What does Animal Grief Look Like?


Video Transcript Summary:  

Hi! I’m Danielle MacKinnon, as an animal communicator I’ve spent 20+ years connecting with animals on a psychic level. In my readings, I’m often asked, “Do our current pets mourn the loss of their animal friends who have crossed over?” Join me as I share my experiences and insights from the animals themselves this topic.

Animals v People in Mourning

When I first began my journey as an animal communicator, and I would frequently ask animals about mourning, grief, and pet loss. When I would ask an animal, “Are you mourning?” the animals that were still here would respond with a resounding “no.” As I became a more experienced animal communicator though, I realized I had misunderstood what they were telling me. It wasn’t that they don’t mourn, it was that they don’t mourn in the same way we humans do. Let me explain.

Humans grieve the loss of their pets in a big way. We feel the absence of our pet physically in our life, but we also feel cut off from them. Many people view the passing of their pet as the end of the relationship with them. Animals, on the other hand, miss the physical presence of their pet friend, but the continue their spiritual connection with them, despite being on opposite sides of the veil. They miss the physical presence of their departed friends, but they maintain a connection through spirit, energy, intuition, and knowing. 

Grief Changes in Daily Life

The departure of a beloved animal companion brings not only emotional impacts (we’re so aware of those!) but also changes in daily routines. The absence of shared walks, altered mealtime dynamics, and the animal’s human changing their behavior also has an effect on the surviving animals. When grieving ourselves, we are often unaware of how our actions influence our surviving pets’ well-being. 

Spiritual Connections and Wisdom

Animals are more wise than we give them credit for – especially comes to their own passing. They plan out all of the circumstances including timing, who is and isn’t there, and more. As the animals have shared with me, it isn’t important that they actually “witness” the death of their animal companion because, no matter what animals remain spiritually connected to one another. The veil between life and death is not so much of a veil for animals, like it is for us. 

The Bigger Picture

Animals perceive death differently from humans because of their innate and strong connection to the spiritual realm. They embrace the spiritual world as well their physical existence – for them, these two things are not two separate ideas but are one and the same. This is why they mourn so differently from us. Surviving pets, being deeply connected to their departed companions, often serve as conduits for communication. Signs like staring into space, meowing at unseen entities, or playing with invisible objects can signify that the animal still here is receiving messages from their departed friend.

As an animal communicator, I have had the privilege of witnessing the profound connections that exist between animals here and beyond. When you understand the animal’s death and dying process, from the point of view of the animal, you’ll find it easier to understand and then support your surviving pet’s own mourning experience. Want to keep reading learning about pet loss, the animal death and dying process, signs from the other side and more? Go here.