How Animal Communicators For Deceased Pets Help You Grieve


If you’re seeking animal communicators for deceased pets, it’s clear you’re walking through a time of deep grief and profound loneliness. I deeply empathize with this journey, having supported pet owners through their grieving for over two decades. My purpose is to help you find the comforting connection and understanding with your cherished pet that you truly deserve.

Understanding the Pain of Pet Loss (Even Before Connecting With Animal Communicators for Deceased Pets)

If you’re reading this, then you know that the heartbreak of losing a pet is as devastating as any loss. Our pets aren’t just friends; they’re family. The bond we share is profound and all-encompassing, and unfortunately, not everyone understands this depth of connection. Critics (maybe even your family and friends) may not see the validity of your pain, but I do. Because they have mastered it, pets have the unique ability to offer us unconditional love, and it’s this pure love that leaves such an incredible void when they pass. After all, you and I know that your relationship with your pet was more than companionship; it was a journey that not only deeply touched your life – that relationship transformed you.

What Happens to Pets When They Die?

When our cherished pets pass away, a tidal wave of emotions engulfs us — grief, loneliness, and often, guilt. These feelings can be intense and all-consuming.

The initial grief following your pet’s departure can feel insurmountable, and it’s natural to hope for a time when the pain will simply vanish. However, grief has its own rhythm and time; it doesn’t disappear but transforms, softening into a more tender remembrance that allows love to be the stronger memory. Patience is key here, as this transition is gradual and requires time.

Guilt is another emotion that frequently surfaces after a pet’s death. You might be wrestling with it even now, questioning your actions, wondering if you did enough. Yet, while guilt is a common response, it can overshadow the healing process of grief, distracting from the necessary journey through it.

From my extensive experience communicating with pets in the afterlife, I can assure you that your pet holds no grudge regarding their passing. They wish for you to embrace happiness, to hold onto the love you shared, and to continue growing from the lessons learned together.

Your beloved companion’s love for you is free from conditions; they don’t want you burdened with guilt. They want you to remember the bond you shared with joy and to carry forward the unconditional love that was always present.

Can You Communicate With Pets After Death?

With all the yearning for and missing our departed pets, it’s natural to hope for a sign from them. But rather than simply wishing and hoping, I encourage you to invite a sign actively. And yes! You can do this even if you’re not an animal communicator yourself. It’s as simple as lying in bed and asking your pet to show you a message in the coming days. This request doesn’t need to be complex; a heartfelt intention is enough. Even from the Other Side, our pets know our desires, and by clearly stating our wishes to them, we open the door for their spirits to respond.

Fundamentals of Animal Communication: How Does It Work?

Animal communication, or psychic connection with animals, taps into the inherent intuition that animals rely on for survival. You see this intuition at work every day – for example, when a group of birds are flying together and moving in unison, they are tapping into that movement via psychic connection. While many people may not consciously engage with their innate intuition, animal communicators specialize in it by intercepting the psychic signals and data that animals share all of the time. This communication transcends the physical, allowing us to connect deeply with pets in both the material and spiritual realms.

Finding Reputable Animal Communicators for Deceased Pets

If you want to hire an animal communicator to help you reconnect with your own passed pet (or living pet), there are several very important things to look for:

  1. Experience: Look for someone with at least several years of experience. This will ensure they can handle the unique pressures that accompany working in the psychic realm such as skeptics, animals that are elusive, and even difficult people!
  2. Personality: If you don’t really “love” or click with the animal communicator you’re looking to hire, simply look elsewhere. It’s important you feel in alignment with your animal communicator
  3. Point of View: How does the person you’re looking to hire speak about animals? Are they referred to as victims? Empowered beings? Unconditionally loving? Make sure the viewpoint of the animal communicators for deceased pets you’re considering align with your own – or perhaps even opens you up to even more from your animal. (The Soul Level Animal Communicators I’ve trained, for example, all believe that animals have mastered unconditional love and are here to help us master that as well).
  4. Testimonials: Does the animal communicator you want to hire have testimonials easily available to you? Read through them! Make sure you love what they say!
  5. Open-Mindedness: Do they open themselves to your questions or do they simply want to connect? A good animal communicator can handle information coming directly from the animal AND also the questions that you want to ask during the session

You’re entrusting your relationship with your beloved animal to another person when you hire an animal communicator. Follow your gut and you’ll be led to the exact, best person!

Benefits of Working With an Animal Communicator To Connect With a Dead Pet

When you hire an animal communicator to help you reconnect with your dead pet, there are a lot of very wonderful things that can happen. Including:

  • Finding closure – straight from your pet to your own ears
  • Learning what your pet wants you to know about their passing
  • Discovering how your pet felt about their life with you
  • Asking the questions you’ve been wanting to ask
  • Learning how your pet really feels about you (and yes, they still feel it even from the Other Side – and it’s good!)

And so much more.

The conversation with your pet could be just beginning when you hire an animal communicator!

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Additional Resources for Pet Loss Support 

Here are some additional resources for helping you with your pet loss. After all, the more resources you have at your fingertips, the more you’ll feel supported on your pet loss grief journey. 

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