Do animals feel badly about themselves?

Last night I attended a very cool talk by Walkin’ Pets which is a company that makes wheelchairs for animals.

One of the topics that came up is something that’s recently arisen in my Be Open practice group: how animals feel about themselves.

Mike from Walkin’ Pets showed us many wonderful videos of happy dogs (and cats and rats and rabbits) running around due to the aid of their new wheelchairs. In fact, Mike told us about one dog that took to the wheelchair so quickly, his humans didn’t even have him on a leash yet and he ran all the way across the parking lot!

In the Be Open intuitive practice group recently, I asked everyone to connect with a certain cat. The cat came through to them in various ways to demonstrate his personality (my favorite was the participant who said he reminded her of Barry White because he was so suave and confident).

The general consensus in the group that this was a pretty happy, confident little guy who loved to lay around and be kind of… bad ass.

As HUMANS, we tend to see an animal with a physical challenge and feel badly for them, but we have to remember that animals have mastered unconditional love – they don’t judge themselves!

It was for this reason that I didn’t tell anyone in the practice group that the cat they were connecting with actually had cerebellar hypoplasia (which is a neurological condition that results in walking and balance problems) so when they found this out later, they were all blown away.  He’d come through to them so happy and well-adjusted!

And this is the truth: animals don’t typically sit around feeling badly for themselves because they can’t walk or have bad balance or whatever the challenged may be and neither do you they want you feeling that way for them either.

It’s time to celebrate animals exactly as they are, just as they do with us every day. Your dog isn’t judging you because you’re overweight. Your cat isn’t thumbing his nose because you’re not trying hard enough at your job…

Let’s follow the lead of the animals and be loving toward everyone around us, even ourselves – regardless of… well… anything!

Love & Light,



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  1. Kim Hughes
    Kim Hughes says:

    Thank you – Always enjoy your insights, Danielle! What a fun group for you all last night. Your son is beautiful!

  2. JoAnn L.
    JoAnn L. says:

    so cool Danielle,what a nice looking family and I have to say your son looks like you 🙂
    I have always felt so sorry for animals who have disabilities(and humans also) but after watching the video I can see that they are just happy to be able to be functional.Thank you for sharing

    • Danielle MacKinnon
      Danielle MacKinnon says:

      I definitely hear that my son looks like me quite a lot! He hears it a lot too, but as a 15-year old kid, I don’t think it makes him smile like it makes me smile. And yes, animals love themselves no matter what <3


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