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The Certified Soul Level Animal
Communicator® Directory

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All practitioners listed are personally Certified by Danielle MacKinnon
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You May Be Wondering…


What is a Soul Level Certified Animal Communicator?

The Certified Soul Level Animal Communication® practitioners listed in this directory (see above) have spent extensive time developing and honing their intuition with animals and learning to work at the Soul Level.
As a result, every person here is a dedicated, caring, sensitive professional focused on giving you the best possible intuitive reading with your pet.

How to Hire the BEST Soul Level Animal Communicator For You

Choosing your Soul Level Animal Communicator is a big deal! Read this article to ensure you’re making the best choice for you!

The Best Readings: Soul Level versus Physical Level

There are two types of pet challenges: 3D/physical world challenges and Soul Level challenges. Most animal communicators address only the physical level where animals feel jealousy, experience sickness, and misbehave. Everyone in the directory, however, have been Certified in working with animals at the Soul Level.  This is where animals share their big pictures reasons for their behavior along with how they are helping their human evolve. Get REAL answer! (Learn more about the Soul Level in Animal Lessons). 

How can I become a Certified Soul Level Animal Communicator?

Interested in learning to do this work yourself and joining the incredible group of people here, living their dream jobs? Visit the Get Certified page of my website to learn how you can get Certified (no previous psychic experience necessary – you’ll discover THAT through the program!)

Can I get a reading with Danielle instead?

Sorry. Danielle does not offer private readings in Soul Level Animal Communication or Soul Level Intuitive Coaching.

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