Animal Energy Reading: Rabbit

Oh yes, of COURSE rabbit is this week’s animal energy! I’ve been hearing from almost everyone lately that things they thought were long released are starting to read their ugly heads again. Several years ago you may have been worried about money but things got better – until the past few weeks when you have, again, been waking up in the middle of the night worried about it. Or maybe you knew about a pattern you had in a relationship – which  you thought you had broken only to realize that oops! It’s back! or perhaps you believed you had healed a health issue – but now, you’re starting to recognize those familiar stirrings again…

If any of these apply to you – it’s time for you to allow some rabbit energy into your life! Rabbit energy helps you conquer your fears – and not just any fears – but your deepest layers of fear! The universe is currently asking you to let go at the soul level – and that means, going to the deepest place with many of those things that used to scare you. It’s not that you didn’t do a good job working on in the first time around – it’s that now, you’re ready to get to the core and let it go!

So call on rabbit energy to help you go far and deep into that scary thought, look at it, understand it and then fully and completely let it go. Use meditation, visualization or any other method to help you do this – but don’t forget that rabbit energy!

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