Animal Energy Reading: Blue Jay

Yesterday morning I was sitting out by the pool with my husband eating breakfast. Our son is away at summer camp, so we’re child free this week! It’s been very warm here in New England and the heat wave has made even me (I get goose bumps at even the slightest breeze) want to spend as much time poolside as possible.

When my husband went back into the house to get napkins, I had a few quiet moments to myself. I saw that there was a large Blue Jay sitting on the fence across from me. After I noticed him, he gracefully flew down to the diving board and then to the side of the pool-about 15 feet away from where I sat. He was beautiful – his blue color was even brighter than the pool water! He was also large – much larger than I expected him to be. He was the size of a small cat!

Even though he was wild (and wild animals are typically less open to psychic connection) the Blue Jay and I connected almost immediately.  As he drew me in, I felt that he held this energy of tremendous personal strength. It was an intense feeling that he shared this power energy with me and I could feel my own energy growing stronger and more secure as well. I was able to carry that feeling through the rest of my day and it made for a wonderful, happy, drama-free day. I’m still feeling grateful now!

Blue Jay energy helps you feel a strong sense of yourself, who you are and what you came here to do. When you feel empowered within yourself, anything is possible. This week, call on Blue Jay to feel good about yourself and to believe that you really can do what you came into this lifetime to do!

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  1. elena
    elena says:

    great!! i just saw blue jays lately, one even this afternoon (eventho they have a nest on a tree nearby, seeing them is not that common), and i was wondering abt their meaning 🙂
    thanks for these readings, danielle
    have a powerful week!!

  2. Valerie
    Valerie says:

    I have noticed quite a few Blue Jays lately, mostly by themselves or in pairs. But yesterday I saw the most magnificent sight…a flock of Blue Jays. There had to be at least 20 of them! What do you make of that?

  3. Addie
    Addie says:

    I had a dream last night that I saw 7 or 8 Blue Jays in a bare tree that had no leaves. The sight was so breath-taking, it was gorgeous to see a naked tree with these bright blobs of blue scattered around on it.

    After reflecting on this vision, I came to the conclusion that my Inner Guidance was trying to tell me to let my true colors shine, to not be afraid of being the center of attention when the time calls for it, and to always stay true to myself and ideals. “True-Blue” is a phrase meaning “to be honest, loyal and faithful” so I think I also should make sure I am standing by my friends and family though thick and thin and hope that they do the same for me!


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