Does a phone session really work?

Yesterday, I drove with friends to Boston for the “Many Lives, Many Masters: Experiencing Your Past Lives” workshop by Brian Weiss and John Holland (a great day by the way! Any time you have a chance to see these two together – take it!). While there, many people approached me with questions about my sessions. “You can do your work over the phone?” one asked. “What do you put the phone to the animal’s ear?” said another. I even heard, “how can you talk with my guides, if you can’t see me with them right next to me?”

First, I’m glad that people felt comfortable enough with me to question how I could do what I do! Next, I want to explain a little bit about how what I do works! When I am in communication with a client over the phone, I connect with the energy of that client. This means that distance is not a factor. I can communicate and connect with a client who is in Japan just as easily as someone who is standing right in front of me-because I am working with their energy-not with any type of visual cue.

The people who were watching John Holland yesterday – they weren’t wondering if he was too far away to connect with the people on the Other Side – they were just excited that he was doing it. I work in the same way – distance, emotional state (asleep or awake) is not an issue, only clarity and grounding. (Personally, I have to be in a calm, positive, clear state of mind whenever I do my work!) I have found, in fact, that doing the work over the phone often adds to my accuracy and ability to help as I must ONLY rely on psychic abilities!

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