Animal Energy Reading: Ant

This week, ant has come forward to assist us. It makes sense for this energy to show up now – after so many of us just experienced a holiday weekend (Memorial Day in the US) where we were challenged by parents, friends, neighbors and relatives and how those people really fit into our lives.

Ant energy is about community and support. Many people feel that ant energy is more about community than support – but true community IS support! This week it’s not about preparing for potential disasters (that’s just not fun!)  – it’s about spending some time looking at your own support system. Do you feel others will back you up in a time of need? Will they volunteer to assist you or will they wait for you to ask? What is the best level of support for you in your life right now?

And remember: support doesn’t mean that those around DO for you – it means that they support you as you do for yourself. THAT is true support! Otherwise, how would you learn and grow?

(and this goes for the other way around as well! When you support a loved one, the most healthy and balanced way to do this is to put your finger in the center of the rope – so they can tie the knot around it rather than just tying their knot yourself!)

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