A Different Animal Communication Method


A couple weeks ago, I posted a video on my Youtube channel demonstrating my different animal communication method. (Keep reading below the video!)

A lot of people have gotten in touch with me about this video as they were excited to learn that connecting intuitively with their pet could be simple (no fancy prayers or tin hats required!).

HOWEVER, there’s actually something more to the video that happened behind the scenes that I want to share.

When you watch the video, you really get to see my dog, Tuukka, reacting to my connection, reacting to the energy that I’m in as I’m filming the video, and even sticking to her guns, psychically, because she wanted what she wanted.

And so, the video made me feel kind of bad… (I was just trying to demo my animal communication method and Tuukka chose to teach me something!)

I always teach that it’s just a possible to connect with our own pets as it is to connect with an animal outside of the family – I just say that it’s harder to trust. And this is completely true! BUT, after making this video, I realized that, since it’s harder to trust, I don’t connect intuitively with Tuukka as much as I do with pretty much any other animal I’ve ever encountered.

I think it’s because I was, deep down, avoiding the whole “trust” thing.

Tuukka, though, clearly wanted me to see that I could trust her. This is why she was SO good for that video. She was great intuitively (as always) but she was also great on the video – hamming it up (with the yawning, licking her lips etc at the most appropriate times…)

So, through this one little video, Tuukka was able to remind me that i STILL have things to learn about my intuition, there are STILL places where I don’t totally trust, and that I can always improve.

Oh I love that dog!

Love and Light,

PS: Want to learn my method for animal communication for yourself? Check here!

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