Directory of Certified Animal Communicators

animal communication readingThis directory lists animal communicators professionally certified by Danielle MacKinnon, founder of the Danielle MacKinnon School and creator of Soul Level Animal Communication®. Everyone here has a deep passion for talking to animals and wants to help you feel closer to the animal in your life. 

Through Intuition, Certified Animal Communicators

  • Help you understand what your pet really wants you to know
  • Feel closer to your pet
  • Help you learn the lesson your pet is teaching you
  • Connect you to pet and animals that have crossed over
  • Solve behavior problems/Reign in unruly pets
  • Find out what is happening with your pet’s body (How does your pet feel?)
  • Psychically decode dog language, cat language (any animal language)
  • Find lost animals (Please check listings. Not everyone prefers this work)
  • and more!

Choosing Your Animal Communicator

Location doesn’t matter. Everyone in this directory gives phone or Zoom/Skype readings as well as in-person readings.

Varied Services In addition to Animal Communication readings, each person in the directory may also offer other services such as energy work for animals, Soul Level Coaching®, Reiki, and more depending on their interests in their private practice.

Choosing Your Reader Because every pet psychic here is different and because you have specific needs with your pet, take your time to look over the list and use your gut to choose the right person to help you connect to your beloved.

The Directory of Certified Animal Communicators

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denyse deldotto headshot

Denyse uses her intuition to bridge the communication gap between you and your animals to discover and explore the messages and lessons your animals are here to teach you. She has a unique ability to connect and relate to you in a way that will feel like you’re talking to an old friend. Denyse will share with you your animal’s thoughts, feelings, needs and wants and how they are supporting you. She uses her own life experiences to help you navigate through those messages and lessons she brings forward. Your animals see the very best in you, and they want you to see it too!

Continually covered in cat fur, one of Tara’s earliest memories is feeling heart joy when her lost childhood cat re-appeared in the backyard. As a full fledged cat lover, Tara has shared her life with many cats- her own and several litters of foster kittens. Experiencing the high points and final goodbyes helped shape her empathic and intuitive abilities to provide comfort for clients grieving or missing animals they have re-homed. After Tara’s Reiki attunements, neighborhood dogs literally began laying on her feet, kindling her affectionate relationship with dogs. Tara loves how surprised humans are by their pets' insightful and humorous messages. She also connects her clients to wild animals and farm friends.

Vicki's work helps animals help their humans to grow and heal, and in so doing helps humans carry their light into the world. Vicki will help you explore the lessons your animals are eager to share. She serves as a corridor of communication between you and your pets – describing what she sees, feels, hears and knows precisely as it’s given to her. Vicki’s healing journey has been greatly enhanced by her work with the animals, and she in turns takes great joy in helping them bring their light into the lives of those who are open to their wisdom, unconditional love and connection to source. From your Animal’s Soul to your ears!

You already have enough stress in your life. You definitely don’t need more because you’re worrying about your pet. During a reading, Helen provides insights into why your animal is misbehaving (e.g., peeing in the house, destroying the furniture, waking you up at ungodly hours). More importantly, she shares what you can do to make it stop! Helen is eager to share essential information from your pet so you can create a more worry-free, enhanced life.

Pamela Revercomb is an intuitive certified Soul Level Animal Communicator®. She grew up on a dairy farm, where she spent time observing, interacting with, and learning from animals. She realized animals had thoughts, emotions, personalities, a sense of purpose and... humor! They teach life lessons and about unconditional love. When people and animals had difficulty communicating, Pamela wished she could help. Through training at the Danielle MacKinnon School, she learned how to develop and use her natural intuitive abilities. In practice, she connects intuitively with animals and their humans to help them transfer information to each other. Pamela considers it to be a joyful privilege to be part of this experience with her clients.

dianne robison headshot

Dianne offers animal communication sessions for you and your animal companions. Whether your animal is alive or has crossed over, Dianne will work with the two of you to help answer your questions and reveal messages from their soul about what they are teaching you. Animals are in our lives to help us to learn life lessons and grow. Our animals want us to know what they have to say to help us be the best version of ourselves. With her caring and gentle manner, Dianne will help you understand the messages she is receiving on your behalf, giving you clarity and enriching your amazing journey with your animal companions.

heather anderson headshot

Heather offers Soul Level Animal Communication readings to help you better understand the connection you have with your animals who are alive and those who are in spirit. She believes that animals are essential to our individual growth and to creating a kinder, gentler world. Their messages and Soul-Level lessons provide insight to help us live our best lives. Heather uses her intuitive understanding to share their messages in a manner that best suits each individual. She gets to the heart of what the animals want you to hear while using her joking and caring manner to make sure you feel at ease from the very beginning of the reading.

Bonnie is passionate about bridging the communication between you and your beloved animal(s). Think of Bonnie as a “telephone operator” connecting you and relaying valuable information to help you and your animals get clarity on your most pressing or curious questions. Do you want to know how your pet is feeling about a situation or why they display a certain behavior? Bonnie lovingly connects through seeing, hearing, and feeling what messages your pet is waiting to provide to you. Bonnie will gently and compassionately share your pet’s insights and their guidance to help you gain better understanding of their behaviors and how they are helping and supporting you in the lessons in your life.

Allison Dellatore

Allison is a life-long animal lover who has shared her life with a variety of animal companions, all of whom have brought her profound lessons. She gets great joy out of helping others discover how deep the human/animal bond goes. This is obvious by the amount of laughter that is always present during her readings-as the animals know to use Allison’s sense of humor to lighten the mood when things get deep. Because Allison has been using her psychic abilities her whole life, her readings flow with a lighthearted east that make you feel like you are sitting comfortably on a couch, chatting with a good friend… and your pet.

Karen will help you connect with your beloved animal on a deeper level whether you’re concerned with behavior changes, health issues, end of life support, or their experience and messages from the other side. Animals tell Karen they’re here with us for a reason and at the heart-and-soul level we transcend the boundaries and limitations of our physical forms, connecting with love, for our best intention. You'll gain a clear understanding about lessons they are trying to teach you in this life (and sometimes from past lives as well). Karen's kind and supportive approach will help you continue to grow your relationship, ease your heart, and may also incorporate healing energy work into your session.

katja wostradowski headshot

Since her childhood, Kat wanted to be like Dr. Doolittle, to be able to communicate with animals and understand the world through her heart so she could help make it a better place. Many years of travelling and profound self-healing deepened her intuitive abilities. It is her life mission to accompany you in your process to heal old thought patterns, to reconnect with your heart and your soul, so you can reclaim your inner power, to find inner peace and harmony – and all that through the support and guidance of your beloved animal. Having been living in South America for many years allows Kat to also combine her Shamanic wisdom when necessary and desired.

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anna klocke headshot

Anna skillfully combines love for animals with psychic abilities into passion for Animal Communication. She connects with you and your animal “beyond the tangible” on a deep level. During a reading Anna receives a lot of visual details and delivers all in a transparent and straightforward way. Her intuition and people personality creates a comfortable session, which helps you to understand your animal companion and enhance your relationship. Anna’s senses provide her also with knowing, feeling and hearing, which allow her to connect to animals alive or in spirit. The session will enrich the bond between you and your animal and provide insights you always wanted to know.

Jane believes that all things happen for a reason and that there are no coincidences. So, when she met Danielle Mackinnon at her “Animal Communication” lecture at the Omega Center, she knew she had found the next chapter of her life’s journey! Jane has a deep passion for animals and has always wanted to work with and help them. Little did she realize that she would not only be helping animals, but their humans too. Jane is so excited and honoured to offer Intuitive Animal Communication for people and their pets. Any issues, problems or just a desire to connect with your pet on a deeper level, Jane can help.

patricia hernandez headshot

Through her intuitive nature, Patricia enjoys helping you to hear your animal’s soul-level wisdom. She loves creating a supportive, honest, and fun space that allows for awareness, healing, and growth to emerge. Patricia’s desire is for the absolute best to evolve for you and your animal as she helps you to ‘connect the dots’ to the lessons your animal (alive or in spirit) is teaching you. Ultimately, new insights can awaken immense changes in you as it deepens that special relationship with your animal. Patricia also creates unique pictorial animal art pieces that are designed along with your animal’s direction. Let the journey begin--for as you hear your animal, you heal yourself.

jenny jozwiak headshot

Jenny offers intuitive sessions with both animals and humans. In every connection, Jenny creates a sacred space for awareness, transformation and growth to take place. She views each session as an opportunity to be in service to love, joy and possibility. Her intention is to allow the highest good to unfold for you, your animal and your life. This unique style creates a space for you to feel at ease, and supported, as she guides you through your challenges — both personally, and with your animal. Jenny’s goal is to help you live an inspired life that feels on purpose, either by working with you and your animal, or individually.

Connecting to animals and nature are elements in Janet’s life, she cannot live without. Passion for learning & sharing their beneficial lessons is her driving force. Janet's intuition helps creates a loving, safe space for the messages to be delivered and puts her clients at ease. She delivers the animal's messages with an open heart, unafraid to share their humor and depth of wisdom exactly as they present it. The ways animals find to bring us new views of life and opportunities for change delight and inspire her. Janet offers Soul Level Animal Communication to those seeking to understand and enrich their connections to live our Best Life! May you each receive exactly what you need.

In a Soul Level Animal Communication reading with Heather, there are always fun surprises! Your pet might answer your question through a song or a cartoon scene…You never know! When YOU are ready to get answers to those burning questions about what it is like to be in your pet’s body, Heather can REALLY help with that (she’s a feeler). If you think your questions are totally weird…fear not! Heather is going to guide you in a comfortable “no-judgement zone” way through the reading, probably with a little bit of humor…well, maybe A LOT of humor…to connect you on another level with your pet. It can get deeper than you ever imagined.

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Stephanie K. Hopkins

When your animal taps into Stephanie’s playful spirit and deep emotional awareness, you’ll get information about your animal’s needs; but you’ll also get information about yourself. With warmth and empathy, she connects with you and your animal, and receives images, words, feelings, and “downloads” about the role you play in each other’s lives. A Soul Level Animal Communication reading with Stephanie can help you feel seen as your animal sees you—your beauty, your gifts, your worthiness, and your own bright light. Stephanie connects with animals who are alive or crossed over. She also offers Intuitive Life Coaching for humans to help you feel a greater sense of clarity, ease, and joy in your life.

Anna Marie Ellison

Anna Marie truly believes that animals are working to help humans heal, grow and evolve into the best version of ourselves, through their actions and divine ability to love unconditionally. Her own journey of healing from loss, moving and growing through fears, and finding her true calling as an intuitive came directly through the work she has done with animals. She loves being a part of the transformational healing and growth her clients experience under the guidance and support of the animals in their lives. Anna Marie’s gentle nature, compassionate heart, and resilient spirit are apparent in all the work she does as a Soul Level Animal Communicator®, Intuitive Life Coach and Animal Reiki Master.

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Meredith connects you and your animal to help you understand the things your beloved pet would like for you to know. Meredith can work with animals who are alive, in transition, or who have crossed over. In life or in spirit, your animal is always working with you to teach a lesson that is important to help you grow, heal, and live your most fulfilled life. Blending endless empathy and compassion with a wry sense of humor, Meredith holds a comfortable space for you as you receive the messages your animal is communicating through her to help teach those lessons. Her casual, friendly personality will immediately put you at ease.

For as long as Jody can remember, her passion for animals has had her rolling on the floor with furry kids, to exploring fields finding new critters to befriend! Animals come into our lives for a purpose, to teach us lessons by supporting us to evolve into the best version of ourselves. It’s their infinite amount of unconditional love our animals earn the Outstanding Teacher Award! Jody offers intuitive Animal Communication sessions helping you discover the amazing lessons your animal wants you to know. She works with animals alive and those in spirit. Jody’s intuitive nature with her reassuring manner helps you understand the what and the why your animal has been in your life.

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Paula Hooper

Paula will help you understand what is driving your animal's behavior by communicating with your pet. Your animal wants you to live your best, most loving life and is doing everything he/she can to help you achieve this. Learning the lesson your animal is teaching can help you move towards that better life – and can explain some of those weird or annoying behaviors your pet is showing. Paula communicates with all kinds of animals, not just the cute, cuddly ones. She enjoys working with dogs, cats, birds, goats, rabbits, hamsters, mice, and ferrets, and has a particular love for lizards, snakes, and bugs. There are no icky creatures, just our loving animals.

Stacey Wall

Stacey’s deep respect for animals fuels her passion for delivering their messages. Her down to Earth style puts people at ease as they explore the ways their animal is teaching. Powered by her pure intention to help, Stacey identifies the seeds of healing the animals have planted. She taps into the animal’s wisdom to find the lessons behind their behaviors. She supplies the animal’s suggested path forward, empowering people to work in partnership with their animals to clear obstacles and move beyond perceived limitations. Stacey loves to witness relationships deepening as the animal works to bring out the best in their person, and the person, in turn, recognizes their unlimited potential to heal and grow.

Meg describes Animal Communication as a “reliable joy.” She is captivated by the wisdom, clarity, and kindness animals exhibit when she connects with them on behalf of a client. The fact that animals can convey information through an image, words, or symbols – essentially doing whatever it takes to deliver their message – never ceases to amaze her. Meg’s style is calm, steady, and direct. The Soul Level is truly Meg’s comfort zone and always has been. As a Hospice Chaplain, she has deep experience of transition and revelation in people’s lives. Tapping into the unconditional love that animals bring to that process has added an exciting dimension to the transformational work she has done for decades.

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Sally’s communication readings contain messages of loving guidance from the animals she connects with. Her goal for her readings is to create a better understanding between animals and their human companions. Sally believes that meaningful communications with animals can modify subsequent behaviors of both humans and animals, can deepen bonds and address perceived behavioral issues. Sally conveys the information she receives with love, compassion and a sense of humor. Her joy in connecting to animals is reflected in her delivery. Sally is able to connect with any species of animal, alive or
in spirit. Schedule a reading with Sally today and experience a deeper connection to your animal companion.

Donna Norris

Donna’s passion is helping you gain insight into the creative and sometimes humorous ways your animal is assisting you in becoming your best and most authentic, inspired self. As a dedicated animal advocate, Donna thoroughly enjoys serving as a conduit between your animals and you - the person who loves and cares for them. She opens a heart-centered, supportive connection so you can address pressing issues or questions, and intuitively relays the essence of your animal’s personality in addition to their messages. These soul level conversations can deepen and strengthen the special bond you share. The learning experiences presented transcend time, as they want to continue working with you even after they have crossed over.

keiko watt headshot

Keiko works at the Soul Level in her animal communication readings to help to create a connection between the human and animal (alive or passed on). Understanding this connection helps to deepen the relationship and assists the human in learning the lessons their animal is teaching them. To know what your beloved pet really thinks of you or another fur-mily member, gives you a different perspective, and together we can work on the improvement to solve a problem. You will experience the bubble of energy surrounded by love and peace during the reading with the help of your beloved pet. Keiko speaks in English and Japanese so your reading can be in either language.

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Karen Spinelli

A reading with Karen connects you with animals living with you now, as well as those in spirit, supporting you to discover how your relationship with them is helping you evolve into your best self... since who could teach you about Unconditional Love better than them?! You’ll feel calmly reassured by her gentle nurturing energy, laugh together as some messages come through as songs or moments from retro tv shows, and remember the fun in life’s simple moments along the way. You and your animal can re-awaken your own innate ability to balance body, mind, and spirit through Karen’s intuitive reiki energy healing point of view and live the joyful life meant for you... Happy~Healthy~Zen!

Ronni is an intuit and energy worker who came to animal communication by exploring a wide range of healing modalities, including meditation, yoga, yoga nidra, and Reiki. This exploration assisted her in her own healing and in connecting more deeply to Spirit. Now, everything she does is meant to help others discover and celebrate the fullness of who they are—in order to live the life their soul intended. Your animal is a loving partner in this process of personal discovery, whether s/he is with you in body or in spirit. Ronni can help you better understand this special relationship, and how your animal is assisting you in becoming the person you were meant to be.

Jennie is an intuit who was lead to Soul Level Animal Communication® on the path of exploring different healing modalities to include the arts, meditation, Yoga Nidra and Reiki. These explorations have evolved from a desire to discover a greater depth of healing, balance and joy in her own life, while assisting her in connection more deeply with the Source of all Love. Jennie's calling in life as been to fully embrace all of life's learning opportunities, and assist others in achieving healing and peace in their lives. Soul Level Animal Communication® feels like a fast track to assisting others discover joy and peace with the guidance of their pet's soul lessons in unconditional love.

phoebe hoffman headshot

Phoebe gets personal, first with you, then your animal, always authentic and always transparent, going to the light or going to the dark side, going where her intuition leads her. She doesn’t hold back. She works with the information she gets from the animal, peering deeply under the surface to reveal the inner workings of the souls she connects with, to gain an even more powerful understanding of the life force driving us and the lessons to be learned. Through this intuitive connection, Phoebe partners with her subjects to create an open and interactive space, culminating in a new insight into the soul contracts we have created.

julie ulrich headshot

Julie’s favorite thing about animal communication is that, over and over again, she gets to see animals lovingly helping their humans become their best selves. Through intuitive readings, Julie loves to guide her clients on their paths to healing, finding peace, and reaching a beautiful understanding with their animals. Don’t be surprised if she exclaims, “That’s so cool!” during a reading—for Julie, the true magic of this work is that she learns something about the universe and unconditional love right along with her clients each time. Julie looks forward to experiencing the magic with you, through an intuitive animal communication reading or energy work—wherever your heart leads you.

maria stoner headshot

Maria helps you hear the messages from your animals to deepen your connection and help you live a full and healthy life together. She has extended training in the experience of working with you on the soul contract between you and your animal, as she completed the Soul-Contract Certification with Animals Program (SCCA), in which she intensively worked on the soul contract she specifically has with one of her dogs. Maria can also connect to your animal’s body relaying the things they feel physically and emotionally. As a licensed professional counselor Maria is also able to use lessons from your animals in your therapy sessions, called a program she calls “Therapy assisted by your Animal”.