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SO near and dear to her heart, each month, Danielle dedicates a section of her newsletter to animals from rescue organizations around the country who are looking for their forever home through her “Forever Home Rescue Program”. On this page, Danielle does a quick intuitive connection with the animals up for adoption so that you can see what the animal is looking for. Plus, if you choose to adopt one of these animals, as a thank you, Danielle will do donate a half-hour animal communication session between you and your new pet. The session will be completed within one to two months of this new, wonderful animal living with you (in order to give everyone time to adjust). Please return to this page each month (or sign up for Danielle’s e-newsletter) to see if the animal or bird or fish that matches you and your family has shown up here.


Maxi from

Maxi (Moluccan Cockatoo) in Rhode Island.

The moment I connect with Maxi, I feel my neck elongate. She’s a funny one. I’m not totally sure she means to be funny – but she does have a funny walk. She’s a little quiet. I don’t feel that it’s because she isn’t talkative, but more because she’s checking me out. Oh she reminds me of a cartoon bird with that walk and looking out of the corner of one eye at me. The funny thing is, I don’t feel she is scared of me at all. Just evaluating.

OK, now that I’ve passed the test, she’s right here with me, looking at me expectantly. She lets me (energetically) pet her down the chest. She seems to like to be touched in that area. I get the sense that she really likes touch, but hasn’t felt totally safe to allow it yet. I also get the sense from her that she likes to make people laugh – but she does that by being very serious. What a character! I get the smallest sense of her being a prude as well which also makes me laugh. She does like rules and she’s not too excited about breaking them! (Just FYI, Lazibirds has said they believe Maxi to be male, but when I connected in Maxi had a feminine energy which is why I call her a “she.” Just something to consider if you’d like to bring Maxi into your home!)

To adopt Maxi, please visit


Charlie from

Charlie (Severe Macaw) – Rhode Island

OK Charlie. Charlie! We’ve got quite a bit of personality here! Charlie has a goofy, playfulness to him. I feel like he would enjoy playing hide and seek (which makes me laugh at the thought of a bird playing hide and seek!). I see that he also likes to dance – and he would like more music in his life. He shows me that he can hold a beat. I get the feeling from him that he’d like to be part of the group. The image in my head is a group of people practicing (a band?), and he’s hanging out watching, having a grand old time. I have neighbors who have friends over on weekends and they all play in some kind of jazz band together – I get the feeling Charlie would really like that. Despite being a bird, I want to call him a “cool cat.” He just wants to hang with the cool guys. Hmmm… he also doesn’t like cool air. I think I’m going to have to mention this to the rescue organization! He’s fine being on his own – being the only bird (just to let you know!). Oh! and when he’s hanging with the group, it’s not IN the cage, he’s actually outside of the cage, being one of the guys.

To adopt Charlie, please visit


Baby Girl from

Baby Girl (Umbrella Cockatoo)- Rhode Island

I like Baby Girl. She’s very sweet – and I like how, before approaching me, she takes her time and calmly checks me out. I can feel her making sure I’m worth talking to! I get the sense from her that she’s particular about who she bonds with. She really wants stability and by that I mean, she likes routine, she likes to depend on what’s happening around her. As I stay connected to her, she relaxes and what a beauty! But she definitely wants those around her to earn her love. I love that! She also wants to be warm – not sure why she’s telling me this (maybe it’s something that Lazicki’s needs to know!). This is a bird all about connection – heart-to-heart connection. I also feel just a tinge of sadness because she’s really craving it – but it does feel like she has it a bit with the rescue organization as well, so that’s good.

To adopt Baby Girl, please visit




Jazz from Animal Trails Rescue

Jazz – Arlington, VA

Jazz is a funny name for this cat. When I connect with him, he’s got a very sweet demeanor. He just looks at me and says, “hi” – which is kind of funny because he’s also laying on his side, very relaxed. He shows me that he loves to roll around, play, hang out… I wouldn’t call him a high energy cat because that would be too much. Instead, I would say he’s active, but a little lazy about his activeness. For example, he’d love to play with a toy hung from a string, but if he can do that while laying down, even better. He’s definitely a love bug while at the same time being pretty confident about who he is. He’s not a cat that you would have to worry wouldn’t adjust to change, or would be upset when you left the house. He pretty good on his own – and then he’s happy when people come around. He shows me he gets a little feisty sometimes because it’s fun and by that i mean, he can get really into games. What a wonderful guy! He’s also coming through with a lot around his middle – and he’s proud of it.

If you’d like to adopt Jazz, please contact Homeward Trails Rescue in Arlington, VA.




Sally2 Sally – Arlington, Virginia    

Oh Sally! As soon as I connect in with Sally – she shows me her playful, confident, super sweet personality. I love how she really knows who she is – but who she is involves people and cuddles and play. She definitely likes to DO things – although I feel more like she’s being so active so I can get a feel for fun side. Meaning, there is also a super mellow side there too – and I love that. She considers herself to be attractive and fit. And just the fact that she is showing me this is making me laugh. Talk about well-adjusted! She says she’ll fit in well in pretty much any situation, but that she also likes her independence as much as other animals and people. She says she’s easy to get along with. She still making me laugh because I feel like I’m writing a ad for her! Contact: .

NormanNorman – Schertz, Texas

Norman is a guy with a soft-side. I love his energy right away. It takes just a moment for him to open up to me, but he does – and as soon as he does, I just wanted to hug him. He’s very soft and he loves that he’s soft. He considers it to be one of his favorite things about himself. He also shows me he loves to do Rolly Polly. Now, he’s the one calling it Rolly Polly – I actually call it happy dog (where he’s laying on his back in the grass rolling all around with a big smile). But if he comes to your house – it’s Rolly Polly. He shows me that he’s about companionship. He loves to be with other people and he loves to be DOING something with other people. Walking is good. But looking for something is also good. He wants to feel needed – he has a lot of love and he’s so excited to share that love (it’s bursting out of him!). He’s also very wise. Animals have mastered unconditional love – and this is a dog that when you meet him, you’ll be able to feel that within. Contact:

Alamo2Alamo – Schertz, Texas 

Oh man. Talk about wise. Talk about knows his stuff. Talk about a dog who will teach you the ways of the world! I hadn’t even actively connected to Alamo yet and I could feel his strength, depth, love, focus, intention, and power. And I don’t mean power in a mis-use of power – I mean it in a way where when you meet him, you realize you’ve encountered someone special. Someone not many people get the opportunity to have be a part of their lives. Alamo has a really fun, playful side to him – (that’s the dog side and you can’t miss it- he’s skilled at his play he says!) but he also has this… serene, monk-on-a-mountain-top side to him. Really, just connecting with him makes me want to be the best animal communicator I possibly can be. He knows all. Contact:




Rocco - What a sweetie!

Rocco – (I can’t resist a guy in a tie!)

Rocco – North Miami Beach, FL

When I connect with Rocco – he shows me he’s all goofball. I immediately love him! He’s happy to talk with me in this way and he’s doing a similar funny little dance to what my Kelso did when he was excited. I this it’s because they are both built the same way – strong dogs with strong backs, but not necessarily the most flexible back. I’m still laughing at my greeting! He says to me he wants someone who thinks he’s “truly beautiful” and who will hang out with him and be his best friend. He loves people, but even more wants that person who’s just going to hang with him a lot.

Man, I love my job right now because Rocco is just awesome! He says that he can smile – and he shows me his smile and again, he makes me laugh. He shows me he’s a little unsure in big open spaces because he doesn’t want to be left behind again, but other than that he is all smiles. It looks like at the shelter (or somewhere that he is allowed to go) there is a sofa or large chair that he just loves and has claimed as his – so be ready for that! This dog is a smooshy cuddler. He does feel a little sad though because it’s hard to feel “temporary” all the time, but he keeps his spirits up. He knows his family it out there.  or Direct Phone: (305) 696-0800




Kitten Pasha is Grayson’s best friend! Both cats would be SO happy to be adopted together.


Grayson – Just look at those ears!

Grayson and Pasha – San Francisco, CA

What a BEAUTIFUL cat Grayson is! I know the write-up says that Grayson is only four months old, but I love that when I connect with him, he comes through as a bit of an eccentric professor. He’s still playful like a kitten would be, but boy – there is a lot of wisdom in this one! He’s an odd ball as well because he will be forward with me one minute, and then shy the next. It’s like he’s teasing me in order to get to know me. As he grows up, you’ll find him to be all-knowing though – and he’ll have quite a lot to say. Pasha is Grayson’s best friend. At first I wasn’t going to include Pasha as I will be going over my limit of animals for the Forever Home program, but as it turns out, Pasha has to be here! Grayson is very connected to Pasha. This doesn’t come through as a needy connection (like he won’t be ok with out her) but more as a “we love being together” connection. Grayson also gets some of his confidence from having Pasha around – and I do have to say, when he’s acting confident, it’s very cute! When I connect with Pasha, she feels perfectly happy to let Grayson do the talking for her – she has a very queenly feel to her. She loves being pampered in every way you can think of. She shows me that she’s not a cat who wants to play at all times. Often she likes to watch, observe, and kind of run the show. This is some beautiful, strong female energy! San Francisco Animal Care & Control (415) 554-6364



Molly – Love this pose!

Molly – San Francisco, CA

Molly just JUMPED out at me when I opened up her photo to connect with her. I just read the write up, so I already know the write up about her says she’s a little shy at first, but she’s not shy with me. She’s very playful and sweet. She is not a loud cat – she prefers to do her own thing but also have cuddle time. She’s not standoffish at all – just not needy. This is a good thing for a person who likes to hang out, but also likes alone time. Molly would understand that.

She’s also showing me that she’s smart. Sorry – “very smart” she says. And (as she makes me laugh) she’ll work to catch as many mice as you need. I love it! She’s bargaining! Ok – there we go, I can see a little bit of her nervousness. She does like to watch before stepping in. This is just fine though – it’s a good idea to be a little cautious. I ask her if she’d like other cats in her new home and she says, “just a few. Not too many.” Oh- she’s a little bit mischievous as well – but in a fun, playful way. I seem to fall in love with every animal I connect with and once again, Molly is no exception. She shows me that she’s really good with her paws and can be fast on her feet as well – but it also looks like she’s doing a funny dance while laying on her back for me. Hmmmm…. If you end up being her forever home, please send me a pic of her doing this! San Francisco Animal Care & Control (415) 554-6364



Oliver and Fergus 5

Oliver & fergus – Besties forever from Texas!

Oliver & Fergus – Schertz, TX

Oh I really get a kick out of these two! I love the bond they have with each other. First, accoding to Oliver and Fergus, know that it is not OK to be separately adopted so please consider them a happy pair. The connect with me in unison – which is kind of cool (and not something that animals do all that often) so I can definitely say I’m having a good time talking with them! They like to play, run – but also chill out. Their down time is just as important to them as their exercise time. They both REALLY like to be talked with though. So, if you’re someone who says, “OK guys, I’m going to mow the lawn now – want to hang out while I do?” or “Hey guys! How was your day? Mine was…” they will just love you!



Patch - What a sweetie!

Patch from Texas – What a sweetie!

Patch – Texas

When I connect with Patch, I see that he is not afraid of me. Some animals can be a little suspect of my motives right off the bat, but Patch is pretty happy to see me and connect with me. He has a small energy – not that he’s fearful in any way, it’s more that he is showing me he doesn’t ask for a lot. He just likes loving, hanging out together and walks. He really wants to be part of a family unit – it doesn’t have to be a big family, but he loves the “unit” part where everyone works together and has a bit of a routine that he can depend on.

This is a very gentle dog for sure. Just super sweet! He keeps telling me that he doesn’t ask for a lot and that he’s easy to get a long with. I searched for other pictures of Patch, because I don’t feel like this pic shows his very kind, gentle, seeing nature. He says, very matter of factly to me (and VERY sweetly), “Just looking for a family.” If he could smile – he would have had a big smile while he said that. Legacy Humane Society



Honey from Sterling, MA

Honey – Sterling, MA

As soon as I saw Honey’s picture, I felt an instant connection and spent two days talking with my husband about whether or not we could adopt her. Alas, it’s just not the right time for us in our lives… but please know how very, very special she is! Here’s what I’ve gotten from her: she likes to figure out problems, find things – anything that is going to tickle her brain, she’s in to (and that’s because she’s so smart). Oh! She just told me she’s a good jumper too (she’s showing me jumping up high to catch something). She’s also very much into physical activity – but then, it must be mixed with her alone time/down time. She also told me that she would be a good runner. Based on my conversations thus far with her, she’s gentle, quick, smart, agile… and loyal. So, if’s she’s connecting with you – please follow up. And remember that I’ll do a half hour animal communication session with you and Honey once you’ve adopted her! Yay!

Also, (and this isn’t psychic, I spoke with the rescue organization) Honey is small. At this point she’s just 36 pounds and expected to get up for 40 when she gets back to a totally healthy weight. When I ask Honey about this – she loves her size. She says it’s one of the reasons she can run so fast and jump so high. Although the rescue says that she is sometimes a little shy at first, my intuitive experience with her was that she was open, kind, excited and ready to start making her life be wonderful. Daisy’s Animal Rescue League

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  1. Rolina
    Rolina says:

    I think grayson has a lot of personality. They all seem very lovable. But I think grayson is independent yet lovable and very playful. He looks like he could hold his own around dogs.

  2. Milagros
    Milagros says:

    I thank you so much for helping these wonderful animals. I love them all and I will adopt at least one of them but I live abroad…
    I love what you do
    Much light, Mila


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