What is an Animal Energy Reading?

For the past few months I’ve been giving daily Animal Energy Readings and Personalized Animal Energy Readings via Facebook, Twitter and now via my website. A lot of people have asked me how I “come up” with this information-is it from a book? a card deck? etc. Here’s my answer: the information comes to me every day in one crazy form or another. Sometimes I dream it, sometimes it’s a picture or a photo, sometimes it comes in an email, sometimes it just gets typed by my fingers! Second, the energies vary according to what each species wants to do for that day. For example, one day “dog” energy might want to help you prioritize who best to listen to, while another day “dog” energy may want to help you organize your garage. It’s all based on the energy of that moment! Here a bit more detail about each type of reading:

Weekly Animal Energy Reading
I post these readings every week on the home page of my website. I connect with the general energy of the day and then I ask a particular animal to “step forward” and help people navigate their week. For example, one week’s animal was squirrel so the message read:

This week’s animal is (you guessed it!) squirrel. We’ve all been working, preparing, evaluating, etc for the past few days. Squirrel wants to help you slow down and focus a little. You can get a lot more accomplished with some priorities and clarity in place!

In order to most effectively work with squirrel for the day then, it would be up to you to call squirrel into your life. Most people tend to look for squirrel to show up in their life either physically (you saw one run by your car) or in name (you received an email talking about squirrel etc.) but there is a much more proactive way to work with squirrel (or any animal energy for that matter): call upon him and ask him for help. It’s simple: you can do this in your head “hey squirrel, will you come help me out today please?”  Then, you’ll not only find squirrel showing up in your life, but you will receive help and support from him in various ways.

Personalized Animal Energy Reading (via Facebook & Twitter)
A personalized Animal Energy Reading is the same thing as a general Animal Energy Reading, except that I connect specifically with your energy in order to do the reading and I do it through Facebook or Twitter. Here’s a recent example:

Ashley: You’ve been through the ringer lately. Time to take a break (goose can help you feel like that’s ok to do) and feel some forgiveness for yourself. You’ve handled everything well-despite the difficulty of the stuff coming up. Ask Bee to help you accept that you did your best-and your best was wonderful.

I offer these for free via Facebook and Twitter about (about) once per week-but you have to be in the right place at the right time as I only offer them to only a few people at a time. Keep an eye out on Fb and Twitter for a message like “First 3 to respond get a Personalized Animal Energy Reading.”

I hope this helps!

To learn how to call on the animal energy for assistance, click here.


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  1. Laura Sanchez
    Laura Sanchez says:

    What an amazing gift you have. Thank you for providing such extraordinary service to all of us who are wanting a deeper connection with the spirit world. This helps us reach our life’s highest purpose!

    Love and light,


  2. louise
    louise says:

    I’m clearly never in the right place at the right time for a free reading. LOL I’d do the $5 thing but the link in your post doesn’t work — is the $5 animal energy reading no longer available?


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