Animal Energy Reading: Turtle

This week’s animal energy: For this week, turtle energy has moved forward to assist us. Turtle energy is exactly what you think is: slow but very steady. You may be feeling like you have a lot on your plate – and that the best way to accomplish these tasks is to grin, bear it, and push your way through. Turtle energy, however tells us otherwise! Make up a to-do list with only 5 important things on it – and then, spend your day focusing on ONLY those 5 things. You’ll feel amazing at the end of the day when you have completed everything you set out to do – and when you did it while avoiding distractions. (As an aside, those distractions can be anything from phone calls from good friends to email inbox “dings!” to writing too many to-do lists to even organizing your closets.)

Keep your eye on the ball, don’t get distracted – and turtle will help you accomplish exactly what you set out to do – with ease, flow and grace.

And remember – I’ll be doing another Animal Energy Reading next week!

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  1. Claudine
    Claudine says:

    Wow – I must have heard turtle speaking loud and clear. I heard turtles calling me yesterday and telling me to do just that: make a short list of “must do” and proceed doing them slowly and to avoid distractions — like cleaning the closet, etc … and Facebook. LOL.

  2. Gera
    Gera says:

    Yes, Turtle was calling me too. I got the idea to watch some sea turtle videos on YouTube, and posted one of a turtle swimming in Hawaii on my fan page for Dolphin Waters Healing! Love Honu!

  3. Rebecca
    Rebecca says:

    I was compelled to go to a lecture about Florida sea turtles only to find that the host was unable to speak the night of the 25th. I knew I needed to hear a turtle message!


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