An Animal Psychic’s Guide to Deeper Pet Communication


Have you ever wished you could talk to your pet and have them talk back? Well, hold on to your leash because it’s possible! Psychic communication with animals is real and something everyone can develop. Whether you’re a seasoned animal psychic (like me) or just starting, this guide will help deepen your bond with your furry (or feathered, or scaly) friend and understand them better.

Ready to unleash your inner Dr. Doolittle? Let’s dive in!

Do Animals Know When Someone is Psychic?

Absolutely! Animals naturally use their intuition daily. They rely on it to find food, sense danger, and connect with their loved ones. While animals have kept their psychic radar finely tuned, we humans tend to lose touch with these innate abilities as we grow up. But don’t worry; this guide will help you rediscover your intuition in a fun and easy way—with your pet! Think of it as your psychic dog whistle to better connect with your pets.

Animal Psychic Communication: Beyond the Physical

Here’s the surprising scoop: psychic communication with animals doesn’t usually involve dramatic physical responses. Just because your dog isn’t doing backflips when you try to send a message doesn’t mean they’re not receiving it. Psychic connection with animals can occur at either the physical level or the Soul Level.

To get you started and to showcase an animal’s physical response to psychic messages, I’ve got a fun experiment all ready for you! Spoiler alert: it involves some furry friends who aren’t camera shy.

Animal Psychic Communication Doesn’t Always Look Psychic

But first, before you can enjoy the experiment, know this: Imagine that you’re trying to connect with your dog, and mid-conversation, he bolts after a squirrel. It might seem like he’s not picking up those psychic messages you’re putting down, but animals don’t always “look” like they’re connecting intuitively. They can choose to respond physically or psychically—it’s all part of the mystical, magical world of animal communication!

Animal Psychic Communication

The Simplest, Two-Step Telepathic Game with Animals

Ready to play a psychic game with some wild critters? Wild animals like birds and squirrels are more sensitive to human energy than our pets, who have already adjusted to our chaotic human vibes. So, it will be easiest to start playing this game with them!

Step 1: Find a wild bird, squirrel, or chipmunk about 20 feet away. Close your eyes and gently send your energy to them. How? Imagination. Just imagine your heart linking up with theirs, like a cute little energy cuddle. Or imagine seeing beautiful loving energy gently and slowly making its way to them.

Step 2: Stay like this for a few seconds. Don’t try to MAKE the squirrel accept, just imagine sending the energy like when someone holds out a hand for a handshake.

Step 3: Open your eyes and watch what happens. Does the squirrel look at you? Does the bird hop closer? Do they run away? Whatever they do, take it as a response to your intuitive connection. And remember, if the animal scurries away, they might just be on a mission OR you might have been imagining sending your energy too hard. Try making your energy connection softer, like a cloud touching another cloud.

Strengthening the Bond With Your Pet

Once you’re comfortable with the psychic game with wild animals, it’s time to strengthen the bond with your pet. Just remember to be gentle! Animals are very sensitive to energy and do not enjoy the push that we humans usually have. This experiment lays the foundation for deeper communication with your furry friends.

Want more advanced techniques? There’s a whole world of animal communication to explore, from telepathic messages to understanding your pet’s emotional needs!

How to Become a Pet Psychic?

Developing animal communication skills can transform your relationship with your pet and bring you closer than ever. This experiment was about working with energy to connect with your pet—the next steps would be to learn how to have a back-and-forth connection!

Ready to become a full-fledged pet psychic? Check out my beginner animal communication course or take the Quiz to discover your psychic animal abilities. Your pet will thank you with extra tail wags and purrs!