Horse Wisdom In Action

It’s the last day of my Horse and Soul workshop and I can feel it!

I’ve held this workshop before and it’s always an incredible experience for me as one of the facilitators. Each time I learn new things about myself, about the horses, about patterns, energy, the soul, healing, animals, and more.

This particular group of participants (10 people, Debbie and Sally my co-facilitators) came together with the horses in a way that was unexpectedly different from previous times. And that difference opened me up to receive new lessons from the horses!

It was pretty neat: despite the “plan” that we, as facilitators made each day for the workshop, the horses were stepping in and changing things up. The herd clearly had their own agenda!

They opened my eyes to tools that I didn’t realize were a possibility: a tool that works with the horse’s heart to empower both the human and the animal, a tool to help balance the energy in the body (the tool is kind of funny actually), a tool to work with masculine and feminine energy and SO much more!

So, I’ve decided that I want to incorporate many of the things I’ve learned from the horses into next Wednesday’s (October 30th, 2019) Energy Work with Animals webinar in addition to what I was already going to teach. Which things will I incorporate? How will it all look? I’m not sure! But I’m just going to follow the guidance of the animals throughout the webinar. Should be very interesting!!

I really feel like the understanding that the horses have given me over the past several days – and the timing of it – needs to be shared (of course in addition to what I was already planning)!

So, please join me for my first Popup webinar, Energy Work with Animals: Learn How to Help Your Pets with Divine Energy, just got a bit of an energetic boost and I can’t wait to share it with you!

But please go easy on me! Incorporating these new techniques (actually TEACHING these new techniques) is not something I’ve done before!

Love and Light,

PS: My introductory 5-day Soul Level Animal Communication® class starts on the 4th! I plan to incorporate my new lessons in this class too! Sign up here!

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  1. D. Bruce Seamont
    D. Bruce Seamont says:

    Danelle, we have not yet been fortunate to meet in person. Reading many of your writings I feel a knowledge always enjoy a chance to pick up something new connected to your name. But stunned today, a planned agenda on a retreat? Has not Tuuaka or the horses yet shared Spottiniety is critical to teaching? Please relax the life lessons you will learn thus be able to teach others will be enhanced. This was one of the first perhaps more important lessons my service dog Freida was able to teach me.


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