax evasion and an auditor, a pudgy man with a mustache, beard and glasses and another man with brownish blonde hair, slight stature and a gray suit. He was clean shaven. I felt that there were only men there and that whoever it was felt alone (I guess that would be you!). I felt there was a feminine man (maybe that was the masculine female instead) and someone with bifocals, like an old man from a long time ago.

  67. Kimberly
    Kimberly says:

    Well used by a boring old accountant. Likes numbers, detail-oriented. Business person. Used in office in 1980’s. Traditional family man.

  68. Colette
    Colette says:

    whoa…I was so far off, I can’t even put down what I received (or imagined!) Jeese Louise… It really throws me when I have really good connections and accurate information and validations, and then get something so completely off!!!! How can I trust myself when this is how it’s been going for years now! (getting very detailed info. and then get it so wrong!) And because of this pattern that goes on for years of practice, I just don’t trust myself because of these times of serious inaccuracy!

  69. Debbie
    Debbie says:

    Old, reminds me of the calculator I had in collage. Good times. Hard times. Possibilities. Expensive at the time and now obsolete.

  70. Kami
    Kami says:

    old fashioned device…feeling unpleasant and distant, i don’t know what is it for, it looks like my father;s old calculator, very impersonal

  71. Mcandyr
    Mcandyr says:

    used a lot by someone fairly young, highschool maybe, and then for a while beyond. they liked math/science, it’s the 70’s 80’s so this instrument is fairly “primitive” compared to the sci calcs available now. they still own it but don’t use it as much. stressed user, hurried.

  72. martha
    martha says:

    ok a man mid 50’s been used by him at work, first he liked his job and then he didn’t
    family man had two sons he has had brown hair now salt and pepper
    he brought it home with him from job and he retired and someone has found it
    some yelling going on
    his wife died after he retired crying maybe he died of altzhemers
    he maybe ripped people off with it

  73. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth says:

    Texas instruments dusty calculator black brown 1970s slide rule Wayne’s World middle school numbers sign cosign trig California math overweight math teacher F in math A in math desks trailers earthquakes yogurt bar morning break chris physics homework piles of paper printout boredom desk drawer big gulp wheelie chair mess on the desk accounting typing mad men secretaries sleepy

  74. pat
    pat says:

    The person who used this or who uses this……needs some fresh ideas and welcome a new life. outdated, needs clearing energy,.

  75. Mariela
    Mariela says:

    The first thing that popped into my head very briefly was “car accident” then that was gone, so I don’t know if that was associated with this object for sure. Then I was feeling a lot of anxiety, I flashed briefly on a man. Then I started seeing a milkshake, lol. Like, from an old-fashioned cafe/soda shop. Can’t wait to see the real details.

  76. lana
    lana says:

    dusty,nerdy,overused once,used for business,
    was a comfort to someone once, 1987.person with glasses, no longer used for business, dead battery.

  77. Monica
    Monica says:

    This is a very old, TOTALLY OUTDATED & too complicated adding machine. It has not been used for a very long time, because of all the dirt and dust on it. It surely is a “has been” and because they cost so much when they first came out; is probably the only reason it’s still around. It is not being used, other than this photo.

  78. Mary
    Mary says:

    Old calculators very worn. Used a lot by a tall, thin man who sold land and houses. He was good at his job but he looks as if he doesn’t share thoughts openly.

  79. Linda Eveleth
    Linda Eveleth says:

    My first impression was funny then laughter. Then an impression of an old, round bellied, bald man. A chevy, lonliness and potatoe chips.

  80. Marcia
    Marcia says:

    Old, 1970’s. Used by a numbers cruncher and I get a bad feeling on this man. Seedy, creepy. White shirt, crumbled, loose tie. Smells of smoke and booze.

  81. Chermm
    Chermm says:

    This was used well by someone in business. not a student female. many years of good service. maybe accountant. very reliable

  82. Pat
    Pat says:

    old, discarded but used a lot when it was new. Never cleaned off….feel someone probably found it at the recycle center and brought it home. May be used again by an older person….not so tech savy.

  83. Tish
    Tish says:

    Needs cleaning. Too many keys that I wouldn’t know how to use. Numbers are not my strong point….. confusing.

  84. Renee
    Renee says:

    I got two feelings.

    The first was of myself as a child playing with the calculator feeling imagination like I was Penny from Inspector Gadget. The second was full of stress and pressure… writing exams and not knowing if it was the right answer.

  85. Glo
    Glo says:

    Belonged to youth, male, baseball cap backward, illegal activities, discarded now. Possible drug deals, but used to make person look important.

  86. Saadia Mai
    Saadia Mai says:

    Nothing came to mind, just a very business like TI calculator with extremely sophisticated functions that I have no idea how to use, ha, ha!

  87. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    This item belonged to a man- perhaps a math teacher. It was stored in a shoe box. It was eventually discarded when the man died.

  88. kaye
    kaye says:

    found in a junk-shop/antique type place, owned/operated by a man, he wears a hat, and maybe popular, wealthy, little chunky(large size). It was in a brief case

  89. KDC
    KDC says:

    Old, reminds me of my own calulator, but did not have the financial markets piece…..the person who had it was in finance, but not doing very well. He (?) did not use the calculator properly and it affected his ability to do his job.

  90. Ana L.
    Ana L. says:

    Old dreams and desires that were never fulfilled. There is a lot of frustration that needs to be cleared. Only after all of that is cleared will the person then be able to move forward. Having a hard time accepting failure and very unhappy about work and housing situation. Lots of issues regarding work to be cleared. Conventional work format won’t bring much profit. Needs total reset, a new frame of mind, then it will be possible to pay off debt and have a second chance. Delete memories and bondages and begin again.

  91. Carla Kramer
    Carla Kramer says:

    Jobs that I have had. Also to count my monthly expanses. But at first I had the memory of making words with the number and than sometimes turn around the calculator to read the word.

  92. katie young
    katie young says:

    I felt an immense sense of joy and accomplishment. This person, a man, in his late 40’s, loved his job. I think that he was a professor in one of the sciences. I saw him in a white shirt, no tie, in a large classroom in a very old brick building. I feel like he is either retired or has crossed over.

  93. Carolyn
    Carolyn says:

    One of the first calulators to the public. A forgotten or misplaced piece maybe even broken-the on/off button looks lower than the rest. Owner neglected it replaced with improved version

  94. Shelly
    Shelly says:

    This item is in a very busy place. A lot of energy, people walking by. I see a brown desk, with a lot of papers and office elements. A medium sized man, kind of bald with a mustache and glasses, dressed with a white shirt is at this desk. Cant be sure if its late 70’s or 80’s.

  95. Julie
    Julie says:

    In a drawer. Was a boy’s calculator – perhaps college level. Hated the class he had to use this in. Male math teacher. frustration. Social kid that used. Has a girlfriend.

  96. Brie
    Brie says:

    High School boy thought others might see him as a nerd. Much potential. Later tried business, has a good head on shoulders. 1 set back and didn’t have the fortitude or felt equip to move past it. Thoughts of failure. I see death related to this or perhaps the end of a venture… possible new direction… very strong impressions of ‘endings’.

  97. Amber
    Amber says:

    Gray or blue minivan, young boy in red sweater who is coloring, there’s an older brother that the boy looks up to, a blue backpack.

  98. Kat
    Kat says:

    I get a young boy with a backpack running off to school among other children. It’s an older calculator now likely thrown in a forgotten box or drawer collecting dust. Not a well loved object just something used and forgotten

  99. Madelyn
    Madelyn says:

    Energy around device is scattered, harried, lots to get done. I felt a child around it, maybe it became a toy after no longer used by its owner. Was it owned by an older adult?

  100. Rox
    Rox says:

    I felt it spent alot of time in an oak desk in a room with big windows that the person when the used it felt very frustrated

  101. sonny
    sonny says:

    bored and depressed male…not happy in life, but puts up with the idea he needs to do something to be successful.not creative or spontaneous. Dull, tendancy to drink…shallow relationships..wants excitment in his life, but feels afraid to live outside the box..

  102. Randhir
    Randhir says:

    Has seen better days, brought pride to the owner
    belongs to a happy owner who has successfully transitioned to different way (spiritual living)

  103. Megan
    Megan says:

    overused, lonely, long time seems to have passed. popular long ago now it’s time is over…..forgotten is another feeling.

  104. sanjana jio
    sanjana jio says:

    i saw the words business analyst , bond, calculator and was stuck on them. my husnabd is a business analsyst, bond is a prospective grooms name i am looking for a relative. and calculator .. i am not sure what it was trying to tell.

  105. Daniele
    Daniele says:

    definitely feel like there is a male energy attached to this. it was well used and important at one time but it seems discarded now. as if it was picked up on the side of the road. I see bushy brown hair like if the person was running or if wind was pushing it back. teenager, maybe 1980’s white t-shirt, I see him only from the chest up like a snapshot or photo finish type of picture.

  106. Lom
    Lom says:

    boy 16 years old, smart, blonde. He sits upstairs in his bedroom overlooking a street view outside. He´s very smart, he will ace the exam. Off to university soon and will successfully study a degree in science. I want to say engineering.

  107. coda Sharon
    coda Sharon says:

    In a classroom I see a desk, the metal foundation pole like with pale wooden laminate top, desks of the late 70’s early 80’s. A male, long legs into the asile with the plae light light blue levis tight on his thigh, dirty longish light brown blonde hair. Natural sun highlights. Sun coming through windows (could be upstairs) not focused but confident. late teens early 20’s.

  108. Danny
    Danny says:

    A desk at his home or apartment ; A low lit room with a old desk
    Light. It may have belongedto a male who owned for several years

  109. A
    A says:

    Water Cooler Conversations….. A successful man… Rimmed Glasses, maybe…? Hmm… The end of a business…. Sadness… Abandoned now… Years…. Later, maybe…?

  110. Liz
    Liz says:

    it was in storage. in a box. garage sale. belonged to a man who does accoutning or finance work. had not been used in many years.


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