Animal Crossing: Amazing Things I Wish I Knew When My Dog Died

Animal Crossing: 5 Things to Know When Your Beloved Pet Dies


Animal Crossing: 5 Things I Wish I Knew When My Dog Died Transcript of Video

Today we’re going to be talking about the five things that people wish they’d known when their animal crossed over. Hi, my name’s Danielle MacKinnon. I’m an animal communicator. Yes, that means pet psychic. Today we’re talking about the five things that people wish they’d known when their animal crossed over. My hope is that this can help you go through the crossing over process with your pet, or help you heal if your pet has already crossed over.

How the Spirit and the Body Work Together

The first thing people are relieved to learn about their animal crossing over is how the spirit and the body work together. I have an in-depth video about this on my Youtube channel, but here’s a little quickie overview. The animal spirit begins to leave the body before the process of death has happened. The spirit actually starts backing out of the bum of the animal.

The way the spirit and body work together is why some people report their dog, cat or horse as very spacey right before they pass. The physical body and the spirit are beginning to separate. This can be a big relief for a lot of people whose beloved animal experienced a lot of suffering or pain. Knowing that the animal is not actually very present for that suffering, is not actually focused on that suffering, and instead focused on the detachment process between the two, is focused on the separating out of the spirit from the body, it can help ease a lot of hearts and I’ve seen it help ease a lot of hearts.

Accidents Don’t Happen in an Animal Crossing

The second thing that people are so relieved to learn about with a beloved animal crossing over is that there are no accidents. I’ve never intuitively connected with an animal and had that animal say, “Hey, I wasn’t supposed to die at that time.”

No matter how hard that passing was, it’s always planned by the animal. And it’s planned because that animal came into our lives to help us grow and evolve, and when the animal’s done their job, what happens? The animal lets go of their body and moves on to the next level. I have a little video about on my Youtube channel as well that goes into much more detail. The quick summary is that they do plan their passing, and they choose to pass when the time is right for the bigger purpose of why they came here.

Animals also choose who’s going be with them. They choose who’s going to greet them and what they’re going to cross over of. They choose who’s going to be actually with them for the moment of the passing or who isn’t going to be with them. And it doesn’t have anything to do with how much they love you or don’t love you. (See my Animal Lessons book for more about all of these choices!)

They Don’t Care About Their Physical Body (for their sake)

The third thing that people are so relieved to learn about an animal crossing over is that the animal itself (my dog, cat, your horse, guinea pig, rabbit, canary, whoever it is) is not attached to their physical body anymore. It doesn’t matter to them what we do for them whether it’s burial or cremation (or whatever). It simply matters that we do what feels good and honors our relationship with them. They know how helpful it is for us as humans to be able to honor and have closure, and have a moment where we’re really in gratitude with them. That’s all they want.

Forgiveness is Not a Thing

The fourth thing that people are grateful to learn about their animal crossing, that just relieves their heart to learn is that forgiveness is not a thing for animals that have crossed to the other side. Often when somebody brings their animal to me for an animal communication reading, what is the first thing they want to know?

Does he forgive me?  or I feel so bad. Does he know how much I loved him, even though I didn’t do X, Y, and Z thing that I think I was supposed to do.

When I connect intuitively with an animal where the is concerned about these types of things, the animal ALWAYS says, “There’s nothing to forgive. I was here with this human. The human was doing their best and I was doing my best.” They don’t look at any situation where there could be behavior to forgive. In fact, it’s just a moot point.

Forgiveness is simply about unconditional love. Animals have mastered unconditional love. We have not. That’s why we worry that they’re not going to forgive us, because we don’t get that. But they live there in unconditional love. This is how they go through life. And so that unconditional love is there whether or not we made a mistake, whether or not we missed something. It doesn’t matter to the animal.

The Long Distance Relationship in an Animal Crossing

The fifth thing that people are so grateful to learn about their pet that’s crossed over is that they can still have a relationship with this pet. By having a relationship with this pet that has crossed over I mean the animal can still contact you from the other side! The animal, the dog, the cat, the horse, whoever it is, still comes by and visits, still hangs out, and can still send signs and messages. I have several videos about how to get a message from your pet on the other side, the top three ways to get messages from pets on the other side on my Youtube channel.

Many people when they’re grieving for the loss of their pet don’t know they can still be in contact. They’re grieving and they’re feeling all of that sadness, and loneliness, and missing, and that weird surreal feeling. When they learn that they can actually still get a sign from their pet on the other side or when they learn that there can still be a relationship, or they can still chat with their pet who’s crossed over, it opens their heart.

I’ve made several Youtube videos specifically about signs – but here I’m going to give you an easy way (but there’s many others ways too!).

The Process

First, call on your pet.  By calling on your pet, imagine you’re sitting on the sofa, and you say, “Okay Bella, I’m calling on you now.” Imagine Bella coming to greet you.

Next say, “Bella, will you give me a sign today? Please give me a sign today.” What you can’t do is you can’t ask for a specific sign. Leave that to your animal on the other side. You’ve got to let your animal do it!

Finally, your job is to put yourself in a place of trust. All right, I’m going to be open to this and trust the sign. I’m going to trust the sign. I’m going to trust the sign.

Maybe you’ll hear her name unexpectedly? Who knows! If you can trust the sign, guess what? Your animal on the other side gives you way more signs. (For more info on specific signs, go to my Youtube channel!)


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  1. Sahar
    Sahar says:

    Thank you so much! Sunday’s are the hardest days for me. I woke up feeling guilty and missing my Pecan so much and asked her please help me to stop feeling guilty, please help me to see the bigger picture and the positive lesson. Then I saw your video in my Inbox. I have watched it four times already. Thank you so much. This is exactly what I needed to hear today.

  2. Beka
    Beka says:

    OMG. I’m shocked. Just last night I tried talking to my dog and I asked him if he forgave me for what I did or didn’t do. He literally said “There’s nothing to forgive.” Just like you said, Danielle. I’m awed because then I asked him for a sign that our communication was real. Right before I read this I read his name somewhere, and then this…

  3. Mary Joe
    Mary Joe says:

    This article was wonderful! Wasn’t sure if it would, but it did! Thank you and I am sending it on to my sister and cousin. Thank you, it did open my heart to healing!

  4. Debbie Sullivan
    Debbie Sullivan says:

    Animals bring joy and love to us and I believe it is possible to connect with them. I believe my dog cried with me when it was his time too leave me and be euthanized. 💕☮️


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