A Lesson from Beaver: Animal Energy Reading

animal energyThis morning I decided to take a walk. Although it is cold and almost rainy out – I knew it would be a good day for me to get outside. I put on my husband’s hockey jacket (it’s really great in the wet weather despite that it’s four sizes too big for me), grabbed my new Mother’s Day iPod and left my house behind me.

It’s not often that I take a walk in my neighborhood without one of my dogs – so, being on my own and finally alone was a real treat. Many people would say that I am alone in my office all day – but because of my connection with animals and because my dogs follow me everywhere I go (yep… including the bathroom) and because I have an almost ten-year old son and a husband who’s childlike himself – I always feel like I am never truly alone. Needless to say, I was pretty excited for a companion-less hour walking down the street.

I found myself drawn to the wetlands about a half-mile from my home. As I left the street and walked toward the pond, I turned my favorite Jack Johnson song up. It had been so long since I had heard it – I really just wanted to belt it out to the pond when no one was near! The ground was dry and covered with brown pine needles – it looked like the perfect place to sit – and as I settled in my attention was drawn to a beautiful black bird with a pretty red pattern on the shoulders of his wings. He was trying to dig deep into the long pieces of grass that had grown up out of the pond – most likely he has a little nest in there I thought to myself.

My eyes were slowly drawn to some quiet movement in front of me. I had been so engrossed in watching the bird on the ground that I hadn’t picked up that a small beaver was steadily yet stealthily swimming by only 10 feet away from me. His home, I realized, was to my left – that big pile of sticks (or what I thought was a big pile of sticks) and was the place that he felt most safe, most secure and most comfortable. As I watch him swim slowly by – with only his nose sticking out of the water – he connected with me. He didn’t “say” anything – but I could feel him scanning my energy to see if I was safe. I sent him my “safest” energy back so he could know that I wasn’t an enemy and asked for a little more connection. As we connected, I felt he really just wanted to go about his work. My eyes teared up a little as I began to connect in to what he was doing – his life was all one. He worked for his home, his home was his work – his family was his home… everything that he did was connected to everything else – and all of it worked toward the same goal: peace.

I laughed as he showed me this. I can’t “get away” from the animals – nor can I only concentrate on my work or my career or my family or re-doing my roof. Wherever I go, whatever I do, anything that I am thinking – they are all interconnected. There is no separation between these different areas as each place in my life – as well as yours – is working toward the same goal as well. Peace. Just like Beaver.

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  1. Kerri
    Kerri says:

    Love this story! Glad you got some alone time, although you ended up not being alone. 😉 And thanks for sharing this experience.

  2. Beth
    Beth says:

    This is a cool story! It makes me realize all the times that maybe I am tuning in and don’t realize it. I think I am just making up stories about things, people, animals and nature. When I tell others and expect them to comment that my thought is unorigional because “of course everyone notices and knows these things”, they inevitably call me weird or funny or say I should write childrens books because I have such an imagination and I am always surprised that they don’t feel,sense and know all this totally obvious stuff about their pets, kids, life, friends or whatever. I am lonely in groups because I am not good at talking about the stuff most people think about and feel the most at home when alone in nature. I often say tings that I observe or ask a question that make people awkward and only realize after, that the thing I observed or commented on that is like a giant red flag to me is not seen by others and that if they do guess at its meaning, they know not to say anything. I don’t do it for attention or to be impressive and have lost alot of potential friends this way I believe. They say things like “You see to far into me and you make me uncomfortable” and then I am embarrassed but the damage is already done.
    After reading alot of your blogs, I see that maybe I am tuned in differently. Maybe I am like a guitar tuned to play in a different key and resonate to different vibrations. This is a lot easier to swallow than the idea that I am just a socially inept wierdo. I just wish I knew where and how to do whatever service that would be the most helpful in this world and that I could calm down and become comfortable with myself, and learn how to deal with floods of emotions and information that wash over me all the time and arent mine.
    Any advice or observations or anything would be appreciated.
    Anyway, thank you for being so amazing and putting yourself out there for we seekers, to help us find our paths and peacefullness and a place to be in this world. You are a rockstar! love and thanks, Beth


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