Animals are teachers

The $*%^ is hitting the fan in the animal world

animal are our teachersAnimals ARE our teachers. Recently, I’ve noticed that certain things in our world are changing at a much faster pace than they were even just a year ago. I believe this is partly thanks to social media pushing things along and partly because the number of people who are newly waking UP each day has been increasing exponentially.

This is leading us all to a brand new way of seeing our human roles in the world.

In the past six months, my intuitive, heart-to-heart connection to animals has been growing in an almost crazy, too-much-to-handle kind of way.

And I’m SURE your connection to animals, nature, and the earth increased incredibly over the past six months as well.

From dogs to elephants to cats to giraffes to cows to chickens – I feel more “plugged in” to the plight and unconditional love of animals than ever before (and most people already say that I’m pretty plugged in).

But along with this bigger “plugging in” has come an increased awareness of what so many animals are experiencing right now.

Today as I write this, social media is full of crazy, incredible, true, tragic, and very often difficult-to-read stories around about trophy hunters, factory farming, wild and domestic animal abuse, and more almost everywhere you look.

But there is a reason for this.

We can’t change what we aren’t aware of – so right now these horrible things in the world that truly need to shift are becoming more and more visible.

I know this makes it seem like things are worse than ever before for animals.

But I don’t believe that they are.

When the public reports on an animal-in-need or an abuse case, thousands of people are jumping to action. They are creating the release of this icky, abusive energy!

When I was a kid, I felt like I was the only one who cared about animals. I felt like people thought I was weird because of my connection to all animals (even bugs).

And now, the tide is turning.

I may be weird, but now there are so many others out there who are weird with me! There are animal advocate groups, rescue groups, wildlife rescue organizations and countless more and the more these stories come to light – the more the “weird” people are taking action to create global change.

The %*#& may be hitting the fan where the human and animal kingdoms meet right now but so many of us are using this to create a better world.

Let’s keep taking action and spreading our love for animals out for the rest of the world to see, hear, feel, touch, and live with! After all, animals really are our teachers!

Love and Light,



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  1. glenda
    glenda says:

    I appreciate your wisdom,I too have always connected to the animals.Thank God for all the loving energies here to heal our earth.Thank you so much for all you are doing, and have done.
    Much Love,Namaste’.

  2. Husseinguli
    Husseinguli says:

    Dear Danielle, I appreciate your humane concern for the animals’ plight. I wish your voice could reach the ears of the “Animal Protection Organizations” throughout the world. I believe, such organizations, can have great impact, if they actively engage in awakening the public, through daily presence in mass-media. Based on my own experience, lone, ordinary individuals may be ignored by mass-media. Once I sent a short account of an instance of inhumane torture of the live fish at a sales stand, to “The Sun” newspaper in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, hoping it would be brought to the attention of the concerned authorities; it was totally ignored.

    With best wishes,

  3. Mary Jo Mazzolini
    Mary Jo Mazzolini says:

    Wonderful support on this site! I live in a conservative community where most people and the politicians want to kill the beautiful innocent deer as they are “in the way”. I spend many hours speaking out for the deer. There are only a handful of us. I want to move and yet I feel I was placed here or chose to be placed here to help. I meditate, talk to the deer, try and help by being their advocate, writing the news media and online. It seems I am in the minority. Any new ideas from any of you would help me keep plugging away. I wont give up but I am saddened by the council voting to start culling deer. Am I missing anything? I do ask the Great Spirit to guide me.

  4. Wim
    Wim says:

    Nice article. Yes, even in a country that considers it a cultural right to have bull fighting more and more people are becoming vegetarians or vegans. We cannot expect peace on the planet if we do not have peace on our plates. The vast majority of animal abuse and killing is related to what we call food. I used to work in Dutch Agriculture and quit because of what I saw was not just bad for the animals involved but even for the health of the farmers.

  5. Mary Jo Mazzolini
    Mary Jo Mazzolini says:

    Well put! I was wondering why lately I spend so much of my time helping animals, dreaming about them, being with them, attending council meetings to help stop deer killing where I live, writing advocacy letters to the media re animals, etc, etc I am even spending a lot of time talking to the ants in my house so I don’t accidentally step on them, I am sort of exhausted but I feel I am helping for a greater cause. Thank you for the affirmation! I really needed that as a reminder!

  6. Tali
    Tali says:

    Hi Danielle, this piece you wrote is so true. I live in Australia where the animal on our coat of arms (kangaroo) is often sold as pet food for domestic cats (yuck) and a lot of the times, cruely killed by banging it’s head on a car, baby Joey left behind. Makes me sick, perhaps you could do a visit to Australia and write about it on your blog? I know Doreen Virtue raised awareness on this issue while she was here, helping to raise money for the baby Joeys left behind. The argument is that it’s ‘leaner meat’ with a lot of media fitness people recommending this as well. What we need, is LESS animal consumption, not to keep killing off more and more species to fill the human need. I’ve become 95% vegetarian with all of this going on, one less person eating meat! and factory farmed species is one less animal killed for gluttony. Ignorance is no longer able to be an excuse.

  7. Janet Thomas
    Janet Thomas says:

    I’ve always been extra sensitive and so felt I couldn’t handle stories of others enduring mistreatment cruely inflicted by others. Recently I happened on a book I couldn’t put down, The Dogs Were Rescued and So Was I by Teresa Rhyne. Teresa is an attorney and has a very funny with expression. Her memoir exposed that in this day and age dogs, especially beagles and cats are used for product testing. I was shocked and feel so compelled to help. I can not recommend her book enough. I love that you said, something to the effect of, “we can’t change what we don’t know.” This read has changed me.

  8. Joy
    Joy says:

    I read a horrible story today from a local newspaper about 15 buffalo that were shot and killed in NY after they escaped from a farm. I am so upset over this as they didn’t even try to herd them. This is a crime and should be investigated. Why did this happen to these beautiful animals – they were roaming as they have done for hundreds of years. Thanks for your post and yes more people need to get involved in protecting the animals.

  9. Karen W.
    Karen W. says:

    Love your summary of what and why so much animal suffering is on the media. It helps to understand it better. As an empath, I feel their suffering so much, it is totally overwhelming at times. I am so glad for communicators like you, who can educate us about the richness and intelligence of our animal species. They are so patient with us more slowly evolving creatures LOL! Like Wayne Dyer’s quote, “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”. I feel that applies you animals too.

  10. DAVID
    DAVID says:

    There are so many needs right now…..I want to bring to everyone’s attention the plight of puppy mills….they are mass produced in conditions maybe acceptable in a rat’s world…’s going to take more than just not buying from pet stores, etc….it’s going to require legislation to close then down and not be able to consider these animals as lifestock…..that’s how these mill farmer’s are getting away with it……..each time I learn of an abused animal it goes deep…way beyond saddening of the heart……

  11. Shirley Vong
    Shirley Vong says:

    Thank you for writing and sharing your knowledge about this, Danielle! I’ve been struggling with these issues for a while. I try my best to sign the petitions, send donations and prayers to do my part in stopping the tragedies, but sometimes feel helpless because it doesn’t seem tangible.

    But I understand now. It’s a shift, it might be slow, but it’s happening. I’ll keep doing what I can to be part of this knowing that things are moving in the right direction.

    Thank you again for sharing your thoughts!

  12. Kit Warner
    Kit Warner says:

    Can I put your words on my facebook page? It fits right in with what I post. I only put out animal stories, some good, some sad on my FB page, in hopes of stirring people up a bit. It’s working!

    Kit Warner

  13. Vickie Novak
    Vickie Novak says:

    Thank you for that message Danielle. That is what i had wanted to hear. As much as i see the horrific animal abuse….we need to mare people aware of it to make a change! Thank you for letting there voice be heard!

  14. Annette Pedersen
    Annette Pedersen says:

    Dear Danielle, I agree with you! It is difficult to see, and I have worked with enough rescue organizations that deal with domestic and wild animals to have a good grasp of what the animals are enduring.
    I also feel, as you do, that seeing the problem helps us to create a better way. Focusing attention on what will help this world become a more loving place. I do sign petitions, and ask others to sign – in order to awaken awareness.
    And then I get out there and teach! Teaching about animal communication, and how much they enrich our lives, how much beauty they bring to the world.
    I bless ALL the animals for their willingness to be part of the shift in consciousness.
    And I have to forgive those who cause suffering. It may be how they were brought up, it may be that they are not wired like most. Engaging in a war against them just continues ‘war’. Sending Universal Love and compassion even to those we feel do not ‘deserve’ it. They need it the most! How can you live in a way you have no knowledge of?
    Bless you for this post.

  15. Margaret Saxon
    Margaret Saxon says:

    I feel as Danielle suggests; that the connection between animals and people has become a focal point for our own growth and well-being. It is sometimes overwhelming to read about abuse towards elephants , rhinos, whales, dolphins, dogs and cats of course and all of the animal kingdom, but good people are stepping in to show their compassion and to show others how to be responsible- I just wish the process would speed up!!

  16. Sharon Smith
    Sharon Smith says:

    Danielle, Thanks for putting this into words so well. The “greater visibility” of so much animal suffering has been extremely difficult for me to see….I was already aware of it, but the pics/videos have been frequently overwhelming. I understand all of these creatures are teaching and volunteered for these lives. It has helped me to begin a daily practice of honoring them for their service. You can’t shine light on stuff that’s hidden in the dark so, of course, this stuff is going to be more visible. We have to see it and know about it to change it. Thanks for the “pep talk”! Go us!


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