Do animals fear death?


Do animals fear death? Video transcript below!

Video Transcript

Do you have an animal that’s getting ready to cross over, or are you worried about your animal that is going to cross over one day, and maybe that animal’s not even there, but you have fears around this?

Today we’re going to be talking about the topic, “Do animals fear death?”

Hi, my name is Danielle Mackinnon. I’m an animal communicator. I connect with animals psychically that are alive, as well as animals psychically that are on the other side.

I’ve spoken with a lot of animals about the crossing over process. In fact, I would say that I know the most about the crossing over process, what happens over there, how they feel about it, all of this, because this is the heaviest subject where people come to me with questions.

The Question: Do animals fear death?

The most common question I’m asked is is my pet afraid to cross over?

Now, here’s the thing about that, when somebody’s asking me that question, what it usually means, and when I tap into that person and their animal, is that that person is afraid, first of all about their animal crossing over, they’re afraid for when it’s gonna happen, what’s it gonna be like, will he be okay?

And there’s a lot of fear going on around that, which is why they’re asking me that question and they’re asking me to tap into their animal.

Your Role

So, if you’re wondering do animals fear death, I would encourage you first to look at yourself and understand your own fears around your animal crossing over. It is very helpful to an animal who’s going to cross over if you, as the human can be in an accepting calmer state.

But let’s say you weren’t in a calm state – animals get it. I’ve talked to plenty of animals whose human was crying, and worried, and upset, and devastated through the crossing over process. I’ve never met an animal that said, “Well, she didn’t do a good job, and I’m mad at her now.” It doesn’t work that way.

If you’re in a situation now where you can take a moment and think about this and bring yourself to a place of peace that would be helpful.  You can say to yourself, “Okay, my pet is going to cross over. There’s nothing I can do about this. I want be there in my full power to help shepherd this animal through. I’m going to calm down now”  This is very positive and helpful to the crossing over process.

The caveat

What doesn’t work is for you to pretend you are okay for your animal to cross over but really you aren’t.

Okay, let’s say you’re helping your dog cross over through euthanasia. To pretend, “Hey, I’m fine. I’m here to help you, tadadada” when you don’t really feel that way throws upset energy at your pet who is getting ready to pass over.

The Solution

The best option is to say to your dog, “I am so upset and I’m going miss you so much but I want be here for you.” Then you can send your love even though you feel upset.” Animals that have crossed over really love when their humans do that.

Animals have also shown me pictures from up above of their passing. So, the animal’s out of their body. There they are in the vet’s office and I can see the top of the person’s head, and the dog in the lap. And the animal’s describing, “Hey, she let me know this is how she really felt. She was strong and there for me.”

Is there any fear?

So, do animals fear death… the answer, you can see, is complicated! When an animal says, “yes”  it’s because they are concerned, not for themselves, but for their human. They may tell me, “My human’s not going to handle this well. I’m going to stick around a little longer.” Or they may say,  “I’m going to make sure that I cross over really, really fast so my human doesn’t suffer…” They are very smart at coming up with different ways of helping their human go through the crossing over process to get the most out of it.

The Lesson Behind the Passing

Animals are always teaching us.  They’ve mastered unconditional love but we have not (obviously by looking at the world!) Animals really have. So, they’re always trying to help us learn that. A lot of the time, they’re using crossing over as a means to help us grow. That means that sometimes our pets are using their death as a means to help us evolve. As human beings, we don’t learn and grow and change when everything is awesome. When everything is awesome, we go about our life. When things are not great, when we’re hurting, upset, or dissatisfied, that’s when we make changes. That’s when we have the opportunity to dip deep and become better, more loving people. You can read more about this in my Animal Lessons book (and get all the steps to learn the lesson BEFORE your pet passes!)

Fearful or not?

So, do animals fear death? Not exactly. Animals are, however concerned for us when they cross over. They look at it and they wanna make sure that we can get the most out of their crossing over. Unfortunately, that does mean that they often cross over in ways that are, they’re very challenging for us.

The different levels

There’s two levels that animals connect at and live within intuitively. When I psychically with an animal at the 3D level, that animal will focus on daily things. He might say, “My foot hurts.” or “I don’t like my brother and it’s always cold in the house.” Also, at the 3D level, he may also say, “Yes, I am afraid to die.” But that’s not the level where I like to connect.

I like to connect at the deeper level, the soul level. When you connect with an animal at the soul level, their passing is planned out.  They know who will be there, what’s going to happen, and why. Also, they’re trying to arrange for you to learn the most that you can from from their passing.

So, animals are not afraid to cross over. It’s all planned as part of the big picture to help our soul’s growth.

Sending love

I know I’ll be asked do animals fear death again and again.  But remember this: They want to help us grow and evolve, and this is how they’re doing it. So, at the deepest level, no, they get it. They know crossing over is part of the deal with them incarnating here into our lives in order to help us human consciousness, grow and evolve.