Animal Lessons Instant Access Masterclass

Animal Lessons Danielle MacKinnon Masterclass

Instant Access

Learn how your pet uses energy and connection to help you grow and evolve

Animal Lessons Instant Access Masterclass

Animal Lessons Danielle MacKinnon Masterclass

Instant Access

Learn how your pet uses energy and connection to help you grow and evolve

Animal Lessons with Danielle MacKinnon

Could your pet really be

Helping You Evolve?

Are your pet’s behavior problems getting you down? Do you feel MORE love for your pet than people?  Do you stare longingly into your pet’s eyes and wish you knew what she was saying to you?

There’s a profound reason for your experience and it’s not what you think!

In this instant access video masterclass, I’ll help you understand WHY things are they way they where your beloved pet as well as what your pet wants you to do about it!

Did your pet Chose You?

In this masterclass, you’ll learn how, not only did your pet choose you, but how their actions around this serve to bring the opportunity for more happiness, love, patience, compassion & abundance into your life. I also share my 17+ years of experience as an Animal Communication Expert (and my experiences with the animals in my life) to help you understand and decipher the messages your animals bring.

If you want to better grasp why your dog acts the way he does, why your chickens (and only your chickens) have particular personality quirks, and why your heart breaks for the plight of a wild animal you’ve only heard about, you’ve come to the right place!



Learn all of this and more!

How Animal Lessons Really Work

Learn the difference between Animal Lessons and animal soul contracts – and what you can do to get the most out of them with your pet.

learn animal communication
Discover my Soul Level Method for Learning Your Lessons!

Walk away from this class, ready to work with your pet on your Animal Lessons with your beloved pet (alive or not)!

psychic tool
Q&A & Mini-Readings

Sometimes it’s good to get a little extra help! And you can bet  the live audience had questions similar to yours! Find your answers through the questions from the class plus, enjoy the spontaneous audience readings as well. 

Available in all formats

Watch this masterclass on your smartphone, desktop or tablet! All you need is an internet connection!

This 2-hour, in-depth Masterclass is full of insightful information and tips you can use right now to understand your pet better and create a deeper, more fulfilling relationship with them.

In this Masterclass you’ll discover:

  • How Animal Lessons came to be (where did this come from anyway?)
  • Your role in you and your pet’s relationship
  • How to recognize when your animal is teaching you a lesson versus just not listening to you!
  • What happens when you avoid the lesson your pet is teaching you
  • The ONE most important thing to look for when figuring out how your pet is working with you
  • The 3 methods animals will use to work with you
  • I’ll lead you through my method for determining the lesson your pet is teaching you, right on the webinar! (Bring a pen and paper to do this!)

And yes, it’s all available to you INSTANTLY!

Are you wondering who this magical unicorn who can connect to your deceased pet is? It’s not magic; you can do it, too!

Hi, I’m Danielle!

I’m an Animal Communicator, Intuitive and Soul Level Intuitive Coach®. I help you learn how to communicate with animals, deceased or alive, on a deeper level – the Soul Level- to know the important lessons they have for you. 

As a professional animal communicator for over 20 years, I’ve had the unique opportunity to learn how animals really view the Other Side. What I have to share with you is exactly what has helped me, and my clients, come to terms with the painful passing of our beloved furry friends.

The revelations are mind-blowing, and feelings of relief and fascination will soon replace those of grief. You’re gonna love what you see, learn and experience!


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              For all your curious questions before joining.

              Is this a live class?

              No, this is a recording of a live Masterclass. You can watch it immediately via desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone upon purchase.

              I'm a member of Be Open. Do I need to pay for this class?

              Nope! My Pop-Up Masterclasses are available, for free, to members of my online community, Be Open. If you’re a member, you don’t need to purchase this Masterclass. We’ll automatically send out the link to all Be Open members.

              Will I be able to ask questions?

              Unfortunately no. This is a recorded masterclass.

              How do I get this class for free?

              My Pop-Up Masterclasses are available, for free, to members of my online community, Be Open. If you’d like to join Be Open, the monthly cost is $30. Follow this link to find out more and to register! Join Be Open today

              How long is this Masterclass?

              Just under two hours. Watch from your smartphone, computer, tablet.

              Are there refunds if I decide I don’t want the class?

              Since our instant access classes are available immediately, we cannot offer refunds. If you choose to purchase the Be Open Community/Masterclass option, you are in charge of your account. You can leave the community at any time and you maintain access to the community and all of our content until your paid period expires. 

              Can I ask Danielle a question?

              Danielle is not available to answer questions with this Instant Access course. In the Be Open Community, you do gain access to her through the many live webinars the community holds.

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