Do animals reincarnate? If so, what happens with their Soul Contracts?

Question: Do animals reincarnate? If so, would it be a continued soul contract or different? -Keri Wilson

From Danielle: I love this question, as it is something that comes up all the time in my work with people and with animals.  Animals DO reincarnate. In fact, just like humans, animals reincarnate in our soul family groups. This means the animals in your life now, have very likely been in your life before, as an animal (not as a human). I haven’t met any animals who indicated they had been a human in any past lifetime – or that they were striving to reincarnate as a human at some point in the future. There does not seem to be any cross-reincarnating. Since animals have mastered Unconditional love and humans have not – it would be going backwards for an animal to come back as a human!

When I tell people this many ask, “but how could this be? My Muffy acts so much like my childhood cat Farrah – they do the same funny little things – it HAS to be her!”  In the majority of these cases, the animal on the Other Side is actually assisting the new animal – and in many cases training the new animal to be in this human’s life or to take over the soul contract. This is why the similar personality traits arise.

To answer the second part of the question – with reincarnation would there be a new or continued soul contract, the answer is that it depends on the particular situation with the particular human, the animal and the contract. But yes, it is certainly possible for a soul contract to continue on from a past lifetime and yes, this DOES happen!

What is your experience with this? Can you see how your former dog might be training your new cat? Do you feel like you’ve been with your pet before?

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  1. Keri
    Keri says:

    Thank you so much Danielle! This clears a lot up for me. My beloved cat Kittenboy passed almost two years ago, and I have another cat who had a kitten that is SO FAMILIAR to me. She will lay in my hand and just stare at me and purr. I know that she feels the connection too. So I wondered if it was my last cat. I think she may be different but still a very special soul contract!! Again, thank you so much!!

  2. JoAnn
    JoAnn says:

    Great question and answer! We have plenty of reliable resources on human reincarnation, not so many on animals. I’ve read different answers on this subject, it’s always great to know what a reliable source has to say about it! Thank you Danielle for sharing your experiences! Interesting!!!

  3. DeanaWolfe
    DeanaWolfe says:

    I believe animals can reincarnate. I have two kittens now that I feel are connected by 2 past fur family members and dogs, at that! When I asked my kitty if she was my deceased dog I heard “Of course, silly”. I asked her not so much because of her doing things the dog did but more because they came to me in a most miraculous way. One even had her name given to me during meditation, I had to ask for the spelling as I had never heard the name before, Ahna meaning “God’s Grace”.

    Both dogs, oops freudian typo, CATS give me the impression of being these dogs spirit. Could it be possible if the dog did not reincarnate as a cat, since I do not know what the thoughts of cross animal specie possibilities are, that the dog is “visiting” by using the physical body of the cat? What are your thoughts on the realm of these possibilities?

  4. Khine
    Khine says:

    My dog passed away 2weeks ago.she was much loved dog.before she passed away ,I got a little kitten,little did I know she was going to die.she was in Burma and I’m in England. So I always think that she gave this new kitten to me and sometime I feel like it is her. But I got my kitten before she passed away.

  5. aimee
    aimee says:

    I love this question/answer as well. Unfort I do not believe any of my pets have returned on body to this life time with me but several with an instant knowing or connection that we’ve meet before. At this time it feels that those of a previous knowing, the bond is differnet more of an attachment at heart and not so much learning but as a support.

    What I am not so clear on or am having a hard time grasping is sharing and I know it is so possible but am not clear. After passing I can feel the presence, ask for signs, etc. but I still want to claim it all as my own. After Chumley passed I wanted him with me and to come back to me if he would so choose to but never gave it much thought if he had contracts to fill with other humans, as that would be sharing my Chumley. Sounds so selfish, I know and maybe it is more about grieving process than reincarnation. It is a whole process but at this point intertwined in my head.

  6. Jacko Jack
    Jacko Jack says:

    I have a question? I just recently lost my 12 year old dog, who was, I believe my soul mate, and the next day I found out I was pregnant. Now, I had done a pregnancy test 3 days prior to his death and found it to be negative… How can this be? I am wondering if dogs CAN reincarnate into humans????

    • Doglover23
      Doglover23 says:

      My dog Aspen passed a month ago. He was the love of my life. I am pregnant. I truly hope that my boy is coming back to me.

  7. James
    James says:

    I had two beautiful cats which I adopted when they were a year old. So i never saw them as kittens. They lived for many years and eventually passed away. Recently a friend of mine sent me a picture of some kittens that had been born outside her home. When I looked at the picture I was shocked to see that two of them are identical to the two I had that died. I have been offered the two kittens and in my head I feel it is them and my girls have come back to me. What I was thinking was. Can I give them both their previous names. Or is it better to re name them?

  8. Patrick
    Patrick says:

    Thank you for this article, it made me cry. I do hope my “children” will want me to be their “father” again. I want to make up for the times I was bad if not cruel to them, I want to show them that I am and will be a better “father” to them.

  9. Mary Shaw
    Mary Shaw says:

    I knew it!! I have believed this for years! I lost my beloved Mokey 2 years ago….. he was/is the love of my life. when we had to put him down, as I held him, I asked him to come back to me. HE DID!! In the form of another cat but a female cat that looks totally different than him. The fun thing about my Joi….. she does everything he used to do!! Now you tell me, how a cat can do specific, exact things that another cat used to do, without training them to do it?!! I’ve had several cats in my life….. these two do the same things! I love that he came back to me. And I smile that he is still with me…… It’s real!!

    • Katrina Stultz
      Katrina Stultz says:

      My Jenjer was 17 when passed on April 7, 2014.. she was a Jack Russell. We have other dogs, but three days ago we found a lost Jack Russell male dog. He favors our Jenjer, he even has white marks on his black ears in the same places that Jenjer had pieces of ears bitten off by a groundhog! How crazy is that? He does things, like sits pretty! Boys don’t sit pretty, but he does and of course our Jenjer did! This is just wild!

  10. candice
    candice says:

    I swear our new 6 month old puppy has the soul of my beloved dog that i lost to cancer 18 months ago. This puppy has an old soul, knows commands, loves my kids and when she looks at me it seems like I have looked those eyes a,million times. My daughter, who is 6, is the firat one to mejtion rhar Mia has Kida’s soul. I can not explain it but I am happy to have her back:h

  11. Caroline
    Caroline says:

    Is it possible for a human and a cat to know eachother from a different life? For some reason when I got this kitty Kiwi, I feel this connection as if I have known him somewhere yet he acts like a cat with traits I have never seen before such as jumping on my shoulder and sitting there, playing in the empty tub for hours, climbing the screen door, etc. But the bond we have is indescribable. He sleeps at my side every single night and won’t leave until I wake up and some nights will even watch the door as if he’s protecting me. I just have such a big sort of urge to figure out where this familiartity is coming from. It’s like when you hear a tune in your head but can’t remember the words because the singers voice is muffled. Does that make sense? It’s bothering me! My mom says maybe I knew kiwi in a past life, maybe he was my best friend. Is this possible?

  12. Caroline
    Caroline says:

    Is it possible for a human and a cat to know eachother from a different life? For some reason when I got this kitty Kiwi, I feel this connection as if I have known him somewhere yet he acts like a cat with traits I have never seen before such as jumping on my shoulder and sitting there, playing in the empty tub for hours, climbing the screen door, etc. But the bond we have is indescribable. He sleeps at my side every single night and won’t leave until I wake up and some nights will even watch the door as if he’s protecting me. I just have such a big sort of urge to figure out where this familiartity is coming from. It’s like when you hear a tune in your head but can’t remember the words because the singers voice is muffled. Does that make sense? It’s bothering me! My mom says maybe I knew kiwi in a past life, maybe he was my best friend. Is this possible? I’m so confused!

    • Sarah
      Sarah says:

      Hi Caroline, your words, “when you hear a tune in your head but can’t remember the words because the singers voice is muffled” is such a good description. When I pat my cat I get the same sensation, like she is someone I know/knew or a previous cat. I just can’t ‘grasp’ the sensation fully enough to paint a picture. I’ve been googling all night but your post is the nearest description I can find to the perception of familiarity.

  13. Stephanie
    Stephanie says:

    When we met, my fiance had two american bulldogs, an american/pit mix,and I had a great dane/mastiff mix. They have all since passed on, and while I loved them all unconditionally, my GD/mastiff was my heart and by all accounts the dog of a lifetime. We recently got a very young pit bull puppy and very early on I saw him exhibit some of the same crazy traits one of the american bulldogs, Jesse James, would exhibit. And these are things neither I nor anyone else has seen or heard another dog do. It is comforting to know that in one way or another they are still around us.

  14. Lyn
    Lyn says:

    My dog (Pippa) died at only 12 and a half. I got a poodle cross puppy, who, at a year old told me quite clearly to make the most of him as he wasnt going to be here long. How right he was …….. and it became quite obvious and very quickly, that he was my first dog (Tess) come back to me. He knew too much too quickly and was too like her. He died suddenly at 2-and-a-half, and I realised (s)he had been sent back to fill in the last, missing 2-and-a-half years of Pippas life. I then found the dog of my dreams, a poodle, who had been badly neglected and needed me. We are soul mates, he has been here before, but not with me. Then, 4 weeks ago, a puppy unexpectedly came into my life. She said her name was Pip. She fits right in with my poodle and my cross breed. And guess what? She is Pippa, come back.

  15. ela singh
    ela singh says:

    My 12 years old baby dog died on Sep 4. Her death has devastated me.I have turned to God for solace…….Miss her too much. I am also hoping she will come back to me……Your blog has offered me hope.Thank you.

  16. Holly
    Holly says:

    The dog I had as a teenager died when I was in my early 20’s. I was devastated. She was truly my best friend. Right before she died I asked her to come back after I was able to give her a great home of my own. A few years later, I had a home of my own, and got a puppy, the whole time hoping it was really her. I brought my new puppy home and she immediately did this certain, unusual thing that my dog used to do all the time. I started laughing and yelling, “It’s her!!”… I KNEW it was her. I could see it in her eyes and in how she acted. Well she lived to be 15 and we had such a great life together, but she passed several months ago, and I asked her to come back again if she could, and if she wants to. I’m so hoping she will. I’m going to go see some puppies this weekend, and I’m praying she is among them. Dogs do reincarnate. I hope and pray I get to see my friend again in this lifetime.

  17. vivek gautam
    vivek gautam says:

    i ve lost my puchu last night !he was under a cars tyre ! he was jst 5 months ! a little puppy, i hope he choose the right path , we all love him very much, well all r missing him ! love u puchu

  18. Kileen
    Kileen says:

    What a cool thought. I started looking into this because my beloved kitty died a few years ago. Now I have a dog, and lately I’ve noticed some big differences between him and other dogs. He is a lot like my old kitty in a lot of ways, especially where he sleeps, where he likes to be. He acts like a cat, and loves sprinting around the house, loves to be perched near a window with high spaces, things like that. I also happened upon him, my friend’s neighbor had puppies, so I went to adopt a certain one, it was not my puppy. My puppy, before I adopted him, simply walked up to me and curled into a ball at my feet. I held him and he wouldn’t let me put him down without getting upset so I left with him! A lot to think about…

  19. Jean
    Jean says:

    Like my late father had “Baby” on & off over a period of 60 year’s I know “Spot” has come back to me at least 3 times as a cat & possibly once as a dog. Our love for each other is overwhelming & she comforts me when I’m sad or sick & seems to understand I have a heart condition. I couldn’t survive losing her again. But I think it’s my turn this time & I know whatever happens we’ll be together one way or another forever:-)

  20. MJ
    MJ says:

    My soulmate human died while I was holding his hand. My heart dog died one year later. My new dog reminds me of both of them. Is it possible for a human to be reincarnated into my dog?

  21. Starside
    Starside says:

    I want so much to believe and hope this as I just had to put my furbaby to sleep. He was the love if my life. Do you believe or know if our beloved dogs souls can reincarnate into human ones? Meaning if I get pregnant and have a baby, is it possible it could be him? I know this is a popular belief in India that souls are all that same and can be animal in one, human in another. But I am curious as to your take and if you have ever have had experience with this happening. Thank you.

  22. Sadie
    Sadie says:

    I’ve been reading that dogs, after many lifetimes, eventually reincarnate as humans. I felt so sad, thinking of those loving, sweet souls having to go through the harshness of human experience. Phew, so relieved to know that there’s no evidence that dogs eventually become humans – a backward step because, unlike humans, dogs have mastered unconditional love. Thank you Danielle. It was weighing heavily on me, thinking of my beautiful dogs losing their pure, unconditional love, and their innocence.

  23. grace
    grace says:

    Hi, can anyone shed some light on the process called ‘walk-in’ , when a Beloved animal soul agrees with another already living animal soul to take over their body to reincarnate to be with their Earth Human carer again….????? how would one recognize their Beloved Animal in another body, that has not gone through the rebirth process….. is there a certain way to recognize the Returned animal soul from Spirit ????hoping someone can offer more guidance and insight into this issue.. thankyou Grace

    • Lee
      Lee says:

      Hello Grace,

      I am going through this same process – my beloved little baby wants to come back to me, and wants me to find a new little body. I actually am resuming an active search and see what she chooses. I’ve been told she can “try on” the body if she wants.
      The thing is you will know when it’s right? Your heart will KNOW and you cannot get it wrong. It will all eventually fall into place. Also when the new little baby comes home it will take several days(?) for her soul to move into her new physical form.
      It’s I am sure a more complicated yet maybe very simple process and I am still in the midst of it all, so I will only leave it to that for now. 🙂

    • Jen
      Jen says:

      I think that is what has happened with my dog, Tokyo, who died last October. He seems to have moved into the body of my other little dog, at least part-time. She started behaving like he used to, sniffing everything on walks (she never did before), playing with toys (she had never been interested in toys before), and sleeping at the foot of the bed watching the door while I sleep.

  24. Madeline
    Madeline says:

    My beloved dog passed away and I was devastated in the end we decided to get a new pup. He acts exactly like my old dog and later we found out he was born the same day that our old dog died.

  25. Lee
    Lee says:

    Another thing, TALK to your animals – they will answer you – they also give you many signs.

    TRUST your instincts and keep a very open mind.

  26. Jay
    Jay says:

    I lost my best friend Champ a few weeks ago due to kidney failure I had to put him down he hadn’t eaten in almost a week as well as a result on of other symptoms ….

    I knew it was time from the look in his eyes it was the hardest thing I have ever had to do .

    I so want him to be reincarnated as a new puppy because he was my eternity dog which means he will be the one dog I would want to be with for eternity inside the rainbow bridge.

    Your dad missed you Champ very much I was blessed to have you in my life for 12 years if you can come back as my next puppy I would be honored and would be an even better dad to you:)

  27. Kate
    Kate says:

    I lost my beloved cat in February of this year….I rushed to buy a new kitten to “replace” his loss but I felt no connection. This kitten was not meant to be mine and I found him a beautiful home with another cat and he is very happy. I get pictures and see he is loved. I thought I would never get another cat (I also had a lot of guilt over rehoming my kitten) Then this teeny tiny kitten was offered to me, I took one look at her and instantly felt a connection. I know now that if I had kept the other kitten out of guilt I would never have found my reincarnated cat. He is in her, I feel it. I love these stories and know that he led me to her…..

  28. KT
    KT says:

    When I was young we had a dog called Sam, at the time I never relaised how much he saw me as his person after my mum died as I was away at university and finding my own way, work flat etc and he lived with my dad at his house. I often wished I’d relaised and could have that timeover with him
    Three years ago I got a Border Collie pup as I’d always wanted one, this was 15 years after Sam passed away at age 17. As Sam was adopted and was 2-3 yrs old when we got him I never thought as my young pup as Sam and hadn’t started reading about reincarnation.
    This last year though he is reaching the same age Sam was when he came into our lives originally and I can see him getting more and more like him.
    My female dog is nearly 15 and I’ll have to make the dreaded decision soon and wonder how long it will take her to come back. I know Sam can’t be in her because she was a pup when he was in his last year and they actually met and existed at the same time. She’s never being anything like him personality wise where I can see him in my collie more and more everyday as he gets older.

  29. ST
    ST says:

    I am so glad that you cover this subject here on your site. Last November my dog was dying and “told” me that he was going to reincarnate and come back to me. I was shocked as I had no idea that pets reincarnated. But he was insistent. I actually spoke out loud to him, “No! No! You have been such a wonderful dog. Go enjoy your rewards in heaven!” It was of course, terrible when he passed. But shortly after I looked up pet reincarnation and there are several books on the matter. I know without a doubt that he is coming back. He has already been born but I have to wait until Spring to bring him home.

    Although this is so “out there,” when I really thought about it, I could see why he is coming back to me and my family. Life can be truly amazing at times.

  30. Jayanthi
    Jayanthi says:

    I don’t know i have many times jokingly told my daughter she’s just like Bruno, the dog I had but couldn’t keep because my family didn’t want him…. I felt guilty deep down n hoped I would be able to take him back some day.. I came to know through my aunt who adopted him that he paused away in a hit n run… My daughter has weird sense of smell which Labradors are known for. .. and I dunno why but I think as if she s Bruno whenever she smells stuff… And she comes and nudges her head in my tummy just like Bruno did.. but I have no idea that’s why I looked this topic up.. I feel she s my brilliant Bruno who loved me unconditionally.. I have no idea of reibca but I have thought she behaves like Bruno would more than several hundred times..

    • Jayanthi
      Jayanthi says:

      I always communicated to Bruno silently when he was sick.or upset by looking through his eyes as if he would read my thoughts.. I used to think some day I’ll take u boy.. when he was little I thought am his mommy.. I cried when I came to know he passed.. it was the hurting like anything..

  31. Adriana F
    Adriana F says:

    Hi everyone I lost my Rabbit Named Pupu 5 Years almost 6 Years ago On June 21,2017
    will be the Anniversary of his death after he passed away I said we will be reunited one day he was one of a kind of Bunny I ever had very smart..Something Just happened to me two days before Easter this year I went to craigslist and I was looking to take care of another bunny well this Lady was giving him for free I emailed her after she posted on craigslist she said the bunny was a very friendly bunny on her post we talked on the phone and on text she ended bringing the bunny to my house one day before easter what I saw on this Bunny was Shocking to me we immediately connected Just like it happened with Pupu My previous bunny we connected quick as well he has the same attitude Pupu had…So yes Animals Souls do come back 100% I haven’t been more than two days with him already and we are connected..He came back to me I know it
    this is 100% Pupu reincarnated in another body.. So If you lost a pet Just wait he or she will come back to you it takes time but they will come back one day in your Lifetime it means the God is giving you a second chance in Life to make things right with your beloved pet you lost once and came back for a better life with the same owner again No doubt about this It just happened to me two days ago and I know is the same soul but in a different body..I wish you all the best and you can reunite with your previous pet one more time in life. Thank you.


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