Animals and the Other Side Masterclass

Feel closer to (and get closure with) your animal on the Other Side by joining this Masterclass focused on helping you grieve, love, and honor your beloved pet!

Even though your beloved pet may have crossed over into non-physical, she is STILL here with you, sending you messages, love, and support every day. Learn how to start getting those messages!

Danielle MacKinnon is the bestselling author of Animal Lessons, one of the premiere Animal Communicators in the world, and creator of the ONLY Soul Level Animal Communication® School. Danielle has helped tens of thousands of people ease their grief around their pet’s dying.

{ Transform Your Grief into Love }

Knowing what animals feel about the dying process will help you feel closer to your pet that has crossed over as well as understand what is really going on. Want to transform your grief into understanding and connection with your pet? Animals and the Other Side will help you do this!

Every day, animals teach us about ourselves through their unconditional love, support, companionship, and even through their death. Yes, that’s right – they want educate us through every aspect of their lives.

My experience working as an animal communicator, helping animals pass over has given me a somewhat unique perspective on death and dying. What I have to share with you is exactly what has helped me, personally, come to terms with the passing and upcoming passing of my own animals.

Animals don’t fear crossing over like humans do

Are you worried how are you going to get through the holidays without your pet? Are you worried about your dog, your cat, or your horse that’s about to cross over? Do you wonder what it is like on the other side for the animals?

Find answers to these questions and more when I share with you what the animals have spent the past two decades sharing with me – all about the dying process (and get ready because it isn’t the depressing subject you may think!)

This masterclass will help you come to terms with the passing of one of your animals, understand the unique and compassionate way that animals view dying, and re-open your heart so you can experience the love of animals again and again.

Here’s a little bit of what you’ll receive in this masterclass:

  • Learn what animals have to say about euthanasia
  • Find out what animals do on The Other Side
  • Learn what messages animals send from the Other Side
  • Learn how animals feel about dying
  • Find out what the animals left at home typically have to say about their friend’s passing over
  • Learn what pets (and all animals) have to say about dying and the Other Side
  • Learn an intuitive technique to help with grieving

You’ll also learn how some animals cross over in order to have a deeper connection with their humans (can you believe that?). I’ll also help you understand the meaning (or upcoming meaning) of an animal’s passing.

If you love animals, you’ll love learning their viewpoint on The Other Side. Most people are surprised at what the animals have to say about crossing over. It’s not what you would expect!

From the mouths of the animals…










I’ve been working as a professional animal communicator for almost twenty years and in that time I’ve had the opportunity to learn more about how animals view The Other Side than most people ever get to know. Join me to learn what the animals have to say about this very challenging, yet beautiful aspect of life. 

~Danielle MacKinnon


Watch the masterclass on your computer, smartphone or tablet. You will have unlimited access so you can view it again and again!

This is a recording of the live masterclass held on December 11th 2018.

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